Saturday, October 29, 2016

Clinton / Obama going down?

Really? This stinks to high heaven! And now LL is 'taking the fifth' to protect herself. Does this mean Hilary Clinton will go down big time? What about Obama who used a fake name to illegally correspond with her? I've never seen such an extensive and deep mess!

Friday, October 28, 2016

If Hilary loses - blame the Russians and nullify the result?

USA / RUSSIA tensions increase

Putin is trying to talk tensions down, starting he doesn't want war. He is however preparing for the worst as USA & NATO aggravate the situation through words and mobilisation of their forces. Forces including Germany and Poland. Putin days Trump clearly doesn't want war, but Hilary Clinton does (funny, she makes mega-dollars from arms sales).

Monday, October 24, 2016

Clinton aggravates Russia. SATAN NUKES now ready for EAST COAST USA

Vladimir Putin has responded publicly to the Clinton camp in the USA presidential election race, stating it is a grave concern Hillary Clinton seems determined to vilify Russia and push towards war. This report covers some of the video footage of Putin with English subtitles; quotes Global Research ( Michael Chassudovsky) ; reveals what some senior US military figures have stated about Clinton's Syrian No-Fly Zone being a formula for outright war with Russia; and looks at the similarity between the international economic situation now and that leading up to World War 1 and World War 2.

There is apparently much heated disagreement within the intelligence and military community at the moment, particularly with regard to Russia and Syria / The Middle East. Some have alleged there are now warring camps within the military, driven by significant tensions over:
A) the polarization of power away from the constitutional model and towards an all powerful presidency that's aligned with globalist interests.
B) deep concern by some that the Obama & Clinton Camp, along with the military industrial complex is driving the USA headlong into another world war involving Russia and possibly China.

Here's the video :

Now : WeAreChange is the creator and publisher of this video. They have nearly 400,000 followers, and obviously research much more widely than mainstream media. They also report from where significant news is happening as much as possible. As always, I suggest you follow the references through, especially to Global Research (who are very balanced and trustworthy) and RT News, who give an alternative view of what's going on in the world.

RUSSIA RE USA THREATS: from Putin's own mouth in the Russian tongue...

Sunday, October 23, 2016

To WAR or not WAR? A burning election question for USA.

There's been a lot of noise in the USA about Russia lately. Hillary Clinton has been doing some real hard talk about retribution for Russia hacking the DNC and being subversive in the Middle East; particularly Syria. It's amazing how despite whistleblowers coming out one after the other, the USA government machine and NWO owned media seem able to bend the perspectives of the average American.

The referenced article quotes one of the early whistleblowers from inside the 'intelligence' establishment, saying the hacks to the Democratic National Congress servers were from inside the US intelligence community, not from Russia.

Sitting here in the comfort of country Victoria, Australia, I can only hope that the NWO/UN/Clinton camp gets derailed before they manage to drag the USA into a major war and finish the selling off of USA sovereignty to the UN & globalists. I have thought for years that Iraq may be the first country in the world effectively run by the UN, but recent events in the US such as masses of UN heavy vehicles coming in and suggestion the UN will have to supervise elections and maybe keep peace have got me wondering whether the USA might get there first.

"But that leaves them with Trump!" I hear you bemoan. Yeah, it may not seem a good alternative, but at least Trump is not ready to use the USA to ignite a global conflict. It's Hillary & Bill, the Bush family, Cheney and friends that make immense fortunes from war. Despite Trump's failings, there seems to be no personal incentive for him to either further sell off the USA or drag them into war.

Let's see now. How should I vote? War or no war?

Sunday, October 16, 2016

USA to accuse Russia of hacking to distract and possibly sabotage election

Good on Alex Jones. He gets emotional. He gets angry. He gets real assertive! But much of the time he's right.

He's well researched. He's widely researched and open minded. He's quite serious when he comes to significant conclusions.

When he's got an opinion, I might listen to it ; a conviction - I'm going to think on it ; an urgent advice or alert - I'm going to digest it well, fit it into my own geo-political jigsaw and then put our my own services.

This is one of those moments. Alex warned that the USA would tar Russia with allegations of server hacking and interference with the US election. I saw it earlier today. Tonight the Channel 2 News said Russia was pushing on several fronts, mentioning the election and hacking (placing Russia in with Trump; how clever and deceitful) and saying that Russia was basically pushing the world into World War III.

Please see Alex' video, and then follow up with Steven Ben-deNoon's video saying the USA has an unprecedented number of refueling aircraft in the air, which puts them on a war footing.

So here's your meal .

Alex Jones :

Steven Ben-deNoon: