Monday, August 15, 2016

URGENT! : TPP = Trans-Pacific Poison!

If we need a new hospital because our population is growing in Queensland and there's a groundswell of demand already, wouldn't it be in the public interest to build one? Darn right! So would you be angry if a multinational owner of a private hospital nearby was able to sue the state government for planning to build one? Not because of provable losses, but anticipated losses? As anticipated by them, not us?

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is pure poison. There's NEVER been legislation so hideous that will enslave Australians. It will give global companies rights and privileges that make the citizens of Australia less secure, less valued and less wealthy by far. It will also drastically effect of versions and use of the Internet : it will become purely a tool of commerce to advantage of the largest companies. Mark my words. If we don't get onto friends to help them understand this, it will be game over for the good life in just a few short years.

The globalists, particularly in the USA, are behind three international treaties that extend from the USA as a huge catchment; each circling a different section of the world like a net. The Trans-Atlantic Partnership deals with Europe. It's more of the same poison.

Share this with your friends. Hell, just Google it! Look on YouTube. Go to But don't weep when you're enslaved if you're not willing to stand up now. Assange is provably right.

Watch Assange get interviewed about the first four chapters of the TPP they got hold of, that we are not allowed to see! Watch at

Saturday, August 13, 2016

EFF.ORG: Data Retention Law Passes in Australia, but the Fight Isn’t Over

Mandatory data retention legislation is never a good idea, which is why EFF has vigorously opposed it in the United States, where Congress tried and failed to pass it in 2009. That year, two ill-conceived bills would have required all Internet providers and operators of Wi-Fi access points to keep records on Internet users for at least two years to assist police investigations. Nevertheless, governments around the world, individually, and in concert, continue to argue that the stockpiling of the private, personal data of entire populations become a global norm. It's a constant battle, but one with some clear victories, most notably in the European Union, and most recently in Paraguay. The latest setback in the global fight against data retention has been in Australia, which, despite widespread opposition from journalists,activists and the general public, passed a comprehensive data retention bill this month.

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Anna Johnston say NO to filling out the census! (which country am I in?)

Anna Johnston, a former deputy privacy commissioner of New South Wales in Australia, has decided not to fill in the senseless, oops, that census. She's got good reasons why. Read her story at

If I didn't feel like I was being sized up along with the rest of the population, I'd probably skip this; but I actually worked on the design of data matching and synchronisation for the biggest CRM user base rollout in the world some years ago; and I too know a thing or two that makes me nervous about this. Now having suffered a nasty car smash, multiple operations and loss of the family home, I'm not as prepared to fork out money I don't have to make a point. But remember this year's census people. I will be a watershed in intrusive data collection and usage by faceless people who don't have your interests at heart. They will correlate your religion to your dress sense and know when you pass wind if they match the 'primary keys' on all the data sets. Privacy will be taking a significant blow; and guess what? It's not just happening in Australia. If you're not sure the technology is available, just Google 'Big Data', 'Data Mining', and 'Identity Consolidation, Management and Synchronisation'. Whilst you're on technology, have a peek at the UN's page:
Wow. The United Nations. If you've been keeping watch, you'' know the United Nations is gathering more and more power over countries, and they have a few things published about this whole affair as a worldwide phenomena too. But wait, there's someone interested in privacy: the Electronic Frontier Foundation!!! (to the rescue):
If you want a good read, take a look at:,…/dem…/sources/census/wphc/default.htm,,…/demog…/products/vitstats/default.htm

Yes folks, the U.N. basically sets the tone for this whole global statistics gathering exercise, just like it did for the stimulus packages that sent most countries in the world into massively increased debt by pretending they could spend their way out of debt (yeah, it doesn't work for households either) :-)