Monday, February 20, 2017

An Australian who dares comment on USA....

I've just spoken up to an interview with this man talking about our (Australia's) Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, visiting the USA to see the Vice President now Michael Flynn has been forced to resign.

The freshening thing about Tom is that he talks easily about some things that are really and have really gone on in America. For example, Michael Flynn print to the president about having discussed lifting of sanctions with the Russian Ambassador.

He also talked about the general being put in charge of the NSA, and how he wrote a book revealing much about the mess of the Vietnam conflict.

So I'm hoping to find some interesting facts from his ABC 'Between The Lines' interviews at; and his own web show is at

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Ex Illuminati Woman Speaks Out

I just heard a radio interview with this woman. She claims to be born into an Illuminati family and was fairly high level before getting out. What she says largely tallies with things I've heard before. I think she's genuine. The interview does ramble a bit, but if you haven't heard this kind of testimony before, you may find it engrossing. If you have heard this kind of thing before and it's something you are researching  there may be a few pearls in there.

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Friday, February 17, 2017

Country tells citizens : "Buy Gold!"

Currency Pioneers Mold Nation of Gold Bugs in Kyrgyzstan at Ex-USSR's Edge - Bloomberg (Share from CM Browser)

TRUMPonomics or MUSKonomics?

This InfoWars show throws some light on what Trump is actually doing, not what the mainstream media are trying to portray him as. Trump is so over beyond misrepresented by the media, he's resorted to Presidential Announcements that the media must broadcast in their entirety in order to get his message across.

I listened to the most recent broadcast in its entirety, and it's quite revealing. Well worth a listen. Ten times as illuminating as all the reporting around it.

Is Trump perfect? No. Will be outside over some rough times? Probably. Is he the best option on the table? Definitely. Don't take my word for it. Listen to his presidential broadcasts. They are the ONLY way you'll know what he's really saying and is really going on.

Have a listen to this one, and be aware that Elon Musk is just another of the inner circle with Gates and the Google boys, and he has no interest in the welfare of anyone but the elite: and they are all saying that very soon they won't need us beverage they are facing the point of AI providing what we do, more easily and with lower cost. So why bother keeping the masses? Open your eyes to what the futurists have been proclaiming for decades because it's about to arrive.

Shadow Government is real - Clinton

The State Department’s ‘shadow government’ | New York Post