Thursday, April 28, 2016

England expects war; changes to civil servant roles in preparation for civil unrest

England 2016. The future is here.

Parking Officers were some months ago re-titled 'Civil Enforcement Officers' and being groomed as police. Private Security Officers have recently also between made "Accredited Persons" so they can take on a police role.

Why? Because war is coming. The Brits are planning for it now. How do the Brits know? Because it's been planned.

War has been planned!

Do you sometimes wonder with all the posturing and pontificating amongst world leaders, if there's something going on that we're just not going to hear about until it hits us?
Norman Dodds (one if a team of government investigators) investigated the 'Carnegie Endowment for International Peace', one of a plethora of not for profit institutions given to by the ultra wealthy and influential in the USA. He uncovered minutes of meetings back to early 1900s saying they planned to change American society using war. They instructed then president Woodrow Wilson to engage in the war and stay engaged until the social structure of the USA was indelibly changed, which it did.

World 2016. War is imminent.

We are at the same point again. Powers that be have planned another major war. It was in fact planned before the first and second world wars with a specific objective in mind. This time it's the war to end all wars, and yes, we've heard that before; but this is genuinely planned to be so. The first war was about removal of sovereignty. The second was to establish communism as a threat to Western democracy. The third has a flash point in the Middle East, reportedly Israel, and I've heard (said to be in the Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion) pits Muslims against Western nations. This war is set to escalate onto a global conflict involving Europe, Russia, China, USA, England and the Commonwealth and if course Israel and the nation's of the Middle East. Pundits say we have witnessed the commencement of World War III already, and it will escalate from here on in.

The Goal is World Government

The goal of this war is to establish global government, removing national military forces and making all countries comply with a the Global Parliament I've recently written about. The mechanisms of global government are here. They've even had 'Provisional' sittings of the Global Parliament to get the workings good and ready (see

The only safe haven

The global elite are reportedly already in their safe places. For some, this means massive underground bunkers. I've Sweden a TV special about a bunker manufacturer and his luxurious and safe from the outside environment that's bunkers are, and it's amazing! Others are flying to a small group of countries said to be a safe haven. This definitely includes New Zealand and Australia. I think a few South Pacific nations are also on the list, as is South Africa. Why? Because we're on the southern hemisphere. Or half of the globe has much more water and less population. We are also largely insulated from any atmospheric fallout from incidents in three northern hemisphere as the hemispheres basically recycle their own air, with very little northern hemisphere air permeating to the southern hemisphere. That's good if nasty bombs are going off up north.

Do I feel safe?

Given I'm in Brisbane, Australia, I'm geographically removed from most of the world's trouble spots. If war erupts, it's possessible we'll see some direct conflict in northern Australia and just possibly down the Eastern Seaboard (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne). Darwin (Northern Territory) was bombed in WWII. Japanese subs came down as far as Brisbane on WWII too. So we're relatively safe, but not immune. However if the world teaching system collapses, we will see high unemployment and civil unrest here. They may role out police onto the streets. Government may already have our increasingly combat ready police trained up for more conflict, and times like the parking officer in England ready for civil unrest.

Again, Do I feel safe?

Not really. If this major war goes ahead, I believe it silk affect almost everyone, even in 'safe countries' adversely. My consolation is knowing the Hebrew scriptures prophesied much of what's going on when right now in the Middle East. Those same scriptures talk of Yehovah's love and care for his own. I'm not that much into church, but I sure am into the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the promised saviour 'Yeshua Mashiach' (which most Western Christians call Jesus Christ). I know my destiny. I'm able to pray and find shelter and rest for my soul in him. If you don't have that same assurance, it's time you picked up a Bible and asked him directly to meet with you. It will change your life. You will never be the same again.

Here's a video talking about what's happening in England and also the world wars:

By the way, these only relatively safe place I'm aware of in the northern hemisphere is Iceland. They have however tightened up heaps on immigration. They've tossed out corrupt global bankers and sent some residents back to countries of origin for being trouble makers. Iceland is socially very safe. It's aware of and careful in dealings with the NWO, it's geographically removed from Europe and it's a beautiful place. If you feel there nerf to moves you're family and Iceland gives you the cold shoulder, you could try New Zealand add their immigration seems easier to tackle than ours!

Move over United Nations, World Government is here!

The UN has created an immense framework and capacity for world government, but it looks like the UN may be giving way to something bigger that has been lurking in wings. There are always multiple groups that look like a consensus, but eighty percent can usually be linked to the same powerful players behind the scenes.

Most of the governmental and public service pawns in various countries no doubt think this 'movement' is much more a grass roots, consensus driven renewal of the way humanity manages itself on a small planet (not bad for off the cuff wording, maybe I should work for them!), but digging into ideas or multi-faceted organic change movements frequently proves the manifold fronts are mostly a facade, and a singular set of hands and minds moves all the pieces, with the aim of it looking like a broad based movement with an altruistic agenda.

Please meet the following auspicious (or was that suspicious?) organisations:

The World Parliament:

The Earth Constitution:

World Constitution and Parliament Association:

The Earth Federation:

World Hellenic Inter - Parliamentary Association:

Wow, so many official looking bodies, it must be a good thing, right?

What about our little Land Down Under, Australia?

Australia is part of this:

Is it all talk, or if it happening?

It's happening alright! The14th Session of the Provisional World Government is evidenced in multiple sources:

More Information
This post, including sourcing the information came, as usual, from me following my nose through suspicious names and organisations. It Toulon under ninety minutes. More info can easily be found in search engines and is there for the taking. The NWO always publishes it's agenda as things get more solid.
Here's on link I found that may be of interest. Once you've digested there links I've provided, it works be good to add more URLs and provide more detail and commentary on this blog post.

Perverse Conditioning in NYC

This is really sick, and will probably end up rolling out more, although possibly in a different form. It will no doubt be sold to us as something good and healthy for men.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Peres: "We need a U.N. of Religions"

I missed seeing this when it came out, but my research has caught it now, and it's important. Simon Peres is an 'elder statesman' in the Middle East and had proposed a 'United Nations of Religions', stating the "United Nations has had its day".

From the article...

“Now, given the fact that the United Nations has had its day, what is needed is an Organisation of United Religions, a U.N. of religions. It would be the best way to combat these terrorists who kill in the name of faith because the majority of people are not like them …,” he said.

Read the entire article at

Why is this such an important event?

1. It comes from the Middle East
2. It comes from a powerful Jew and suggests religious Israel, which has a very strong religious identify, should join forces with Islam, Christianity and other world religions in order to bring peace.
3. It is suggestive of the Vatican playing a larger role, with the Roman Pope heading the peak body.

Colossal Progress
What's not generally known at this juncture is that there has been much dialog between religious figures and authorities regarding the need for a one world religion, and there has been a colossal amount of progress in forming this religion. Almost all the large protestant and pentecostal church denominations in the USA have now recognized the Roman Pope as their earthly head. The main Jewish council (the Sanhedrin) has invited the Roman Pope to conduct mass in holy sites in Israel with the Sanhedrin, and this has now happened a number of times. The Roman Pope in Vatican II stated the "Moslems are of our fold" (approximate wording) and at this stage the Pope is working towards cementing relationship with Islam.

Vatican Involvement
Lastly, the Vatican was very involved in setting up the most recent two state solution of Israel and Palestine. My research had always led me to believe the Rothschilds and Illuminati were the most significant party involved, but it seems the Vatican s intimately involved. Look further, and we find out the Vatican had enormous land holdings in Israel. Add to that the Roman Pope assisting the Palestinians with recognition as a state and adding his skills and influence to resolve problems around the Temple Mount ; but at the price of land ownership by the Vatican and full access to the Temple Mount.

Then of course, we need to add the recent dialog with the patriarch of the Eastern / Russian Orthodox Church.

