Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Putin Warns Of War!

What would happen if Russia was successful in shutting down any real news the US Government was trying to share globally? The US would not be heard, and Russia’s point of view would be taken as reality. In actuality, the tables are turned, and Putin has been desperately trying to be heard about avoiding a major war that he believes the USA and NATO are intent on pursuing to gain ultimate geo-political control of much of the world.

This clip was captured at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum, June 2016, and has a retro-view of a speech Putin made in the early 2000s for context and proof at the end. Putin is appealing to the major world media to report not just what the US feeds them, but what Russia is desperately trying to air also, with the aim of avoiding a massive conflict.

We get 99% of our news from media owned by the same people that fund and largely control US Presidential Candidates and much of what goes on in the Council Of Foreign Relations (CFR) and other massively influential bodies in the USA. Money = Power in the USA.

It's important to get multiple points of view to understand what's going on in the world. Years ago, people used to get international papers delivered to them in order to understand multiple points of view and try to understand what's really going on. As things are today, the Russia Today network and Al Jazeera are two major alternative media sources. There is also a massive alternative & citizen media movement with on the ground reporting; for example Steven Ben-Nun captured footage of NATO tanks in Poland a few days ago, and has recently captured huge NATO military convoy moving through Czechoslovakia, where he lives. Steven hosts Israeli News Live, available on YouTube. Along with some other channels like Alex Jones’ Infowars, it provides material that helps supplement the limited view and balance the bias of our incumbent western media.

Back to the clip : I think now and then there's something really wish sharing. This is one of those ‘somethings’. I encourage you to share it with family and friends so they have a more informed view of what may them into a massive war because KNOWLEDGE = POWER. It's when we know what's going on that we can stand and make a difference at a local level that may have a global impact.