Sunday, October 23, 2016

To WAR or not WAR? A burning election question for USA.

There's been a lot of noise in the USA about Russia lately. Hillary Clinton has been doing some real hard talk about retribution for Russia hacking the DNC and being subversive in the Middle East; particularly Syria. It's amazing how despite whistleblowers coming out one after the other, the USA government machine and NWO owned media seem able to bend the perspectives of the average American.

The referenced article quotes one of the early whistleblowers from inside the 'intelligence' establishment, saying the hacks to the Democratic National Congress servers were from inside the US intelligence community, not from Russia.

Sitting here in the comfort of country Victoria, Australia, I can only hope that the NWO/UN/Clinton camp gets derailed before they manage to drag the USA into a major war and finish the selling off of USA sovereignty to the UN & globalists. I have thought for years that Iraq may be the first country in the world effectively run by the UN, but recent events in the US such as masses of UN heavy vehicles coming in and suggestion the UN will have to supervise elections and maybe keep peace have got me wondering whether the USA might get there first.

"But that leaves them with Trump!" I hear you bemoan. Yeah, it may not seem a good alternative, but at least Trump is not ready to use the USA to ignite a global conflict. It's Hillary & Bill, the Bush family, Cheney and friends that make immense fortunes from war. Despite Trump's failings, there seems to be no personal incentive for him to either further sell off the USA or drag them into war.

Let's see now. How should I vote? War or no war?