So it very much seems the course is set, and much progress has been made. This goes hand in hand with the article I just published, although I drafted this before.

Move over United Nations, the World Parliament is here (see the article), and it will likely work hand in hand with the 'United Nations of Religions' now being formed.

And it almost sounds so reasonable!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Joseph as a type of Yeshua (Jesus).

A very good video from Steven Ben-Nun looking at how Yoseph (Joseph) was a forerunner of Yeshua (Jesus). He brings out several points that I expected as someone who has studied types and symbols, but then he is dead centre on a few more. Well worth a view.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Vatican, Israel & Two Witnesses

In this video Steven Ben-Nun looks at the situation on Israel as to the existing two states, including history with the Rothschilds and the lesser known involvement of the Vatican. He also discussed the immense land ownership in Israel by the Vatican, and reconciliation of Israel to YHWH , possessible aided by the Two Witnesses. This is worth watching because:
1. Steven handles Ezekiel 35 intelligently
2. He references historical extra-biblical (Protestant Canon) sources that concur with Ezekiel and added more detail
3. He brings to light things which are hidden in regards to Israel's situation  Edom, The Vatican and more.
It's s good solid feed. If are unfamiliar with some of the background and themes, please post questions directly to Steven or to me and we'll attempt to answer intelligently.
Enjoy watching:

Friday, April 8, 2016

The Full Text of Viktor Orbán’s Speech re Nationalism and saving Europe

Earlier today we posted a video with a subtitled excerpt of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s speech on March 15. Below is the full translated text of his speech (video of the full speech; original source for the text):
“Salutations to you, Hungarian freedom, on this the day you are born!”

Ladies and Gentlemen, Compatriots, Hungarians around the World,
With a cockade sewn by Júlia Szendrey pinned to his chest, a volume of poems in his pocket, and the still thrilling experience of the Revolution in his head, these are the words with which the poet Sándor Petőfi welcomed the fifteenth of March in his journal. Salutations to you, Hungarian freedom, on this the day you are born! And today also, one hundred and sixty-eight years later, it is with unfettered joy, the optimism of early spring, high hopes and an elevated spirit that across the Carpathian Basin we celebrate — from Beregszász to Szabadka, from Rimaszombat to Kézdivásárhely: every Hungarian with one heart, one soul and one will.

Just as then in the decisive battles of the Freedom Fight, now also Hungarian hearts are cheered by the fact that we have with us a Polish legion. I welcome the spirited successors of General Bem: we welcome the sons of the Polish nation. As always throughout our shared thousand-year history, now, too, we are standing by you in the battle you are fighting for your country’s freedom and independence. We are with you, and we send this message to Brussels: more respect to the Polish people, more respect to Poland! Greetings to you. It is a sign of the shared fate of Poland and Hungary that another glorious revolution of ours — that of 1956 — was born between the Bem Statue and Kossuth tér in Budapest. It rose up with the unstoppable force of our glorious ancestors, and by the evening it had dragged the Soviet generalissimo out of his boots.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
By nature, Hungarians stand up for what is right when the need arises. What is more, they fight for it if needs be, but do not seek out trouble for its own sake. They know that they can often achieve more through patience than through sabre-rattling. This is why those like us are rarely given to revolutions. We have only gone down that path twice in one hundred and seventy years. When we did follow that path, we had reason to do so: we felt that our lungs would burst if we could not breathe in freedom. We threw ourselves into it, and once we had started a revolution, we did so in style. Modern European history has preserved both Hungarian revolutions among the glorious memories of the world: two blazing stars, two national uprisings bursting forth in 1848 and 1956 from Hungarian aspirations and Hungarian interests. Glory to the heroes, honour to the brave. Chroniclers have also recorded the revolution of 1918-19, but the memories of that period are not preserved on the pages of glory; indeed, not only are those memories written on different pages, but they appear in a different volume altogether. The 1918-19 revolution can be found in the volume devoted to Bolshevik anti-Hungarian subversions launched in the service of foreign interests and foreign ambitions; it features under the heading “appalling examples of intellectual and political degeneracy”. Yes, we Hungarians have two revolutionary traditions: one leads from 1848, through 1956 and the fall of communism, all the way to the Fundamental Law and the current constitutional order; the bloodline of the other tradition leads from Jacobin European ancestors, through 1919, to communism after World War II and the Soviet era in Hungary. Life in Hungary today is a creation of the spiritual heirs and offspring of the ‘48 and ‘56 revolutions. Today, as then, the heartbeat of this revolutionary tradition moves and guides the nation’s political, economic and spiritual life: equality before the law, responsible government, a national bank, the sharing of burdens, respect for human dignity and the unification of the nation. Today, as then, the ideals of ‘48 and ‘56 are the pulse driving the life force of the nation, and the intellectual and spiritual blood flow of the Hungarian people. Let us give thanks that this may be so, let us give thanks that finally the Lord of History has led us onto this path.

Soli Deo gloria!
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Not even the uplifting mood of a celebration day can let us forget that the tradition of 1919, too, is still with us — though fortunately its pulse is just a faint flicker. Yet at times it can make quite a noise. But without a host animal, its days are numbered. It is in need of another delivery of aid from abroad in the form of a major intellectual and political infusion; unless it receives this, then after its leaves and branches have withered, its roots will also dry up in the Hungarian motherland’s soil, which is hostile to internationalism. And this is all well and good.
A decent person who raises his children and works hard to build the course of his life does not usually end up as a revolutionary. The right-thinking person who stands on his own two feet and has control over his future knows that upheavals and the sudden upending of the ordinary course of life rarely ends well. The person of goodwill who seeks a life of serene and peaceful progress knows that trying to take two steps at once leads to your tripping over your own legs, and instead of moving forward, you will land flat on your face. And yet these right-thinking people of goodwill, these upstanding citizens of Pest instantly rallied to the call of our revolutions, marching at the front, right behind the university students. They formed the backbone of the revolutions and freedom fights, and they were to pay with their own blood for the honour of the Hungarian people. Every revolution is like the people who make it. On the committee which oversaw order during the 15 March revolution, in the shadow of the colossal figures of Petőfi and Vasvári, we find the furrier Máté Gyurkovics, and the button-maker György Molnár. Our revolutions were led by respectable citizens, military officers, lawyers, writers, doctors, engineers, honest tradespeople, farmers and workers with a sense of national duty: Hungarians who embodied the nation’s best aspects, our homeland’s very best. Hungarian revolutionaries are not warriors for hare-brained ideologies, deranged utopias or demented, unsolicited plans for world happiness; in Pest you find no traces of the illusory visions of quack philosophers or the raging resentment of failed intellectuals. The revolutionaries of 1848 did not want to salvage stones from the ruins of absolutist oppression in order to build a temple to yet another tyranny; therefore the Hungarian revolution’s songs were not written in honour of the steel blade of the guillotine or the rope of the gallows. Our songs are not sung by lynch mobs or execution-thirsty crowds; the Pest revolution is not a hymn to chaos, revenge, or butchery. The 1848 Revolution is a solemn and dignified moment in our history, when the wounds of the glorious Hungarian nation opened once again. Springing from constitutional roots, it demanded the granting and return of the rights seized from and denied to the nation. It is exhilarating, but sober; ecstatic but practical; glorious, but temperate. It is Hungarian to the core.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Three weeks before his death in battle, in his last letter to János Arany, Sándor Petőfi asked the following question: “So what are you going to do?” When we, his modern descendants, read this, it is as if he is asking us the same question. So what are you going to do? How will you make use of your inheritance? Are the Hungarian people still worthy of their ancestors’ reputation? Do you know the law of the Hungarians of old — that whatever you do should not only be measured by its utility, but also by universal standards? This is because your deeds must pass the test not only here, but also in eternity.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
We have our inheritance, the Hungarian people still exist, Buda still stands, we are who we were, and we shall be who we are. Our reputation travels far and wide; clever people and intelligent peoples acknowledge the Hungarians. We adhere to the ancient law, and also measure our deeds by universal standards. We teach our children that their horizon should be eternity. Whether we shall succeed, whether finally we see the building of a homeland which is free, independent, worthy and respected the world over — one which was raised high by our forebears from 1848, and for which they sacrificed their lives — we cannot yet know. We do know, however, that the current European constellation is an unstable one, and so we have some testing times ahead. The times in which we live press us with this question, which is like a hussar’s sabre held to our chest: “Shall we live in slavery or in freedom?” The destiny of the Hungarians has become intertwined with that of Europe’s nations and has grown to be so much a part of the union that today not a single people — including the Hungarian people — can be free if Europe is not free. And today Europe is as fragile, weak and sickly as “a flower being eaten away by a hidden worm.” Today, 168 years after the great Wars of Independence of the European peoples, Europe, our common home is not free!

