Sunday, July 15, 2018

Welcome to the New World

A Herculean Change is Happening

We're currently setting a herculean change in the world as regards world trade; both in terms of transition from seas to land across the World Island, with re-establishment of ancient trade routes like the Silk Road (as the New Silk Road); and in terms of electronic settlements moving away from the US Dollar and the SWIFT settlement system to the Russian & Chinese currencies via the new Sino-Soviet system which BRICS and other countries are rushing into.

Syria and other Middle Eastern countries have been much in the media the past ten years. The Middle East is very strategic geo-politically. It's bang in the middle of the world island. Why is there so much going on in the Middle East? Could it be there's more to it than the nightly TV news tells us? I'm convinced we are seeing the emergence of a design that ushers in a new era of global regions with old borders much changed by the Illuminati elite. Powerful people are playing a game to gain control of Stria and other countries in the region; not just for resources, as we've seen in many countries, but as a land bridge.

Enter the New Silk Road and CIPS

The New Silk Road and the regional infrastructure that feeds into the road, is a very significant project. It's significant because it re-establishes ancient trade routes across the World Island, and enables many nations that have been somewhat isolated from world trade, which mostly happens via large scale international shipping, to participate in the New World of trade that is set to change the face of the earth.

It's also significant because much of the trade that flows through the New Silk Road will be settled not via the legacy SWIFT system of international settlements using the US petro-dollar, but by the new CIPS System (originally China International Payments System, but now apparently "China Cross-border Inter-Bank Payment System" see footnote #3) system, using either the Russian Ruble or Chinese Renminbi currency. CIPS has less fees than the inconvenient SWIFT system, and is set to polarise world trade away from the USA. 

The Swing Away from the United States of America

The mighty USA has ruled the world monetarily and militarily for decades via:
  1.   Control of the seas
  2.   Mandating use is the US Dollar for international trade
  3.   Controlling international settlements via SWIFT
But all of this is changing:
  1.   The New Silk Road will offer trade routes across the World Island
  2.   The Russian Ruble and Chinese Renminbi offer currencies de-linked from the USA for international trade
  3.   The CIPS system provides a more equitable and open system than SWIFT for international settlements.

The swing toward Russia & China

As is obvious from the text so far, Chine and Russia are huge players in this changing landscape; but powerful as they are, it probably takes more than these two Nations to cause this kind of change. There has to be backing from elsewhere. I mean, what if they get this system is and going, and nobody buys in? What happens if all the global and multinational companies stick with trade by sea and the US Dollar for settlements? If you put this much work on, you'd want to be sure major players would use it.

And who is in the cast that accompanies them?

Enter The Cast of Countries, Corporations and even the Vatican

The BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa) are all on board with the New Silk Road and CIPS.
International banks are also if course on board, financing construction of the massive right and ten lane heavy duty motorways needed for the News Silk Road.

Megalithic corporations are also on board, helping construct the News Silk Road; and ultimately using and promoting the road. Of course, the European Union is glad to have more trade flowing its way too.

And surprise, surprise, the Roman Pope, Papa Francis, and the Vatican, have been involved and claim "The Vatican will make the New Silk Road shine!"

Who's not involved?

Having shown you the new world of international trade, and the cast of players, you'd be forgiven for wondering who's not involved!
There are countries that may not use the New Silk Road, but will be very glad to use CIPS. the East coast of the Americas will obviously not use the road in trading with the Western European countries who's coast is directly across the ocean. But will South East Asian countries use it? If they are trading with Europe, it's highly likely. Taking your containers full of produce and manufactured goods to a Chinese pet so they can be delivered anywhere through the World Island is a very attractive proposition.

The Rise & Fall of Nations

There are Nations that are planned to rise in the next decade to world prominence. Nations like Khazakstan, with its ultra modern (and occult inspired) capital of Astana, which sits amidst the World Island and along the New Silk Road. We will gain a new perspective on the world as the focus comes back to the World Island.

And what will the focus come away from? The United States of America. The USA is set to fall. It's been engineered. It's part of a Hegelian Dialectic. The New world order will push forward several agendas for humanity, but the USA will no longer be at the center. No, the USA is set to fall. Why? There are obvious reasons likes China and Russia coming to more dominance, along with BRICS partners. There's also the immense debt the USA is saddled with and can't pay back (see footnote #1). 

If we read a history of the USA at more than a cursory level, we also see that:
  1. The Vatican has long desired to bring the protestant USA to its knees and back to the Mother Church
  2. The Masonic forefathers of the USA planned the USA to only run in its current form for a limited time; showing by symbolic use of the god Apollo; the Phoenix; and other illustrations and writings that the USA would crash and burn, then arise from the ashes as part of the New World Order. (see footnote #2).


#1 To whom does the USA owe its debt?
a) The Federal Reserve, which is a private company, owned by the International Bankers
b) To the World Bank, IMF and other supra-national entities, which are also owned by the Rothschild family and associates (research the roots of the United Nations, which is a confusing plethora of bodies seemingly independent and mutually driven by countries of the world, but in fact privately owned and furnished with enough of a veneer of democratic involvement to make it palatable)
c) to Private banks or other Central Banks (which are again owned by the International Bankers

#2 Symbology and writings citing "rebirth of the USA"

There are many books and essays on this subject, which many people are becoming more interested in as the USA heads into crisis. A major work by Freemason Manly P Hall in 1944 discusses the destiny of the USA quite frankly. Hall was a much vaunted and hallowed leader among the Freemasons and Illuminati. His work is preserved in the Internet Archive, see  Dr Tom Horne has also researched this area. Although his unfortunate date setting was out, much of the material in "Apollyon Rising 2012: The Lost Symbol Found and the Final Mystery of the Great Seal Revealed" is cited from credible sources; so i think ity's worth a read to get your head into the genre and find references, whilst disregarding his (obviously ) wrong conclusions about 2012. 

#3 Announcement "China Breakthroughs: New international payments system goes into action"at and also...

"We all thought CIPS stood for China International Payment System. But ever keen to keep us on our toes, China has apparently renamed it China Cross-border Inter-Bank Payment System. Thankfully they have kept the acronym CIPS. The new name does spell out some important aspects of CIPS: namely that CIPS is cross-border and interbank.

In essence, CIPS provides controlled cross-border access to the onshore CNY clearing system CNAPS2 (China National Automated Payment System version 2) for use in offshore and cross-border CNY payments, so that offshore CNY settlement can access onshore liquidity directly. It is modelled on USD CHIPS, i.e., it is a hybrid net settlement clearing system."


Tuesday, July 3, 2018

"When the United States rules the world, the catholic church will rule the world"

Bishop James E. Quigley in the Chicago Daily Tribune on May 5, 1903: "When the United States rules the world, the catholic church will rule the world"

Monday, July 2, 2018

Kushner, Israel, Palestinians

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Neom - towards Babylon?

Now I thought Astana was significant as a NWO city, because it's so full of occult symbolism. I've been watching Astana and wondering what would happen with it. I've also been keeping an eye open for developments regarding Babylon, but that doesn't seem to be happening yet.

So while watching for news on Babylon and Astana, up pops Neom. It's very futuristic. Very interesting. It's almost part of as move toward one world cities that have their own laws, and are made to be independent by technology from what's around them.

The move toward a one world cities accompanies the move toward one world government and one world religion.

What to watch for in this video:

1. Occult symbology
2. Occult hand signals
3. Significant people
4. Significant places.

Note that the Saudi Prince used the word "coexist", which is the word used for the unification of religions (here's one report..  So we should watch for the Pope's involvement here too - in this video and in coming news.

With that said, have a watch of this report on Neom...

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Israel, NWO confusion.

I think Steven has this right, and this is worth a watch.

Saturday, May 5, 2018


I've just been 'YouTubing'. As you do 😋. Ran into some stuff about HillSong and the stupid, almost demonic video they've made with the women covered in white sheets and another in a red sheet taking power over them to cast their crowns down. It's really so occultic, and almost states that are relinquishing their God given crown for worldly pleasures.

Many Christians would get a shock at this. But it was the comments that got me! Some went onto the subject of HillSong finances and then to tithing. And out came statements such as "God will bless you only when you tithe"; and "My church teaches tithing". This got up my nose a bit, so I'm addressing it....

I can't believe that most Christians parrot what they're taught without actually reading the Bible! We must come to understand that God will hold us accountable for willful ignorance.

To understand these areas, we must read the pentateuch  - the first 5 books of the OT. Look at EVERY instance of TITHE and start to understand there were MANY kinds of tithe. And a tithe wasn't always money! Look at who the tithe went to. It was for the priesthood, for social security, for the poor.

The tithe was part of the OT Law. It's the only thing NOT reinforced in the NT. In the NT, Paul asked for a collection for the saints in Jerusalem so were going through hard times because they were outside the system that had the CEREMONIAL LAW and TITHES.

Paul furthermore talked over the issue of support for his ministry, saying he could ask to be compensated but it was better to not be so he was accountable only to God.

The CORPORATE CHURCH SYSTEM relies on money. If the money stops, it stops! There's buildings to pay for - free early church didn't have them, they met in homes. The first evidence of a 'purpose built church' was a well off believer extending his home to accommodate a bigger 'home church' in about AD120.

Our corporate churches have re-embodied the OT ways. Yezhua Mashiach (Jesus the Messiah) however says the old is gone. God tore the curtain from top to bottom, doing away with the separation between us and God.

God judged the system, tearing down the temple. He now lives in our HEARTS, not in a building made by men. "THE HOUSE OF GOD" some by preachers talk about is wrong. The NT says "who's house are we". Scary? That Good lives in you, not in the church? That God wants to speak to you through the study of His Word, and that you need to check EVERYTHING you hear from a pulpit? That you're responsible for understanding the word, not your church? That you are the one, the one that God has skin on and will use ; not the corporate church entity? That The Body is the sum of the parts - read Ephesians. That the sin of the Nicolatians is the Revelation Letters was the sin of 'hierarchical church', of people taking command over you and lording it over you!

Dear Christian. Study to show off approved. A workman that needed not be ashamed.

Trumped Up Evidence!

We live in a time where there is much heated debate and much character assassination in politics. Certainly the Australian political scene has been a circus the past ten years, with a few rapid changes of Prime Minister, many rapid changes of ministers and shadow ministers, and a constant torrent of abuse, even on the floor of parliament, between politicians. All that doesn't even start to consider the press reporting that goes with it, the bias that can be seen in some media personalities or organizations, and the vilification that puts forth when a party, and person or organization decides someone just has to go.

The Australian political scene sickens many Australians, and the personalities concerned have lost credibility in the eyes of many Aussies because of this endemic behavior.

In this, we unfortunately are following the United States of America. Whatever we suffer from in terms of trumped up charges (is that a good expression still?), vilification and outright conspiracy to depose elected government officials because they won't go along with some seedy stance cooked up by spin doctors in the federal government, or stand in the way of corporate interests; America suffers many times moreso because of its size and because it leads and we follow in this regard.

Given that we are cynical about what we hear from politicians with agendas, for things both at home and abroad, and the massive amount of money corporations spend to influence the government via lobbyists, went are set not cynical when the procurement and mainstream media spend time and money pushing an agenda in front of its that will cost or country dearly?

The American, the Australian, Candidate and other peoples have paid dearly in terms of personal loss and financial drain in order to have our countries go to war, much of which has been in the Middle East the past few decades.

"Oh" , but I hear some say, "but we need to liberate them. The conditions over there are terribly. We can't just stand by!". Most people Cy this conclusion because we're emotionally manipulated into it by shoddy and deceptive political speeches or. reporting. We remember the "Weapons of Mass Destruction" that were beer found ; but corporate interests already had agreements with the US government before boots were in the ground in Iraq about which would benefit and how. And that's after the war. During the war, immense fortunes are made by arms sales and supplies to the military. There's a long list of politicians in the US with big interests in the war machine. The Bush and Clinton families come first to mind.

Given the parade of sad enema ends seem the last few decades, isn't it time we start to question them more when they get on their high horse?

The current issue that triggered  these thoughts is Syria. There was a 'Hands off Syria' protest in Melbourne, Australia recently. And I watched some reporting from Carla Ortiz, who has spent much time in Syria the past few years getting to find the truth. It's a revelation that she's talked to locals who have been paid by the White Helmets, supposedly to help care for injured people, but have found themselves being filmed in a staged scene. These people said "I didn't know they wanted me to be an actor!" ; but of course, once it's done , it's too late! And so we have fabricated evidence mount from on the ground in Syria. It's very easy to get people involved when the Shutdown Government pays about $50/month for people to serve in the army, but finances pour in from international interests and pay over $1,000/month if you work for that other side ; which ever puts several front names they have.

Corporate money yet again is at play here. Funny that Syria is a central piece in the drama being played out in front of us for oil and gas pipelines. The USA has a strong interest there. So does Russia. China is involved, but it's not really clear to me how much at the moment.

What we're seeing here is the same old, same old. Corporate money is driving politicians and press reporting; and funding militants and arms in outsourcing of their agenda. It's just like the Congo. Incredibly rich in resources, including rare earth minerals, but constantly tipped into political turmoil so multinational corporations can access and extract the resources at the least possible cost.

And the Syrian people? The Shutdown people are the losers in this corporate war.
# untold and dead and maimed
# areas of the country under jihadist control
# water and food supplies badly affected
# medical care all but non existent

And all so some greedy corporations can use Syria as they see fit.

Is a small wonder there are grass roots protests springing up around the world. Syria is saying "Leave us alone!".

Before this so happened, Syria was doing really well:
# Girls were guaranteed my high school so they had a chance in life. Assad passed a law to ensure this, and if a father stopped a hotel from zooming, he could land in jail. That's more pro-women can we see in the USA or Australia!
# Orthodox Christians were respected and safe as Syria acknowledged the fight to mm of religion. Since the war broke out, tens of thousands have been slaughtered. A few years ago some thousands were needed to a mountain top but IS and didn't come down.
# And of course business was doing well and families prospering as the nation was at peace.

Isn't it time we woke up to the way power and greed affects our planet, our governments and our media? Isn't it time we look past the propaganda and stood up for innocent people, saying NO TO WAR!

Here are a couple of videos that you might find interesting to help process this...