Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Rome's North American Union

The North American Union (NAU) was planned as early as 1946. It was part of a deliberate plan to create ten regions on the world, under the United Nations.

Donald Trump is standing against plans for the NAU, planning to wind back what previous presidents have accomplished for the NAU. He even said he wants to build a wall between USA and Mexico.

I found myself pondering this afternoon what would happen to the balance of religion should the borders fully open. After doing a little checking with decent sources, I have the following figures:

Population aprox 36,258,000
Catholic 40.6% (includes Roman Catholic 38.8%, Orthodox 1.6%, other Catholic .2%),
Protestant 20.3% (includes United Church 6.1%, Anglican 5%, Baptist 1.9%, Lutheran 1.5%, Pentecostal 1.5%, Presbyterian 1.4%, other Protestant 2.9%),
other Christian 6.3%,
Muslim 3.2% etc...

United States
Population aprox 323,927,500.
Protestant 51.3%, Roman Catholic 23.9%, Mormon 1.7%, other Christian 1.6%, Jewish 1.7%, Buddhist 0.7%, Muslim 0.6%

Population aprox 128,500,000
Roman Catholic 82.7%, Pentecostal 1.6%, Jehovah's Witnesses 1.4%, other Evangelical Churches 5%

Canada having twice as many Catholics (40%) as Protestants (20%) means it is likely to be a strongly Catholic influence in a merged entity.

Mexico is of course mega-Catholic. Over 80%!

USA: Bastion of Protestantism

The USA was a devoutly protestant nation. The pilgrims escaped persecution by the Roman Pope and his minions. Early fathers valued religious freedom and gave others individual freedom to worship as they saw fit.

Roman Church: Master of Souls

The Roman Church though, rules with a heavy hand. In some parts of Europe, it still takes tithes directly from your employer for you to remain part of the congregation and not be ex-communicated. And be part of a congregation you will; if you want to enter heaven. For to be ex-communicated is to miss the eucharist; which is to miss the trans-substantiated Body Of Christ and therefore put your eternal soul in jeopardy.

To the Roman Catholic, forgiveness is not by faith as Martin Luther taught, but from the hand of the Roman Catholic hierarchy, who have the power to shut heaven's gate to the sinner who doesn't receive forgiveness through them. This in fact happened to the English aristocracy when they strayed under (evil) King John in medieval times. The Roman Pope bade his friars to close the doors to the churches in order to bring the aristocracy intimate line. This caused panic, for that immediately created for their eternal souls and towed the line. To see how far Papal power extended (as it does still), read up on the Treaty Of Verona (1213 A.D.) which bound King John to the will of Pope Innocent III.

The Trend in the USA

Given the Caucasian, Protestant citizens of the USA have a low birth rate (about 1.7, I think, which doesn't sustain population, let alone grow it), we'd have to hope some other Protestants were either growing the church by births or getting enough converts to make up the numbers.

The African Americans have traditionally been Protestant, and have a family size that facilitates moderate growth in generations. Whether they retain the faith is another thing, of course.

The quickest growing, influential race demographic in the USA is actually the Hispanics. They have a higher birth rate than the African Americans and retain religious affiliation much more.

The small demographic worth mentioning is that if the Muslims. Whilst under 1%of the population, they have an average of EIGHT children per family, giving explosive growth. The religion is also enforced. Once a Muslim,  always a Muslim as far as they are concerned. Those who decide to leave are disenfranchised, persecuted, physically abused and at worse killed.

The Jews lay low religiously, but are actually more organized, far wealthier and incredibly more influential than any other religious / cultural group in the USA. The 1.7% of Beers in the USA run Hollywood, the media, the Federal Reserve and all the large banks, the folks and diamond companies, the stock exchange... You want me to keep going? They really do OWN America, including the politicians!

The Mother & Her Daughters

When there's a coup d'etat in a country, does the new military leader seek to recruit every soldier in the country or convert the leaders? No. The new generalisimo looks for existing leaders he can convert into his fold. There's often some personal, cultural or even moral leverage the new man can use to 'stretch out his tent pegs' and 'fill the house'.

