Thursday, April 28, 2016

Move over United Nations, World Government is here!

The UN has created an immense framework and capacity for world government, but it looks like the UN may be giving way to something bigger that has been lurking in wings. There are always multiple groups that look like a consensus, but eighty percent can usually be linked to the same powerful players behind the scenes.

Most of the governmental and public service pawns in various countries no doubt think this 'movement' is much more a grass roots, consensus driven renewal of the way humanity manages itself on a small planet (not bad for off the cuff wording, maybe I should work for them!), but digging into ideas or multi-faceted organic change movements frequently proves the manifold fronts are mostly a facade, and a singular set of hands and minds moves all the pieces, with the aim of it looking like a broad based movement with an altruistic agenda.

Please meet the following auspicious (or was that suspicious?) organisations:

The World Parliament:

The Earth Constitution:

World Constitution and Parliament Association:

The Earth Federation:

World Hellenic Inter - Parliamentary Association:

Wow, so many official looking bodies, it must be a good thing, right?

What about our little Land Down Under, Australia?

Australia is part of this:

Is it all talk, or if it happening?

It's happening alright! The14th Session of the Provisional World Government is evidenced in multiple sources:

More Information
This post, including sourcing the information came, as usual, from me following my nose through suspicious names and organisations. It Toulon under ninety minutes. More info can easily be found in search engines and is there for the taking. The NWO always publishes it's agenda as things get more solid.
Here's on link I found that may be of interest. Once you've digested there links I've provided, it works be good to add more URLs and provide more detail and commentary on this blog post.