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Europe is not free. Because freedom begins with speaking the truth. Today in Europe it is forbidden to speak the truth. Even if it is made of silk, a muzzle is a muzzle. It is forbidden to say that those arriving are not refugees, but that Europe is threatened by migration. It is forbidden to say that tens of millions are ready to set out in our direction. It is forbidden to say that immigration brings crime and terror to our countries. It is forbidden to point out that the masses arriving from other civilizations endanger our way of life, our culture, our customs and our Christian traditions. It is forbidden to point out that those who arrived earlier have have already built up their own new, separate world for themselves, with its own laws and ideals, which is forcing apart the thousand-year-old structure of Europe. It is forbidden to point out that this is not an accidental and unintentional chain of consequences, but a preplanned and orchestrated operation; a mass of people directed towards us. It is forbidden to say that in Brussels they are concocting schemes to transport foreigners here as quickly as possible and to settle them here among us. It is forbidden to point out that the purpose of settling people here is to reshape the religious and cultural landscape of Europe, and to reengineer its ethnic foundations. — thereby eliminating the last barrier to internationalism: the nation-states. It is forbidden to say that Brussels is now stealthily devouring more and more slices of our national sovereignty, and that in Brussels many are now making a plan for a United States of Europe — for which no one has ever given authorisation.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Today’s enemies of freedom are cut from a different cloth than the royal and imperial rulers of old, or those who ran the Soviet system; they use a different set of tools to force us into submission. Today they do not imprison us, they do not transport us to concentration camps, and they do not send in tanks to occupy countries loyal to freedom. Today the international media’s artillery bombardments, denunciations, threats and blackmail are enough — or rather, have been enough so far. The peoples of Europe are slowly awakening, they are regrouping, and will soon regain ground. Europe’s beams that rest on the suppression of truth are creaking and cracking. The peoples of Europe may have finally understood that their future is at stake: Now not only are their prosperity, cosy lives, jobs at stake, but our very security and the peaceful order of our lives are menaced as well. At last, the peoples of Europe, who have been slumbering in abundance and prosperity, have understood that the principles of life that Europe has been built on are in mortal danger. Europe is the community of Christian, free, and independent nations; equality of men and women; fair competition and solidarity; pride and humility; justice and mercy.

This time the danger is not attacking us the way wars and natural disasters do, suddenly pulling the rug from under our feet. Mass migration is a slow stream of water persistently eroding the shores. It is masquerading as a humanitarian cause, but its true nature is the occupation of territory. And what is gaining territory for them is losing territory for us. Flocks of obsessed human rights defenders feel the overwhelming urge to reprimand us and to make allegations against us. Allegedly we are hostile xenophobes, but the truth is that the history of our nation is also one of inclusion. and the history of intertwining of cultures. Those who have sought to come here as new family members, as allies, or as displaced persons fearing for their lives have been let in to make a new home for themselves. But those who have come here with the intention of changing our country, shaping our nation in their own image, those who have come with violence and against our will, — have always been met with resistance.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
At first, they talk about only a few hundred, a thousand or two thousand relocated people. But not a single responsible European leader would dare to swear under oath that this couple of thousand will not eventually increase to tens or hundreds of thousands. If we want to halt this mass migration, first we must curb Brussels. The main danger to Europe’s future does not come from those who want to come here, but from Brussels’ fanatical internationalism. We should not allow Brussels to place itself above the law. We shall not allow it to force upon us the bitter fruit of its cosmopolitan immigration policy. We shall not import to Hungary crime, terrorism, homophobia and synagogue-burning anti-Semitism. There shall be no urban districts beyond the reach of the law, there shall be no mass disorder, No immigrant riots here, and there shall be no gangs hunting down our women and daughters. We shall not allow others to tell us whom we can let into our home and country, whom we will live alongside, and with whom we will share our country. We know how these things go. First we allow them to tell us whom we must take in, then they force us to serve foreigners in our own country. In the end we find ourselves being told to pack up and leave our own land. Therefore we reject the forced resettlement scheme, and we shall tolerate neither blackmail, nor threats.

The time has come to ring the warning bell. The time has come for opposition and resistance. The time has come to gather allies to us. The time has come to raise the flag of proud nations. The time has come to prevent the destruction of Europe, and to save the future of Europe. To this end, regardless of party affiliation, we call on every citizen of Hungary to unite, and we call on every European nation to unite. The leaders and citizens of Europe must no longer live in two separate worlds. We must restore the unity of Europe. We the peoples of Europe cannot be free individually if we are not free together. If we unite our forces, we shall succeed; if we pull in different directions, we shall fail. Together we are strength, disunited we are weakness. Either together, or not at all — today this is the law.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
In 1848 it was written in the book of fate that nothing could be done against the Habsburg Empire. If we had then resigned ourselves to that outcome, our fate would have been sealed, and the German sea would have swallowed up the Hungarians. In 1956 it was written in the book of fate that we were to remain an occupied and sovietised country, until patriotism was extinguished in the very last Hungarian. If then we had resigned ourselves to that outcome, our fate would have been sealed, and the Soviet sea would have swallowed up the Hungarians. Today it is written in the book of fate that hidden, faceless world powers will eliminate everything that is unique, autonomous, age-old and national. They will blend cultures, religions and populations, until our many-faceted and proud Europe will finally become bloodless and docile. And if we resign ourselves to this outcome, our fate will be sealed, and we will be swallowed up in the enormous belly of the United States of Europe. The task which awaits the Hungarian people, the nations of Central Europe and the other European nations which have not yet lost all common sense is to defeat, rewrite and transform the fate intended for us. We Hungarians and Poles know how to do this. We have been taught that one can only look danger in the face if one is brave enough. We must therefore drag the ancient virtue of courage out from under the silt of oblivion. First of all we must put steel in our spines, and we must answer clearly, with a voice loud enough to be heard far and wide, the foremost, the single most important question determining our fate: The question upon which the future of Europe stands or falls is this: “Shall we be slaves or men set free — That is the question, answer me!”
Go for it Hungary, go for it Hungarians!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Dec 25 and the soon planned Hegelian Synthesis of religions!

For years we've thought things were lining up for the home run; then we seemed to go into a prophetic wait state. Things have certainly hotted up the last few years though. Significant events are happening all over the world, and if we have a framework of understanding some just fall into place and we can see their significance.

This article is generated from one of those "of course!" moments where the dots just joined up. I know there's been talk of December 25 not being right for Christmas before. I'm not trying to look at what date it should be or our response. I'm saying there's a significance to the date; a reason it was chosen and an outworking we have yet to witness.

December 25 is in fact the birth date of a number of pagan gods! The plot of moving significant Christian event dates to synchronise with paganism so long ago was carefully and cleverly laid, and is not for its own sake; there is a bigger reason. In moving the celebration of the birth and death of Christ to pagan dates, the Roman Pope of the day made him just another spiritual entity among others. This is really Pagan Christianity.

We should consider the ancients to be ignorant ; by Biblical account, there was much that happened in the ancient world that was very complex and extremely significant. We have however been largely granted a break from the effects of paganism during the Church Age (from Jesus find to about now); but I believe the Church Age to be at an end and end time events are fast rolling in. For the pagans, we have now entered 'The Age Of Aquarius'.

We will probably see the significance of the sun, which is very primal in ancient religion too. Remember the Scriptures say about the sun and moon at the end :

*[[Joe 2:31]]* The sun will be given over to darkness, and the moon to blood, before the coming of the great and terrifying Day of the LORD.

*[[Act 2:20]]* The sun will become dark, and the moon turn to blood, before the coming of the great and glorious Day of the Lord.

*[[Rev 6:12]]* Then I saw the lamb open the sixth seal. There was a powerful earthquake. The sun turned as black as sackcloth made of hair, and the full moon turned as red as blood.

When the sun is darkened (as prophesied), I suspect the reaction of the Luciferian NWO will be to appeal to the Sun God . I think this will happen very publicly, with glory being given to the Sun God for restoration of light. Remember all the halos on portraits of Catholic and Orthodox saints are the sun sitting around the head, like a symbol of indwelling power or anointing. Osiris is linked to the sun. I suspect much will be made of the correlation between Jesus and Osiris at this time, along with other pagan gods from diverse cultures.

The event with the sun will probably be used as a point of synthesis in the Hegelian Dialectic. If this term is new to you, read for some understanding. This process explains a lot about the handling of significant global problems. The push and pull of religions and the elusiveness of peace have given us thesis and anti-thesis. The resolution, ie. the point of synthesis, will probably come when a point of immense conflict or danger is reached.

There are a number of fronts where tension exists in our world right now. Financial crisis, oil crisis, religious conflict (especially with extreme Muslims), trade and Alliance problems, environmental degradation and instability and more. Any one of these has opposing points of view that can be promoted to extreme conflict, breaking the will of the average person so they will accept a synthesis that they would never have seemed acceptable before the conflict that orchestrated thesis and anti-thesis brings.

There is more to this planned synthesis of religions than meets the eye. Something tells me we will somehow see more of this significance as the Roman Pope unveils his plan for one world religion. It will not just meld current religions, it will open the coherence with ancient gods, leading the world to worship Lucifer. We may see open reference to Greek and Roman gods like Osiris, and maybe even the name of Nimrod.  As followers of the Mashiach (Messiah), it's good for us to be aware to some extent of church history, its corruption by paganism and what that may mean in light of prophecy for the end of the church age. I'm not saying you have to know it all, but sufficient understanding for you to connect the dots as events happen is a good thing.

In closing, read your bible! If you never have read one, I have some suggestions :
1. start with Genesis for some background which is steeped in history and stories you've probably heard of
2. Then read John (the gospel of John) as it's about Jesus' life with a heart felt view
3. Then read the gospel of Matthew, which details Jesus' conflict with religious authorities, putting a different light on his life
4. Then Acts (of the Apostles) which tells us what happened after Jesus died, rose again and showed honestly to people, and advanced to heaven.

I'll try to publish an article soon that goes a list of Ten Things Every Christian Should Understand, which will provide guidance for understanding Scriptures and world events. Please like this post and comment you would like this list so I can prioritise it if a number of people want it.

As a reference, the video 'Babylon Rising' by Rob Skiba details some of this for us. You can currently find it on YouTube (follow the link from the title). It also explains the correlation with Easter. At this point, you may think "nothing new here", but wait, think further and consider how the gods of ancient times are returning to earth for a final conflict with Yehovah God. The battlefield is earth. The prize is mankind. The future will be either ruled by Lucifer and his gods, or the Lord Yeshua Mashiach* (Jesus Christ)

* I use his Hebrew name as the Greek based Jesus Christ has pagan connections.