Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Putin Warns Of War!

What would happen if Russia was successful in shutting down any real news the US Government was trying to share globally? The US would not be heard, and Russia’s point of view would be taken as reality. In actuality, the tables are turned, and Putin has been desperately trying to be heard about avoiding a major war that he believes the USA and NATO are intent on pursuing to gain ultimate geo-political control of much of the world.

This clip was captured at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum, June 2016, and has a retro-view of a speech Putin made in the early 2000s for context and proof at the end. Putin is appealing to the major world media to report not just what the US feeds them, but what Russia is desperately trying to air also, with the aim of avoiding a massive conflict.

We get 99% of our news from media owned by the same people that fund and largely control US Presidential Candidates and much of what goes on in the Council Of Foreign Relations (CFR) and other massively influential bodies in the USA. Money = Power in the USA.

It's important to get multiple points of view to understand what's going on in the world. Years ago, people used to get international papers delivered to them in order to understand multiple points of view and try to understand what's really going on. As things are today, the Russia Today network and Al Jazeera are two major alternative media sources. There is also a massive alternative & citizen media movement with on the ground reporting; for example Steven Ben-Nun captured footage of NATO tanks in Poland a few days ago, and has recently captured huge NATO military convoy moving through Czechoslovakia, where he lives. Steven hosts Israeli News Live, available on YouTube. Along with some other channels like Alex Jones’ Infowars, it provides material that helps supplement the limited view and balance the bias of our incumbent western media.

Back to the clip : I think now and then there's something really wish sharing. This is one of those ‘somethings’. I encourage you to share it with family and friends so they have a more informed view of what may them into a massive war because KNOWLEDGE = POWER. It's when we know what's going on that we can stand and make a difference at a local level that may have a global impact.

Gold on the global merry go round!

Does anyone really know what's going on with gold recently? Maybe a few supra-national shadow players, but that has to be about it!

Switzerland has been a major safe haven for gold for many years. Many countries around the world get Switzerland to hold a good percentage of their gold for them, deeming it to be one of the most secure places in the world. It's also a major refiner of gold.

So what am I confused?

Venezuela has exported massively to Switzerland because the country is falling apart.

However many EU countries are either talking about or already repatriating their gold, thinking is not secure in New York, Ottawa or Switzerland.

The USA has historically pushed all their gold to Switzerland for safe keeping. Yet, in a sudden turn around, Switzerland has exported massively to the USA. Alarm bells rang in many camps!

It's like musical chairs!

Commentators will allude to monetary policy, political instability etc when talking about these things, but no one thought we'd see Switzerland divesting itself is gold! The only obvious reasons are fear of natural disaster or massive industrial accident (yes, CERN has really been pushing the boundaries dangerously). But wait, there's one more. Fear of war.

Some commentators say Europe is in danger of civil or religious war due to conflict with Muslim immigrants ; others say war with Russia is an imminent threat. If so, gold may not be safe in Switzerland.

Go figure! There's a verse from the Bible comes to mind when I think about hanging on to gold, from Matthew 19:

23  Then Jesus told his disciples, “I tell all of you with certainty, it will be hard for a rich person to get into the kingdom from heaven.

 24  Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to squeeze through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to get into the kingdom Of God.”

The 'Eye of the Needle' was apparently a small gate in the wall of the fortified Jerusalem City, that a camel could only get through of its load were removed and it went on its knees. That's the analogy for the rich today who sell to preserve their wealth. You can get into heaven if you are willing to unencumber yourself of riches and get on your knees before God.

So so knows what will happen with gold? God does. Maybe a few shadow players do. For me, I'm unencumbered by wealth and happily on my knees, confident in God's grace and my place in heaven.

Some reading from a quick Google search...

And them some! Some nations are getting to get an alternative global trading currency going. The BRICS countries have made an effort. China and some Asian partners have also. And lastly, China itself has too, and has now floated its gold backed currency. Implications? Who knows!

One thing I do know though is USA owes China massively, and China is not willing to take payment in USD any more, or in US Bonds. I imagine if USA has to fund its way into this new trading platform, gold may be a necessary commodity. Now that would upset the apple cart! Some countries would even go to war rather than have the benefits and profits of their globalist currency usurped! Let's hope not...

Friday, July 22, 2016

Police aren't the bad guys. Look further up.

Alex Jones has stated clearly that the elite are trying to get citizens aggressive towards police, whites and blacks towards each other and Hispanics and Moslems too. Every man against his neighbor! The elite want civil war in the USA, and in Europe. Lisa Haven is saying the same as Alex: "The police are not the bad guys!". Don't be pulled into the elite's end game. Here's Lisa's video...

