Monday, November 30, 2015

The guy has guts ; good weather or bad

Top French weatherman makes headlines by joining RT to cover climate summit

Thursday, November 26, 2015

We've been watching TPP, but it's wider than that!

How many 'international partnerships' are being implemented, and who is the author of them? Trans-Pacific, Trans-Atlantic; what else is going on?

Syria again

Terrorists in Su-24 search operation area killed - Russian Defense Ministry This nation figures in prophecy. It's interesting to see what's happening there. Look up 'Syria' in your bible to see some context for this conflict.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Is this Muslim Invasion? "France says This Is War! "

There's been so much happening in Europe recently, and lots of comment. Some people feel strongly about this, whilst others prefer to ignore things to big for them to understand or too far away to directly impact them.

Christians feel very strongly on this subject, but their opinions are as diverse as everyone else! Why is that? What's the CORRECT perspective. How can we avoid POLITICAL CORRECTNESS and playing into the hands of the mass media, which is owned by a handful of mega-wealthy power brokers?

I believe to understand what's happening in Europe right now, we need to look back a year or two at least. So much media cites current circumstances and current opinion without looking back to significant signposts along the way.

One such signpost would be the invasion of the Middle-East by the the USA & NATO, once known as the "Coalition of the Willing"; but perhaps more deserving of a title something like "The Coalition of the Brutal".

Invasion: On the receiving end

One thing I always notice about USA's invasions. They destroy culture and history, and try to completely replace it. This was the way the Roman Empire did it. This is the way the revived Roman Empire does it. USA/NATO trample countries under-foot. If your country was invaded by vastly superior forces, which destroyed your infrastructure, your educational institutions and your ability to generate goods for trade; and then stood over you as bullies, you'd probably have a problem with them. Even as I write this, Obama is levelling infrastructure in Syria so the opposition can't use it; leaving the residents in severe poverty. Despite the significant family and historical ties to their land (think of how our Australian Aboriginals feel about their land), many are becoming willing to depart. We are thus seeing a depopulation of Syria and other countries where USA/NATO goes. Gee, this makes it really easy for USA/NATO to get at their natural resources doesn't it! Government completely dysfunctional, border and trade protection gone; resources in the big guys hands and only a few people left sounds conducive to invaders taking what they want.

Geo-Politics and Globalism

Backing away for the Syrian and European situation for a moment and looking at the players involved, USA/NATO are obviously visible. Less visible is the World Bank and other globalist banking interests that make ridiculously enormous amounts of money out of war, invasion and rebuilding. We must remember that's a factor.

United Nations

Where does the UN fit in with all this? They have been pressing countries to take in refugees, despite the obvious difficulty. They have not pressed Muslim countries regarding their responsibilities in this regard, and probably won't. The UN is please to see cultural and national distinctions broken down. Their course is homogenisation of the world. They have broad economic and governance regions planned, and don't really want individual countries to survive. They also want religious boundaries to disappear and would like to see a 'world religion' that finds things in common and disallows differences or conflict. Highlighting differences and conflict is a great way to bring them to everyone's attention and engage the world in dialog to usher in a one world religion. The groundwork for this has been going on for decades. Tony Blair (ex protestant, ex English PM) and Rick Warren are two of many working together in this space. Rick even has an acronym he explains one way for Christians and another way for Muslims in order to progress dialog.

Rebuilding the Middle East

General Wesley Clark of the USA went public before the second Iraq invasion(after 9/11), revealing the USA's plans to topple several countries. Their plans fit with Syria, Liba and Iraq; Afghanistan, Lebanon, Somalia & Iran are also mentioned. You can see the following as references.

Why Now?

It's always a good question. "Why is this happening now?". General Wesley Clark also states there was a 'policy coup' in the USA and nobody was told. The people who took over just overruled everyone and didn't announce or explain it. It just happened.

 Why did it happen when it did? There's lots of speculation, but not that many answers. What is important is trying to understand WHY. Who gains out of this?