Whilst the church of the first century, and maybe upto mid second century, was largely organic, the advent of Romanism, melding power and politics with religion to forge a single governing and religious organisation, substantially changed a largely organic structure where natural leaders were followed "as they followed Christ" (quoting the Apostle Paul) to an authoritative, top-down power structure we see today in Roman Catholicism. More than purely a chance in governance, because the religious leadership was merged with politics and power, the Roman Catholic Church became the most wealthy organisation on the planet. Whilst the wealth of the Rothschild's, the White Dragons (collective Asian Mafia recently come under single leadership to challenge Western power), various royalty, and business billionaires is not to be sneezed at,  the Vatican Bank has for decades been intertwined with some of these (most probably the Rothschilds).

The Vatican has the longest serving secret service, is adept in intrigue, holds influence over many politicians and power brokers in a multitude of countries. It's a wonder the churches that sprang from it haven't been won back. Or have they?

Surprise, Surprise!

The Roman Popes have worked long and hard the past century or so to win back to the Mother Church the errant denominations that strayed from her skirts. The effort has in fact met with great success. Many protestant, pentecostal and orthodox denominations world wide now acknowledge the Roman Pope as their true and ultimate head on earth.

Given also the Jesuits have worked hard and long to establish a papal influence in what was originally a strongly protestant land, it is very likely the Pope has Jesuits and Opus Dei people in very strategic positions throughout the USA, ready to take advantage of a strategic gain. There is a long and detailed history of Jesuit dealings in USA. Some USA Presidents spoke very clearly about them, that they are very dangerous and the Vatican was knee deep in political intrigue. Given that the Jews don't worship the God of their Fathers, but are actually what Yeshua Mashiach (Jesus Christ) called the Synagogue of Satan, involved in the Mystery Babylon religion (as are the high and hidden orders of the Vatican, but not consciously the average Roman Catholic), it should not be surprising that the mainstream media has made a fair circus of the recent Papal visit to the USA, in which the current Roman Pope addressed Congress and met personally with Obama. This is a break through in the VISIBLE relationship between the Vatican & USA. Much more is going on less visibly.

Turning The Tide
It is often crisis that brings change. Indeed, the architects of the New World Order expect to bring "order out us chaos". The Hegelian Dialectic is alive and well in the midst of the Illuminists. One side pushes one way; the other side the other way; and in the chaos the agenda progresses as the problem seems to be solved - as planned all along. What would it take to tip the USA into chaos and hasten the fully functional NAU? Maybe financial problems. Possibly terrorist attacks. It could even be due to civil unrest and the need to restore order. The Pope after all is a very influential man, and if called upon to assist the transition would be very ready to do so, as the USA is soon be a Catholic enclave and part of the NAU with Catholic Mexico and quite Catholic Canada.

Is Trump a Good Guy?
Only time will tell if Trump is a good guy. I suspect not. I think his rhetoric is most likely pay off the Hegelian Dialectic of the moment. After all, despite the powers that be commenting he's "not one of the initiates" (Skull & Bones,  Freemasonry etc.), he lives on the 66th floor and his apartment is decorated with incredibly realistic scenes of pagan gods like Zues, Apollo etc.; the very same ancient  personalities as the Illuminati are soaked in and are even very seriously trying to reach out to (believing they are in Saturn) and/or trying to bring back by very advanced gene/DNA experimental science. If sounds weird,  I know, but that's what's going on. So if Trump is cut from the same cloth, the way he talks may just be trickery.

What if USA goes down?
In closing, a great many commentators are very concerned about the USA. I am one of them. If we read USA (even part of) as Mystery Babylon (or part of) then the USA is in for a VERY BUMPY RIDE. How soon? The exit of very many ultra-rich from USA to New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and other refuges has become staggering the last couple of years and is at fever pitch.

My advice is find Yehovah / YHWH and his son Yeshua/Yehoshua for real. Get on your knees and pray; soak yourself in the gospels and letters; and follow his leading to the letter. I believe he has a plan to care for his own if things fall apart. But you must know Him. It came just be intellect, and the Bible (KJV, ESV,  NASB are all good versions) is sufficient for God himself to talk to you about your life and new life as His child.

