Thursday, April 7, 2016

Dec 25 and the soon planned Hegelian Synthesis of religions!

For years we've thought things were lining up for the home run; then we seemed to go into a prophetic wait state. Things have certainly hotted up the last few years though. Significant events are happening all over the world, and if we have a framework of understanding some just fall into place and we can see their significance.

This article is generated from one of those "of course!" moments where the dots just joined up. I know there's been talk of December 25 not being right for Christmas before. I'm not trying to look at what date it should be or our response. I'm saying there's a significance to the date; a reason it was chosen and an outworking we have yet to witness.

December 25 is in fact the birth date of a number of pagan gods! The plot of moving significant Christian event dates to synchronise with paganism so long ago was carefully and cleverly laid, and is not for its own sake; there is a bigger reason. In moving the celebration of the birth and death of Christ to pagan dates, the Roman Pope of the day made him just another spiritual entity among others. This is really Pagan Christianity.

We should consider the ancients to be ignorant ; by Biblical account, there was much that happened in the ancient world that was very complex and extremely significant. We have however been largely granted a break from the effects of paganism during the Church Age (from Jesus find to about now); but I believe the Church Age to be at an end and end time events are fast rolling in. For the pagans, we have now entered 'The Age Of Aquarius'.

We will probably see the significance of the sun, which is very primal in ancient religion too. Remember the Scriptures say about the sun and moon at the end :

*[[Joe 2:31]]* The sun will be given over to darkness, and the moon to blood, before the coming of the great and terrifying Day of the LORD.

*[[Act 2:20]]* The sun will become dark, and the moon turn to blood, before the coming of the great and glorious Day of the Lord.

*[[Rev 6:12]]* Then I saw the lamb open the sixth seal. There was a powerful earthquake. The sun turned as black as sackcloth made of hair, and the full moon turned as red as blood.

When the sun is darkened (as prophesied), I suspect the reaction of the Luciferian NWO will be to appeal to the Sun God . I think this will happen very publicly, with glory being given to the Sun God for restoration of light. Remember all the halos on portraits of Catholic and Orthodox saints are the sun sitting around the head, like a symbol of indwelling power or anointing. Osiris is linked to the sun. I suspect much will be made of the correlation between Jesus and Osiris at this time, along with other pagan gods from diverse cultures.

The event with the sun will probably be used as a point of synthesis in the Hegelian Dialectic. If this term is new to you, read for some understanding. This process explains a lot about the handling of significant global problems. The push and pull of religions and the elusiveness of peace have given us thesis and anti-thesis. The resolution, ie. the point of synthesis, will probably come when a point of immense conflict or danger is reached.

There are a number of fronts where tension exists in our world right now. Financial crisis, oil crisis, religious conflict (especially with extreme Muslims), trade and Alliance problems, environmental degradation and instability and more. Any one of these has opposing points of view that can be promoted to extreme conflict, breaking the will of the average person so they will accept a synthesis that they would never have seemed acceptable before the conflict that orchestrated thesis and anti-thesis brings.

There is more to this planned synthesis of religions than meets the eye. Something tells me we will somehow see more of this significance as the Roman Pope unveils his plan for one world religion. It will not just meld current religions, it will open the coherence with ancient gods, leading the world to worship Lucifer. We may see open reference to Greek and Roman gods like Osiris, and maybe even the name of Nimrod.  As followers of the Mashiach (Messiah), it's good for us to be aware to some extent of church history, its corruption by paganism and what that may mean in light of prophecy for the end of the church age. I'm not saying you have to know it all, but sufficient understanding for you to connect the dots as events happen is a good thing.

In closing, read your bible! If you never have read one, I have some suggestions :
1. start with Genesis for some background which is steeped in history and stories you've probably heard of
2. Then read John (the gospel of John) as it's about Jesus' life with a heart felt view
3. Then read the gospel of Matthew, which details Jesus' conflict with religious authorities, putting a different light on his life
4. Then Acts (of the Apostles) which tells us what happened after Jesus died, rose again and showed honestly to people, and advanced to heaven.

I'll try to publish an article soon that goes a list of Ten Things Every Christian Should Understand, which will provide guidance for understanding Scriptures and world events. Please like this post and comment you would like this list so I can prioritise it if a number of people want it.

As a reference, the video 'Babylon Rising' by Rob Skiba details some of this for us. You can currently find it on YouTube (follow the link from the title). It also explains the correlation with Easter. At this point, you may think "nothing new here", but wait, think further and consider how the gods of ancient times are returning to earth for a final conflict with Yehovah God. The battlefield is earth. The prize is mankind. The future will be either ruled by Lucifer and his gods, or the Lord Yeshua Mashiach* (Jesus Christ)

* I use his Hebrew name as the Greek based Jesus Christ has pagan connections.