Gains from Middle East Invasion

The Middle East was carved up long before USA invaded. Monsanto had rights to farm land to produce cheap crops for the USA before any soldier stood foot in Iraq. How did the USA gain from this? Control of land, access to natural resources, running the rebuild of infrastructure, rigging deals very much in their favour, controlling the puppet government, making nations pay for their rebuilding. The list goes on.

But What About The Backlash?

Surely those directing this awful play knew there would be retribution? Of course! Why didn't they stop it? Get this: It's not America that's running America. It's globalists; it's the world bankers; it's Wall Street. They don't care if the people of the USA suffer as a consequence. The same goes for Europe, where the President of the EU has pressed against the countries to do things against their sovereign interest. Add in an occasional leader like Obama, who signs away USA sovereignty in his sleep, ceding powers to NAFTA, the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the UN so that these bodies can coerce the USA into action according to their wishes and against USA's sovereign interest. What I'm saying is the people running the countries have been manoeuvred into place to play their part in this.

The Backlash Comes

The backlash is coming against countries. The bankers and power-brokers are largely insulated. Wait! They are actually making money! They're making money because of weapons; transport; facilities for refugees. They are also making hay whilst the sun shines in that laws are being passed to their advantage. So if Europe descends further into chaos, the globalists who run the arms manufacturing, the banks and many other global companies will make lots of $$$.

Where to from here?

Is there any care for the person on the street? Not really. There are platitudes, and help with strings attached. We have yet to see the shape of the future. We know a few things though.

Looking Back for Context

The Ashkenazi Jews have a book that's been hidden or discredited over the years. It's called "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion".  This book has been buried, discredited, maligned and ignored. Many say it was written after some events that it lays out as plans of the high ranking, ultra-rich Jewry. What we need to remember here is that just as there are moderate, peace loving Muslims, there are also moderate, peace loving Jews. The Jews do however have a global government that starts at the local synagogue and ends in a global council and leader. How did the Jews get to be so ultra-wealthy? I mean they own the global banks; the USA and English financial systems; the biggest oil companies; 99% of Hollywood; large pharmaceutical companies and the largest food companies. They basically are the biggest stakeholders in the biggest companies in the world. That includes Google too. What's the point in this? "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" lays out plans for Jewish conquest and ownership of the world. It was discredited after WW1, and again after WWII. Raise it and it will be discredited again. But what did it forecast that's so offensive?
  1. It laid out the plans for WWI, the countries involved, and what it would do to progress their plans.
  2. It laid out the plans for WWII, including the formation of Communist blocks, which the Rothschild family were not just supportive of, but helped establish and funded.
  3. It laid out the plans for WWIII.

Globalist Plans for WWIII  

"The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" planned the third world war to be the Muslims against the rest of the world (primarily the USA/NATO I believe as these are the aggressors in the Middle East). Can we see conflict involving Muslims against other countries? I believe so, but it's only just starting.

Conquest & Dominion!

It's a long established historical fact that many people, races and countries have fought for dominion over areas of this world. They want geo-political advantage; they want resources; they want to establish their empire as bigger than any one else's.
  • The Jews are awaiting their Messiah. The bulk of them don't acknowledge Jesus Christ as the Messiah, and they are still waiting after thousands of years for the "first coming", in which their Messiah will come in vengeance to judge tjhe nations and establish his kingdom.
  • The Muslims are awaiting their Madhi (anointed leader); and believe that severe conflict will hasten his coming. With such an understanding, they are deliberately stirring up conflict because when the Madhi comes, he will judge the unbelievers and establish his global kingdom. 
  • The Hindus and Bhuddists are also awaiting their spiritual leader!
  • The New Age followers; The Freemasons; Khabbalistic Jews and others are awaiting their messiah too. 
  • The Christians are awaiting their messiah,  the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.
The common thread: all believe the Messiah will come to establish his kingdom  at a time of immense conflict.

