Sunday, October 16, 2016

USA to accuse Russia of hacking to distract and possibly sabotage election

Good on Alex Jones. He gets emotional. He gets angry. He gets real assertive! But much of the time he's right.

He's well researched. He's widely researched and open minded. He's quite serious when he comes to significant conclusions.

When he's got an opinion, I might listen to it ; a conviction - I'm going to think on it ; an urgent advice or alert - I'm going to digest it well, fit it into my own geo-political jigsaw and then put our my own services.

This is one of those moments. Alex warned that the USA would tar Russia with allegations of server hacking and interference with the US election. I saw it earlier today. Tonight the Channel 2 News said Russia was pushing on several fronts, mentioning the election and hacking (placing Russia in with Trump; how clever and deceitful) and saying that Russia was basically pushing the world into World War III.

Please see Alex' video, and then follow up with Steven Ben-deNoon's video saying the USA has an unprecedented number of refueling aircraft in the air, which puts them on a war footing.

So here's your meal .

Alex Jones :

Steven Ben-deNoon: