Thursday, December 29, 2016

7th of Hanukkah

We have only a handful of days left in 2016. I'm up late at night and felt prompted to look at Jewish high days left in this calendar year. It's 30th December, so there's only hours left. This video puts forth a perspective based on the Bible, on Jewish holy days and on available news of global political leadership.

I'm not saying this video is 100% right. I am saying it's very interesting. We live in interesting times. Be prepared for sudden events to overtake us, and have some food (rice, lentils) and cash on hand. But above all, make sure you know Jesus as your Lord: not as your push button vending machine and master of exciting worship.

Following through briefly on finances, although there's been a stream of warnings from The Daily Reckoning...

The Aussie dollar has collapsed since 2011.
From a high of US$1.10, the dollar plunged to a six-year low of 69 US cents in August last year.
That’s a 45% drubbing.
Sure, we’ve had some respite this year. The Aussie dollar has climbed back above 70 US cents. But as Daily Reckoning editor Greg Canavan points out, the dollar is about to hit a wall.
Greg predicts the dollar could fall through the 60 cent level and plummet as low as 50 cents in 2017.

So how does a falling Aussie dollar affect you? If the political landscape changes immensely, if the Pope leaves leading the Roman Catholic Church to work hand in hand with Obama, if we get more servers rather events and maybe wars, what space will your head be in? Do you know the one who can wash away fear and save the soul?

If you don't know him, he's commonly known as Jesus Christ, but perhaps more accurately as Yashua Mashiach (Jesus the Messiah).

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Trump beefs up security with help of ex Russian Special Forces soldiers

Anonymous reveals how Trump has planned to protect himself against NWO / Democrat planned assassination attempts.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

CNN Journalist does Terrorist interview / promo?

R. T. NEWS : Mainstream Media 'Journalist' in Aleppo filmed next to terrorists. He was standing next to a clothed terrorist, and highlighting the 'explosive belt' he was wearing. How did the (reportedly) CNN journalist get to the terrorist, when the terrorists hate the western media with incredible passion. The guy was holding an automatic rifle! The 'interview' looked more like a promo, making the terrorist look good. It doesn't add up.

This is consistent with what we understand of the NWO media being fed and instructed from on high in strategic or urgent matters.

Who's being the Fact Checking that Social Media companies will use?

Poynter. He's the guy heading up the International Fact Checking Organisation that is the umbrella for the fact checking groups big social media companies will use. He's a long time, big name reporter I believe.

Who's one of the major players behind Poynter and the umbrella organization? Someone good we hope? How about Soros? He's the nice man who has threatened countries, sabotaged economies and done other immensely distasteful things. He'd be good, wouldn't he? Well he's the first name on a small list of names cited by the article I saw today.

Are we to be concerned about the censorship of the Internet? Certainly. With people like this in control, we should be concerned. If you have opportunity to speak in context about this, do so! If you have opportunity to support the TOR project or other free speech or secure communication platforms, do so. We are facing state propaganda on a larger scale than the Nazi regime, and staring down the barrel of more intrusive monitoring than ever happened then.

You've seen the documentaries on Nazi Germany. You know dissenters were harshly dealt with. If you don't want the same thing coming our way, maybe it's time to think about at least speaking up.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Soros yet again - votes rigging

Soros again. He sabotages currencies, brings countries to heel to the NWO Masters, and now we find out he owns the voting machines that were suspected of corrupting the vote. Oh yeah, he gave a hideous sum of millions to the Hillary Clinton campaign too.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Anonymous warns imminent 'overthrow of democracy' in USA

It's so difficult to listen to this Anonymous video because of the machine voice! But probably worth persevering with in this case.
There is stacks of evidence the CIA positioned itself really cleverly as social media started, and that CIA owned front companies invested heavily in order to gain influence. This video claims the CIA recently bought the Washington Post via a front man in order to progress their agenda.
They really want Trump out of the way. His agenda is so counter the CIAs globalist agenda. Tump said he'll be dismantling some of the intelligence community, and they don't like it. I'd got bother to dig carefully, you may be surprised at so actually started the CIA. Just like the immensely influential Council of Foreign Relations, its not really a government body, and want started to serve the interests of the American People. They instead serve the 'National Interest' (ie. commercial interests of the largest corporations), and with the rapid rate of change now thrust upon us, is increasingly apparent its really a global, not national agenda.

You may find this video interesting; just ride out 'the padding' 😯

Soros again behind disinformation

Good old George Soros' Open Society Foundation is behind the fact checking of 'Fake News'. Should this concern us? Yes. If you don't know for yourself that Soros is one of the main NWO hatchet men, please just search " 'George Soros' and NWO".  You should get quite an education! He's repeatedly been involved in sabotaging currencies in order to bring countries to heel to their globalist masters. And his fingers are in all sorts of associations and foundations that are seeking to unduly influence or corrupt national sovereignty and due process. Go on. If you don't know the facts, DIG! And make sure there area legitimate references!

Obama emptying USA of loyalist troops

Why would Obama empty the USA is troops, placing them on the Russian border? Does he want to start WWIII? Does he intend to top the USA into civil war with the help of numerous UN troops already resident in the USA? The answer : possibly both!

China help Russia in Syria

It's this one reason why the NWO mouthpiece Hillary Clinton is pushing for a no-fly zone in Syria, which Russia has bluntly said will leave them with no option but war? Does Clinton want war to erupt there before the Chinese can reinforce the Syrian Government? We hear nothing of this in the western press! Watch this video and consider these questions.