Christians Taking Dominion!

Many Christian groups are participating in a dominionist program:
  • Kingdom Now theology and agenda
  • Four Square
  • Seven Mountains
  • Christian Nationalism
Other ways this is showing its head include:
  • Christian Patriot Movement
  • Christian Zionism (let's support the Jews; they are God's people and then pour Messiah will come back)
  • Evangelical Environmentalism (have you thought about that one and how it fits?)
  • New Apostolic Reformation
  • Tenth Crusade - Counterpunch. This was the vehicle that justified the USA going to war under a 'humanitarian agenda'. It's tied to the Pope's 'Just War' policy.
  • Christian Reconstructionism 
  • Rick Warren's agenda to bring a globalist  'Christian' agenda to developing nations like Uganda. He has openly stated he expected Uganda to be the first 'Purpose Driven Nation'.
Quote: "In many ways, Dominionism is more a political phenomenon than a theological one. It cuts across Christian denominations, from stern, austere sects to the signs-and-wonders culture of modern megachurches. Think of it like political Islamism, which shapes the activism of a number of antagonistic fundamentalist movements, from Sunni Wahabis in the Arab world to Shiite fundamentalists in Iran" (source:

I personally think there's a very  disturbing similarity between some of our 'Christianised' dominionism and that of other religions. The thing is: only one can take dominion.

We then understand each other correctly that the 'Christian' dominionist agenda is not going to bring peace, but rather conflict as we struggle for control of earthly infrastructure, nations, institutions etc.

Jesus said...

"My kingdom is not of this world". Jesus told his followers not to fight. Furthermore, despite having some funding, he sent his disciples out humbly in pairs, with no great fanfare of letters of commendation. So as Christians, we are to have our eyes toward heaven and our master's agenda. We are to lay down our lives in service to others, not suicide bombs.

Jesus said to honour what ever government God allows to be placed over us. He didn't say we were to avoid politics; but he did say his kingdom is not of this world. To me, that's not a difficult ask. It just means we stand up as ordinary citizens to take on a political role, and we don't tie it directly to a church or religious institution. We must be able to act as 'salt and light' in whatever circumstances we find ourselves. DE-linking ourselves from a dominionist agenda leaves us free to represent Jesus more fully and accurately.

Back to the Future

So before closing this diatribe; we need to go back to the phenomena of Muslim refugees flooding primarily into Europe. What if they wage war on society? What if they demand Sharia Law in their strongholds? What if down here in Australia we end up with more refugees and there's escalated tensions here? Do we fight them in the name of Christ? Do we get into physical conflict? How do we respond to their demands (yes. they will come, their planned agenda means they make demands once they reach a given population density)?

Since I drafted this article a day after the attack in France, France has declared war on IS. Germany has been dragged in further, the USA with Obama as spokesman has hardened resolve, and even the Russians with Vladimir Putin at the helm have entered the fray more voraciously (saying IS is to blame for the downing of it's passenger jet recently). The world, it seems, is aligning itself against IS. This sounds pretty much like the scenario I brought to your attention from the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

Note that is France's anger, they claim it's the most shedding of blood on French soil since WWII. Not so. That was in 1961 when the French police clamped down on protests and reportedly milkless up to two hindered people. See Wikipedia o the Parris Massacre of 1961 (

The Answers

After all this, I don't have the answers! Great, you say. What I can say is "Please stay away from a dominionist agenda, it plays right into the devils hands".  I really believe we need  to act as individuals, not institutions. I also believe we need to serve, not strive for control. If we try to assert ourselves and fight, how are we different to them; or to the Papal Crusades of times past? 

I don't haver answers, but I do have knees. Knees that will be well used in prayer if more difficult things come to pass. We don't know what plans the hands that guide powerful men and nations have  for the future, but it's obvious more conflict is coming. Let us respond as Jesus would have us; in prayer and servanthood; with quiet words that turn away wrath; and with intense loyalty to our Lord and King.