Thursday, December 29, 2016

7th of Hanukkah

We have only a handful of days left in 2016. I'm up late at night and felt prompted to look at Jewish high days left in this calendar year. It's 30th December, so there's only hours left. This video puts forth a perspective based on the Bible, on Jewish holy days and on available news of global political leadership.

I'm not saying this video is 100% right. I am saying it's very interesting. We live in interesting times. Be prepared for sudden events to overtake us, and have some food (rice, lentils) and cash on hand. But above all, make sure you know Jesus as your Lord: not as your push button vending machine and master of exciting worship.

Following through briefly on finances, although there's been a stream of warnings from The Daily Reckoning...

The Aussie dollar has collapsed since 2011.
From a high of US$1.10, the dollar plunged to a six-year low of 69 US cents in August last year.
That’s a 45% drubbing.
Sure, we’ve had some respite this year. The Aussie dollar has climbed back above 70 US cents. But as Daily Reckoning editor Greg Canavan points out, the dollar is about to hit a wall.
Greg predicts the dollar could fall through the 60 cent level and plummet as low as 50 cents in 2017.

So how does a falling Aussie dollar affect you? If the political landscape changes immensely, if the Pope leaves leading the Roman Catholic Church to work hand in hand with Obama, if we get more servers rather events and maybe wars, what space will your head be in? Do you know the one who can wash away fear and save the soul?

If you don't know him, he's commonly known as Jesus Christ, but perhaps more accurately as Yashua Mashiach (Jesus the Messiah).

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Trump beefs up security with help of ex Russian Special Forces soldiers

Anonymous reveals how Trump has planned to protect himself against NWO / Democrat planned assassination attempts.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

CNN Journalist does Terrorist interview / promo?

R. T. NEWS : Mainstream Media 'Journalist' in Aleppo filmed next to terrorists. He was standing next to a clothed terrorist, and highlighting the 'explosive belt' he was wearing. How did the (reportedly) CNN journalist get to the terrorist, when the terrorists hate the western media with incredible passion. The guy was holding an automatic rifle! The 'interview' looked more like a promo, making the terrorist look good. It doesn't add up.

This is consistent with what we understand of the NWO media being fed and instructed from on high in strategic or urgent matters.

Who's being the Fact Checking that Social Media companies will use?

Poynter. He's the guy heading up the International Fact Checking Organisation that is the umbrella for the fact checking groups big social media companies will use. He's a long time, big name reporter I believe.

Who's one of the major players behind Poynter and the umbrella organization? Someone good we hope? How about Soros? He's the nice man who has threatened countries, sabotaged economies and done other immensely distasteful things. He'd be good, wouldn't he? Well he's the first name on a small list of names cited by the article I saw today.

Are we to be concerned about the censorship of the Internet? Certainly. With people like this in control, we should be concerned. If you have opportunity to speak in context about this, do so! If you have opportunity to support the TOR project or other free speech or secure communication platforms, do so. We are facing state propaganda on a larger scale than the Nazi regime, and staring down the barrel of more intrusive monitoring than ever happened then.

You've seen the documentaries on Nazi Germany. You know dissenters were harshly dealt with. If you don't want the same thing coming our way, maybe it's time to think about at least speaking up.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Soros yet again - votes rigging

Soros again. He sabotages currencies, brings countries to heel to the NWO Masters, and now we find out he owns the voting machines that were suspected of corrupting the vote. Oh yeah, he gave a hideous sum of millions to the Hillary Clinton campaign too.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Anonymous warns imminent 'overthrow of democracy' in USA

It's so difficult to listen to this Anonymous video because of the machine voice! But probably worth persevering with in this case.
There is stacks of evidence the CIA positioned itself really cleverly as social media started, and that CIA owned front companies invested heavily in order to gain influence. This video claims the CIA recently bought the Washington Post via a front man in order to progress their agenda.
They really want Trump out of the way. His agenda is so counter the CIAs globalist agenda. Tump said he'll be dismantling some of the intelligence community, and they don't like it. I'd got bother to dig carefully, you may be surprised at so actually started the CIA. Just like the immensely influential Council of Foreign Relations, its not really a government body, and want started to serve the interests of the American People. They instead serve the 'National Interest' (ie. commercial interests of the largest corporations), and with the rapid rate of change now thrust upon us, is increasingly apparent its really a global, not national agenda.

