Monday, March 27, 2017

How long until Russia responds?

Russian President Putin warned the Russian people about a year ago that the CIA had Russia in their sights for political destabilization. He stated they expected the same tactics as elsewhere. The same tactics the CIA had used in the Arab Spring countries : mass protests, a 'democracy movement' AND LOTS of coverage by western media to make the best of it and apply pressure to the Russian government to comply with the CIAs agenda.

It's not really clear who was behind the opposition rally in Moscow that caused such a ruckus recently. Although I recognize President Putin rules with a heavy hand, and doesn't permit alternate church denominations for example, I have my doubts that the current unrest is a genuinely Russian phenomena.

When things like this happen, the influences behind them may be unclear, but as time progresses, tell tales can give us insight. I'm sure if we keep our eyes open, and don't buy into it or get consumed by the agenda, the underlying forces will become more apparent.

The underlying risk though, is that with THE USA pushing against Russia militarily via NATO, economically via sanctions, the Saudis with oil prices and now the CIA possibly fabricating covert destabilization, Putin may in fact decide its come to the stage Russia must take action.

The action we can expect, if it materializes, is probably military ; both as a clamp down inside Russia's borders to deal with the destabilization, and possibly internationally on the western to southern borders, in retaliation to NATO's surrounding Russia militarily.

Let's keep our heads level and eyes clear as we seek to comprehend what's really going on under the surface. It may not be long before hidden events break loose very much above the surface for all to see.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Obama flees massive drug bust!

An enormous drug bust aboard a luxury yacht has Obama and others implicated in massive international drug smuggling operations. Obama is alleged to have fled.

There's been division inside the CIA and FBI for years as parts of the CIA have assisted our even arranged international drug smuggling, and some in the FBI have facilitated money laundering inside the USA.

This ANONYMOUS broadcast is well worth a listen, especially the middle to end where some more detail comes out.

The Clinton family have long been known as profiting from war, being drug runners and having a background in prostitution. They are implicated in this mess too.

This revelation is an early outcome of Trump placing someone trustworthy high in the intelligence community as part of his 'DRAIN THE SWAMP' campaign. Others who were scared to come forth are now gaining confidence to speak.

What will happen from here?

Either Trump will be assassinated or massively discredited by the mainstream media, with the new FAKE NEWS legislation leveraged to silence the truth;

or we'll see this snowball, with more revelations about very high level international drug running conspiracies and widespread complicity and payoffs inside the USA.    

I've been quietly researching international politics, which often incomes the USA, for years now, and this revelation adds up with everything else I have learned over the years. I'll be keeping an eye out for comment from Professor Michael Chassudovsky of Global Research on this matter. He is one of the most insightful, forthright, intelligent and penetrating researchers on globalism, global crime and world technocracy that I know.

Enjoy the viewing, and please comment or ask questions, which I'll do my best to answer.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Begging Lucifer to come out of the abyss

It's just freaky what they are up to in Europe. It used to be Christian. Now it's occultic. Is this the change into the Age of Aquarius?