Saturday, July 16, 2016

A new financial crisis is 'certain' without reform of banks

A real expert, former governor of the Bank of England, no less, is saying we are in for another financial crisis. Why? Because there's been no reform in banking, and the same practices have now placed us in deeper jeopardy.

Some are calling for a form of the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 (USA) to be effected everywhere as protection for property owners. Glass-Steagall basically separated commercial and investment banking. Here's something on that act : Moreover, if Bernie Sanders has made it a big point of argument with Hillary Clinton, it has to be important.

So if Glass-Steagall was implemented in 1933 for protection of property owners, why did the GFC crash of 2008 hit the USA so badly? Because the act was repealed in 1999. And as soon as it was repealed the banks started venturing into the territory it had banned. It has been argued widely whether the removal of this safe guard was responsible for the 2000/2001 crash and the 2008 GFC. Lots of people make lots of noises, and there are vested interests involved and people that would prefer not to go to jail! Looking back tends to being those kind of tensions into play.

Looking forward, it's interesting to see some very prominent people arguing for implementing of Glass-Steagall type legislation very soon to minimize chances of another crash ; and certainly to try and straighten up the juggernaut that seems bound for one right now.

Mervyn King, former Governor of the Bank of England, is one that has started before it's necessary; and he's now soften a book starting it's really important. See

Looking at Australia, it's interesting that we often throw out the baby with the bathwater when someone looks or sounds a bit different. All it takes is the mainstream media (obedient to their masters) to cast doubt on someone, and we relegate them to the Crazy Basket. Such is the fate of Lyndon LaRouche, who had repeatedly argued the vital importance of 'physical economy'; ignoring inflationary or speculative prices, and implementation of Glass-Steagall. He's been called a nutter and a dinosaur many times. But he's been right an awful lot. Such also is the fate of the CEC (Citizens' Electoral Council) in Australia, who adhere to much of LaRouche's teachings. Craig Isherwood, leader and front man of the CEC, may not be the smooth tongued Barack Obama of Australia, but he has presented LaRouche's arguments and some of the CEC's own ideas reasonably effectively. He is of course, much maligned my the press and the incumbent political establishment.

I hadn't looked at a CEC video for some time. I happened to do so today. It's the 3rd March 2016 report. You can find it on YouTube: They were talking about Glass-Steagall and the housing bubble, which is partly due to the Chinese Government's massive investment in Australian property.

If you've heard of CEC and been told they are incompetent, lunatics or anything else defamatory, maybe it's time to look again. They may not be right about everything, but they have been playing from the same songbook for a long time now, and some very senior banking figures are starting to say the same things. Even their long-stated vision for a high velocity train sounds more plausible given Tesla & Elon Musk's progress overseas.

No matter what you think of the CEC's ideas in totality, if you want your kids to own a home ; of even if you want to be more certain you can own your home; and that the average Aussie won't be robbed of theirs, the CEC is perhaps a voice that should be aired now in Australian politics. Particularly when none else is floating a few of the very important matters that are part of their platform.

Is be pleased to receive comments on this post, and I'll give my readers the benefit of the doubt that they are capable of expressing themselves appropriately, without rudeness or malice, and with a degree of respect and intelligence.

Coexist : symbology

This graphic was overlaid in a video from Germany released only a few days ago. See It's interesting to see all the religious symbols harmonized into what may become a catch call. The TOGETHER 2016

Together 2016 Warning

It's done and dusted now, but information is more readily available.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Turkey Military Coup

Alex Jones' team reporting with Intel from Turkey :

Wednesday, July 6, 2016


I've been keeping a good eye on global financial happenings. One thing I know - cashless society is coming soon. How do I know that? If was slipped in almost incidentally on a Channel Nine news broadcast a few nights ago! It was done so calmly and at the end of global political and financial news.

I've never heard an 'imminent' announcement like that before. It's almost like you would have had to be watching for it to catch it. And people are so consumed with the possible collapse of Europe and the needs the USA and China are in, that a statement like that seems perfectly reasonable in that context.

And that's the way it will come. It will be PERFECTLY REASONABLE.

What would tip the world as a whole into a position where a cashless society would be acceptable? For the general populace, if it allayed fears, it would be enough; and so many countries are effectively socialist / fascist now ; with social security systems and give businesses partnering with government. Just a bit of a tilt to cause a panic and it would be reasonable to take action to make things more secure, less able to be put out of kilter. After all, we really have had enough of the booms and busts, the panics and instability. Even if we haven't had it in our own country, we've had it on our TV screen, accompanied by dramatic interviews and footage. No one really feels immune. Everyone just wants a bit more certainty...  please!