You may find this video interesting; just ride out 'the padding' 😯

Soros again behind disinformation

Good old George Soros' Open Society Foundation is behind the fact checking of 'Fake News'. Should this concern us? Yes. If you don't know for yourself that Soros is one of the main NWO hatchet men, please just search " 'George Soros' and NWO".  You should get quite an education! He's repeatedly been involved in sabotaging currencies in order to bring countries to heel to their globalist masters. And his fingers are in all sorts of associations and foundations that are seeking to unduly influence or corrupt national sovereignty and due process. Go on. If you don't know the facts, DIG! And make sure there area legitimate references!

Obama emptying USA of loyalist troops

Why would Obama empty the USA is troops, placing them on the Russian border? Does he want to start WWIII? Does he intend to top the USA into civil war with the help of numerous UN troops already resident in the USA? The answer : possibly both!

China help Russia in Syria

It's this one reason why the NWO mouthpiece Hillary Clinton is pushing for a no-fly zone in Syria, which Russia has bluntly said will leave them with no option but war? Does Clinton want war to erupt there before the Chinese can reinforce the Syrian Government? We hear nothing of this in the western press! Watch this video and consider these questions.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Putin congratulates Trump, good relations now expected

USA at first base with Trump

It looks like a done deal. Trump is in. Let's hope he'll do what he says he will. Watch Obama now. The next 3 months or so are crucial. He may yet move to pardon some very shady people. He may try and push some things through that are detrimental.

Nigel Farage says this is parallel to what happened in the UK: the citizens have woken up. They don't want warmongers and criminals running government. They don't want the country sold out to globalists and international bankers via the TPP, TAA and other supra-national treaties, and they don't want to answer to supra-national, unelected bodies that don't have the country's interests at heart. Also, they don't necessarily want to buy from overseas what they can grow or build themselves.

If the USA can get the globalists out of their hair and regain some sovereignty and productivity; if they can avoid wars like Clinton was ready to drag them into with Russia (just Google it) they may have a good enough run that they can be a blessing instead of a curse to other countries in the world.

The USA just got to first base. Now they need to 'drain the swamp'. Trump should talk to Putin, who has paid off Russia's debts to global bankers and asked them to leave Russia. Russia has taken a hammering for it, but at least they are free as a nation now to rebuild themselves. Putin recognises the real enemy, and it's not the USA. Let's hope Trump sees as clearly.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Julian Assange: ISIS & Clinton Foundation both funded by Saudis & Qatar

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange believes the same officials could have funded both the Clinton Foundation and Isis.

Wealthy officials from Qatar and Saudi Arabia who donated money to Hillary Clinton’s 'charitable' (my emphasis) foundation also provided financial support to Isis, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has claimed.

In an extended interview at the Ecuadorian embassy in London with documentary maker John Pilger ( for RT, Mr Assange said the same Saudi and Qatari officials could be seen to be supporting both the Clinton Foundation – founded by Mrs Clinton’s husband Bill – and funding the activities of Isis.

Mr Pilger asked if Mr Assange believed that “this notorious jihadist group, called Isil or Isis, is created largely with money from people who are giving money to the Clinton Foundation”


Julian Assange denied arrest warrant suspension for friend's funeralEcuador cut Assange's web access 'to prevent meddling in US election'Julian Assange is no hero of the liberal left – here's whyWikileaks says Ecuador has cut Julian Assange's internet connection

“Yes,” Mr Assange replied.

The WikiLeaks founder pointed to an email exchange between presidential hopeful Ms Clinton and her campaign manager John Podesta, leaked by his organisation last month, which he believes “is the most significant email in the whole collection”.

In the email sent on August 17 2014, Ms Clinton asked Mr Podesta, who at that time worked under president Barack Obama, to help put “pressure” on Qatar and Saudi Arabia regarding the countries’ alleged support for the terrorist group Isis.

“We need to use our diplomatic and more traditional intelligence assets to bring pressure on the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to Isil and other radical Sunni groups in the region,” Ms Clinton wrote.

Mr Assange noted the US government had never acknowledged governments of Middle East nations had financially supported Isis, instead arguing such support was isolated to “some rogue princes using their cut of the oil money to do whatever they like, although the government disapproves”, according to the WikiLeaks founder.

The portion of an email from 17 August, which Mr Assange believes is ‘most significant’ (WikiLeaks)

According to the Clinton Foundation, the Saudi Arabian government has donated between $10m (£8m) and $25million since the foundation was set up in 1997. Last month it was reported the government of Qatar offered to donate $1m to the foundation in celebration of Bill Clinton’s birthday.

Representatives from the Clinton Foundation have repeatedly denied accusations Ms Clinton has solicited funds and used donations to boost her campaign. There were no donations from Saudi Arabia while she was acting as secretary of state between 2009 and 2013.

Mr Assange also used the interview to dismiss the prospect of a Donald Trump victory in next week’s election, which the polls show will be close.


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Wikileaks dump 25 and FoxNews are on it

Finally some people in the mainstream media are talking more honestly about the goings on. It's pretty hard to ignore hard evidence when tens of thousands of emails are leaked, many from the Clinton's private server, with damning content Once again, I'm not saying Trump is the solution, but that Hilary Clinton is dangerous and will not work in the interest of the American people. The Clinton family are essentially a crime family from way back.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Clinton / Obama going down?

Really? This stinks to high heaven! And now LL is 'taking the fifth' to protect herself. Does this mean Hilary Clinton will go down big time? What about Obama who used a fake name to illegally correspond with her? I've never seen such an extensive and deep mess!

Friday, October 28, 2016

If Hilary loses - blame the Russians and nullify the result?

USA / RUSSIA tensions increase

Putin is trying to talk tensions down, starting he doesn't want war. He is however preparing for the worst as USA & NATO aggravate the situation through words and mobilisation of their forces. Forces including Germany and Poland. Putin days Trump clearly doesn't want war, but Hilary Clinton does (funny, she makes mega-dollars from arms sales).

Monday, October 24, 2016

Clinton aggravates Russia. SATAN NUKES now ready for EAST COAST USA

Vladimir Putin has responded publicly to the Clinton camp in the USA presidential election race, stating it is a grave concern Hillary Clinton seems determined to vilify Russia and push towards war. This report covers some of the video footage of Putin with English subtitles; quotes Global Research ( Michael Chassudovsky) ; reveals what some senior US military figures have stated about Clinton's Syrian No-Fly Zone being a formula for outright war with Russia; and looks at the similarity between the international economic situation now and that leading up to World War 1 and World War 2.

There is apparently much heated disagreement within the intelligence and military community at the moment, particularly with regard to Russia and Syria / The Middle East. Some have alleged there are now warring camps within the military, driven by significant tensions over:
A) the polarization of power away from the constitutional model and towards an all powerful presidency that's aligned with globalist interests.
B) deep concern by some that the Obama & Clinton Camp, along with the military industrial complex is driving the USA headlong into another world war involving Russia and possibly China.

Here's the video :

Now : WeAreChange is the creator and publisher of this video. They have nearly 400,000 followers, and obviously research much more widely than mainstream media. They also report from where significant news is happening as much as possible. As always, I suggest you follow the references through, especially to Global Research (who are very balanced and trustworthy) and RT News, who give an alternative view of what's going on in the world.

RUSSIA RE USA THREATS: from Putin's own mouth in the Russian tongue...

Sunday, October 23, 2016

To WAR or not WAR? A burning election question for USA.

There's been a lot of noise in the USA about Russia lately. Hillary Clinton has been doing some real hard talk about retribution for Russia hacking the DNC and being subversive in the Middle East; particularly Syria. It's amazing how despite whistleblowers coming out one after the other, the USA government machine and NWO owned media seem able to bend the perspectives of the average American.

The referenced article quotes one of the early whistleblowers from inside the 'intelligence' establishment, saying the hacks to the Democratic National Congress servers were from inside the US intelligence community, not from Russia.

Sitting here in the comfort of country Victoria, Australia, I can only hope that the NWO/UN/Clinton camp gets derailed before they manage to drag the USA into a major war and finish the selling off of USA sovereignty to the UN & globalists. I have thought for years that Iraq may be the first country in the world effectively run by the UN, but recent events in the US such as masses of UN heavy vehicles coming in and suggestion the UN will have to supervise elections and maybe keep peace have got me wondering whether the USA might get there first.

"But that leaves them with Trump!" I hear you bemoan. Yeah, it may not seem a good alternative, but at least Trump is not ready to use the USA to ignite a global conflict. It's Hillary & Bill, the Bush family, Cheney and friends that make immense fortunes from war. Despite Trump's failings, there seems to be no personal incentive for him to either further sell off the USA or drag them into war.

Let's see now. How should I vote? War or no war?

Sunday, October 16, 2016

USA to accuse Russia of hacking to distract and possibly sabotage election

Good on Alex Jones. He gets emotional. He gets angry. He gets real assertive! But much of the time he's right.

He's well researched. He's widely researched and open minded. He's quite serious when he comes to significant conclusions.

When he's got an opinion, I might listen to it ; a conviction - I'm going to think on it ; an urgent advice or alert - I'm going to digest it well, fit it into my own geo-political jigsaw and then put our my own services.

This is one of those moments. Alex warned that the USA would tar Russia with allegations of server hacking and interference with the US election. I saw it earlier today. Tonight the Channel 2 News said Russia was pushing on several fronts, mentioning the election and hacking (placing Russia in with Trump; how clever and deceitful) and saying that Russia was basically pushing the world into World War III.

Please see Alex' video, and then follow up with Steven Ben-deNoon's video saying the USA has an unprecedented number of refueling aircraft in the air, which puts them on a war footing.

So here's your meal .

Alex Jones :

Steven Ben-deNoon:

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Russian credit card goes west

Russia’s Mir credit card to go European

Monday, September 26, 2016

Trump / Clinton Debate : shining some light on a few things.

I've watched some of the debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton this morning. I've also viewed some of the InfoWars commentary at
I have the following observations that may help understanding of the situation :
1. When you hear Clinton or other globalist cronies say "The Rule Of Law", they're not talking about natural law, common law or constitutional law ; they're talking about ADMIRALTY LAW which is COMMERCIAL LAW - the law of the globalists (originally of the seas) by which they conduct international trade and subjugate nations to their will. The TPP will enable commercial entities to force sovereign nations to capitulate to their will and it places the rights of the commercial entities above that of sovereign nations and natural man. Alongside the main Trans-whatever-partnerships, we have sovereign nations privatizing massive amounts of their administration and ministries, which then no longer makes them accountable to the people the way they were as part of the government ; instead the relationship between the 'government' (as perceived by the people of their nation) and the people is according to ADMINISTRATIVE LAW. This administrative law is not concerned with the natural man or his rights, and ignores much of what used to make government accountable to the people. I'd the people want to bring 'the government' to heel on some matters, they have to come to an understanding of ADMINISTRATIVE LAW.
2. When you hear Hillary speak of the little people, like she referenced her father and the tradesmen she alleged Trump had not paid, she's talking as a socialist. This very much ties into big government, big brother and global fascism,  which uses the face of socialism and communism to flatten the middle class, creating the ruling class and serfs. This is essentially taking rights away from people. Be aware the Roman Pontiff (Pope) will doubtless very more involved in America as the middle class is eradicated. He, and his forebears, have wanted to rule America ever since its founded flex persecution by the Roman Catholic Church centuries ago. The plans of the Roman Catholic Church are beating fruition now : if things go according to their plans, the globalists will cause the USA to collapse further, with the masses looking to the Roman Pope for hope.  It is a very tangled and complex web they weave, and their plans often take generations to come to fruition.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Fracking Earthquakes!