Population : http://www.worldometers.info/world-population/population-by-country/
Religion : CIA Fact Book (online)

Monday, May 30, 2016

G7 decisions may cut Russia off from SWIFT banking

A Chinese proverb I heard quoted only shortly before finding this video said something like "Politics is the art of war without bloodshed. War is the art of politics with bloodshed."

It seems very pertinent when I consider the video

This is from May 2016, but still pertinent.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Canada : assisted suicide

Seed the report at http://on.rt.com/7e0n. Australia is going through a similar debate. It is probably raging in many countries. It's dangerous ; more to it than meets the eye.

Robbert Kiyosaki 2016 predictions complete with Illuminati HAND SIGNALS

How do we endorse someone online? What if it's a video we want to share and we'd like people to pay attention. Short of paid advertising, we generally rely on word of mouth, and this generally happens through interest groups, work or social structures.

So if I'm introducing a video and I think I'd like a specific segment of society to pay attention, I could use a buzzword or gesture with which they identify to get that attention. For Australian (maybe vanilla US influenced international) youth, I might wear a baseball cap on backwards, say "What's up?" and stand a certain way, maybe even folding my arms in a defiant stance.

If I'm a member of a more secretive club, I might even have less known gestures or hand signals.

In this case, the lady introducing Robert Kiyosaki is doing the usual hand waving and gesturing we expect of presenters for emphasis, but her hands occasionally lapse info a very deliberate sign using the thumbs and forefingers. It's like a diamond, and that's what I've got a snapshot of here.

You can look through the entire presentation at https://youtu.be/M-XIMtd8ilM. Watch for the hand signals.

Stay watching the news and current affairs programs more carefully, looking for deliberate, repeated gestures. Don't write odd gestures off ; they are quite likely deliberate communication to others who are initiates of the secret society!

I'm closing, I've seen an escalation of these kind of signals over the past five to ten years. The Illuminists are getting emboldened as their plan to bring about a New World Order comes to fruition. They are very powerful, very determined, and very likely to create yet more havoc in the financial and political systems some time in the next decade, but more likely the next couple of years given current events.

Watch for a world wide monetary system, world government and a  unified world religion. When you see these things happening, reach for a bible quick smart.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Bush family are of Plantagenet, descended from Royal House of Judah

A quote from "The Synagogue Of Satan - Updated, Expanded, And Uncensored" by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock.  Working through a timeline and highlighting milestones, the year 2000 comes into focus...

"2000: George W. Bush is elected President of the United States. Bush and his family claim to be descendants of the House of Plantagenet which is descended from the Royal House of Judah. He is in fact a Crypto-Jew. However, Bush portrays himself as a Christian for the purpose of making it appear that it is a white Christian who would go on to commit illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, rather than the Jews behind the scenes."

Isn't it amazing what you find out when you read good history books. This one is a beauty. Get it, read it, tell others to. Start reading this book for free: http://amzn.to/25gnfGP

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Australia's illegal takeover of Norfolk Island

Australia has shown itself to be a self-interested bully in taking over Norfolk Island. The Norfolk Islanders didn't have debt before the GFC. They may not be real flash, but they're not enslaved. And whilst Australia heeded the call of the World Bank to go into more debt with the stimulus package, Norfolk Island weren't fooled into unnecessary debt which got blown on imported consumer goods anyway!

Australia has precious little to give these hard working, community minded people who clearly don't want Australia walking in and taking over.

As an Australian, I am ashamed of the way our government has treated the sovereign nation of Norfolk Island. We have illegally invaded and taken over governance and implemented our fascist/socialist agenda. Next we'll be exploiting its resources or creating a military base there.

Shame Australia, shame! Give Norfolk Island back to its people.

For more information see http://www.realstewcorp.com/norfolk/. A forum of the Norfolk Islands News is also available at http://www.norfolkonlinenews.com/ForumRetrieve.aspx; but I'm not sure how free this will be as the radio station has been muzzled.


Saturday, May 21, 2016

About China being in DEEP DOO DOO

In answer to a post elsewhere about China being in DEEP DOO DOO.

