Monday, May 29, 2017

Are the elite guilty of serious crimes, but get away with it?

I was watching a few videos a while ago, and one of them alleged the royals of years past practiced cannibalism. I thought this a bit of a wild and serious allegation, so I checked it out, followed my nose...

Have a watch of this video, and see how far you get before you want to check some facts:

I got to the spot where it alleged the queen and Pope Benedict had been found guilty of crimes against humanity. I stopped. I checked the reference number supposedly of the court case.

I took the reference number '022513—001' and searched. There was a page full of links. The page of most obvious value was :  Ok, so the court is very anti-religious and seemingly anti-Monarchy, but facts are facts, aren't they?


Friday, May 5, 2017

Project Odin’s Eye - Intel backdoor Spyware in new chips

It's so good we can trust the major chip manufacturers to not spy on us! Or can we?.....

Project Odin’s Eye – Intel Whistleblower Describes Adding Backdoors to The Intel Management Engine, Compromising Every Intel Machine from CM Browser)

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A bit of USA/RU/CN global political balance!

Steven from Israeli News Live evaluates international tensions, accusations by the US now towards Russia, and China pulling citizens out of North Korea. The USA is more clearly in the grip of the Deep State & Industrial Military Complex than ever, and the guys at the steering wheel seem to be veering with menace towards Russia. Watch as Steven cites disparate news sources from around the world to bring a balanced perspective to events of the day.