So will it come as a reaction to a local or regional problem? Possibly. But it's more likely everyone, everywhere will feel it. Look at what happened to the markets with BREXIT. Things went really wobbly.

If Europe crashes financially or the EU falls apart, that would do it.

If the USA, which can't pay its interest bills, has the screws put on by the international bankers, that would work too. Probably. But how?

The answer lies in an institution everyone thinks belongs to the US Government. International bankers (Rothschild's,  Rockefeller's etc.) actually own the USA Federal Reserve. They choose to print and supply their 'fiat currency' (ie.  not real money) to the USA Government. You got it  -  the only material costs are the paper they use and the ink! Why is more money needed? Because the USA Government can't pay its interest bills, the government has to borrow more money to pay them! Does this remind you of your Visa card? So the Federal Reserve prints more money for each interest payment. They lend it to the USA Government so the government can use it to pay the interest back to the 'banksters'; are you beginning to understand why they have that nickname? Just by just refusing to print more money, so more money can't be lent to the US Government to pay the interest bills back to the Federal Reserve, the globalists could crash the USA financial system and this the default international trading currency.

Why haven't they already? I don't know - ask them yourself!

OK,  so you want me to take a stab at it. I reckon it's because the good old 'petro dollar' was studying for them. It is the default international trading currency, used by the SWIFT system due international settlements because... wait the it...  Because the USA made a deal with the Saudis in the 1970s (remember the Middle East Oil Crisis) that the Saudis would only accept US Dollars as payment for oil provided the USA established a fully functional military base in Saudi Arabia to protect them.

Now the BRICS Countries (originally BRIC: Brazil, Russia, India & China; now BRICS because South Africa has entered) have established a trade block and are firing ahead with an alternative to the USA for international trade. China and some other Asian countries are doing the same. If any of these succeeds in healing the dominance of the USD for international trade, all security and usefulness for the USA will be gone...  right down the toilet.

Back to the bit about 'coming soon'. So a number of crises currently being around the globe could be the trigger ; and any one of them will likely have a global effect.

Is there any telling when the cashless society will start? Currencies going out of control would be a good precursor. Banks collapsing, or significant runs on the banks would also be a fairly sure sign. Runs on banks have happened before, even in Australia according to an accountant friend of mine; about the time if the GFC if I got it right. My friend was watching and got his money out if a mid sized bank - pronto. Of course it would be bad for public stability if we heard about certain things too clearly in the media; I certainly didn't hear about it.

So a major case of the worries about the financial system globally; a bank collapse ; a run on a bank; really significant fluctuations in currencies or a currency crash would all be solid indicators.

If the system goes a bit silly during a crisis, banks will likely reduce the amount of cash you can withdraw ; mandate electronic transfers only or even shut their doors temporarily.

What can you do to prepare? Firstly, try to keep a few weeks of cash supply at hand. Secondly, have sufficient stocks of foods like rice, lentils and powdered milk in your home. Lastly, if 'fiat money' (yes, including the Aussie Dollar) doesn't transition clearly, it may last most of its worth. What then? Certainly foods as stated. But previous metals also. Silver and gold. To me, silver is preferable even though it's bulkier because it's used in manufacturing and hasn't

Can you prepare?

B. T. W. Since wiring this article some days ago, I've heard Google are bringing their wallet to Australia, with broad support from banks. That is a very large step towards found cashless. Almost everyone has a smart phone ; even my 83 year old mum. All the government would need to do is sponsor the technology uptake like it did worn the digital TV set top boxes,and pretty soon, everyone would be capable of cashless.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Molech the Owl

Just a quick note of interest. I watch David Icke on the odd occasion ; not because I agree with his interpretation, but because he dishes up interesting facts I can use to extend my understanding.

Just five minutes ago in a video 'Saturn Isn't What You Think It Is Either', he started that in Bohemian Grove, Molech is symbolized as am owl.

For those who rely on the Old Testament of the Christian Bible as a foundational source, as I do, it's very interesting when someone from an alternative viewpoint digs up information about a subject you have in your foundation knowledge base.

So if you, like me, view the Christian scriptures as of great importance, you will recognize the name of Molech. Dig into your Bible and concordance to find out about Molech; a really nasty character, and see how David Icke's statement fits.