It's true. China is in a mess. And the leading lights of the global financial system are telling it straight. There is more to it though. As 'binmehere' has already commented, China has LOTS of gold. The y have been buying in gold, and mining HUGE quantities too. The USD (US Dollar) is 'fiat' money: ie. a 'promisory note' not worth anything in itself. This promisory note is linked to a currency that USED TO BE linked to the GOLD STANDARD: ie. you could change hard cash for gold at a set price. Since the US (Federal Reserve) took the USD off the gold standard, the dollar has really floated and values can go ANYWHERE! Because the USD has become the 'Petro Dollar' (a deal that the US would protect Saudi Arabia in return for them making all oil trade based on the US Dollar), it has become the default for world trade.

Things have been getting really shaky for quite a while. The 'stimulus packages' pushed by the World Bank / UN during the GFC have put countries into further debt. But hang on, if we are ALL BORROWING, WHO ARE WE BORROWING FROM? The answer is the global banks. I don't mean retail banks, I mean banks well behind the scenes and well protected whilst retail and national banks take the fall. The CENTRAL BANKS are a feature of globalisation and this trade arrangement. There are only TWO COUNTRIES left without a Central Bank at this stage. Can you guess? Iran and North Korea! China got one just when things took off for them.

So IF THE 'GLOBAL DOLLAR' / USD fails, who gets hurt? Anyone owed money will; and China is owed huge sums of money by the good ole USA! See from my blog http://watching-the-new-world-take-order.blogspot.com.au/2011/05/meet-new-boss-china-owns-united-states.html. See also http://watching-the-new-world-take-order.blogspot.com.au/2016/03/chinas-gold-strategy.html.

Then read http://benjaminfulford.net/2016/05/19/greetings-from-the-director-general/ and http://benjaminfulford.net/2016/05/09/major-movement-on-multiple-fronts-including-us-regime-change-and-serious-political-turmoil-in-china/.

Basically, if China suffers because of its HUGE debt, it may just write it all off and start again. They have already announced a new GOLD BACKED currency. I think this also has to do to some extent with BRICS (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BRICS). If it all goes pear shaped, ande China can't pay its debt, it will FORCE CHANGE. The USA has enormous debt too. The repayments are the 3rd biggest item in its budget!

See a few more posts for context: http://watching-the-new-world-take-order.blogspot.com.au/search?q=china; http://watching-the-new-world-take-order.blogspot.com.au/2011/09/pentagon-prepares-for-economic-warfare.html; http://watching-the-new-world-take-order.blogspot.com.au/2011/06/globalisation-driving-nation-state-to.html; http://watching-the-new-world-take-order.blogspot.com.au/2012/02/bilderberg-2011-rockefeller-world-order.html.

So YES, China is in DEEP DOO DOO! So is the USA. So is the global system. It will probably collapse in the not too distant future. What's the replacement? There are several in the wings; but that's another story!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Netflix 'BETWEEN' and Agenda 21

If you're not up to speed with proposed population control because "the planet can't sustain do many people", read up on Agenda 21 and what's happened since, including the Paris tags later last year. Basically we're being sold that the planet is like a female womb, sustaining life, and that human mind has broadly mistreated the planet which is like a Wiccan deity.

There's been a lot in the press the last twenty years or so about the planet being one give ecosystem, and the planet being the higher of life. The concepts seem to pretty much match animism, which is feeling inanimate objects to be 'animated'; in other words in this case, to have life. So our world is meant to be a God that gives life. Definitely Pagan / Wiccan.

Enter one of Netflix's latest offerings 'BETWEEN'. It's a story about a town, Pretty Lake, which has much of its population struck down, resulting in the government putting a strict containment zone in place. It turns out anyone over 21 years old dies over a matter of days.

The heroes and themes are complex. It's pretty well done. But lurking under the surface is conditioning of viewers that the world is in an unsustainable situation; that the scientists deemed to have done wrong may on fact be reasonable given we can't sustain life as is; and that radical change on a global basis is required.

In summary, this is a very clever bit of social conditioning from a powerful NWO information & education arm that uses entertainment to condition the public so they wiki accept the necessity of the hideous NWO agenda for depopulating our planet.