R. T. News this morning on the Kaiser Report revealed Oklahoma used to have an average of two earn quakes per year. When they started fracking, it climbed to 102, now is over 900! Why, we ask? Because Oklahoma doesn't have a good way of disposing of the very toxic waste water from fracking. So they silk more wells ; deep ones ; and they push the ways way down into the wells. This is what's causing the earthquakes.

There's no free lunch here. Who's responsible for the damage? You can bet not the companies involved in doing the fracking. The risk will be socialized. It will fall in local governments and the populace of the state.

This whole affair is so fracking bad. It's destroying people's properties and livelihoods whilst putting short term gains into the coffers of the large corporates. Yes, it's another injustice on a very big pile of them, but maybe it's one cause worth fighting for: in Oklahoma, USA, Australia and elsewhere.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Technology : Damned if you do...

It's your phone, tablet, PC etc  secure? What about 'the cloud', and whether we should use that? Should we use Apple, Android, Windows, Linux or something else? Why?

People sometimes ask me whether they should use Microsoft products, Apple, Facebook and other products & services because they are concerned their personal information can be compromised. So here's an 'off the top of my head' quick commentary whilst I've got it on my mind...

First, we must understand that computing technology is like a layer cake. There's one layer built on another, that's build on another and so on. In many instances , there are perhaps many tens of layers at play when you are using a device, and the more layers you have, the susceptible you are to the app you see being compromised by something in a lower layer.

One common breakup of layers might be looked at as:
1. Hardware
2. Firmware
3. Operating system
4. Virtual machine
5. Window kit
6. App

And if your app is connected to the cloud somehow, you might be interacting with multiple servers that have something like :
1. Hardware
2. Firmware
3. Operating system
4. Virtual machine
5. Service Interface (that talks to your app)

With all this (fairly simple scenario) going on, there's an awful lot at play!

Thought #1. If you are writing something you want to keep confidential due to IP or other reasons, there are a few basic things you can do :

1. Make sure your device (pc, tablet or whatever) has antivirus software installed, running and up to date.
2. Make sure your operating system is up to date too
3. Don't have things you don't need on the device. The more apps, the more risk.
4. Consider encrypting & password protecting your files / documents
5. If it's really sensitive, disconnect from the Internet ; or get to secure your Internet use.

Thought #2. Using the Internet securely.
1. Choose some cloud storage that some may hand over all your files. I use Mega ( for personal files for this reason.
2. Don't use federated logins. What I mean here is don't use your Facebook, Google, Microsoft is other 'generic' login to access what got want to use as a secure service. May use am email address and password.
3. Consider a separate email address for more sensitive information, so you can keep it more separate from higher use, more social stuff.
4. Don't use cloud based facilities such as Google Docs, Office 360 etc, as they will read your files in the cloud. The safest way is just to STORE your files in the cloud.
5. If you need to connect with someone else, once again ignore the big players and look for safety. The thing that started new writing this post was actually a new secure product for Android. This one's called Zyptonite. I've watched cloud storage become more secure, them browsing online through HTML with a web browser, then use of pictures by encrypting a whole web page. If it's progressing .
6. Use https instead of http (if a site allows it) The 's' means secure. It encrypts the page contents.
7. Consider the TOR project and browser for security purposes. This encrypts your data for you and also hides where you are coming from by passing the requests through a cooperative network of servers.
8. If you need secure video, it's mostly not there yet. Not as streaming from a web site anyway. You can try to download files over a see is link, that's a good idea. If you want secure video conferencing, like Skype (which is now part of Microsoft) but with security, have a look at Zyptonite. If encrypts video chat.

Thought #3. Comments are welcome, and I should add to this if I get inspiration and time to do so!

Thought #4. Android does logging at the operating system level. Android was started by Google, so have strong links to the New World Order. Facebook had funding from a CIA cover company to get going, with the deliberate aim of using social infestations for intelligence. Apple has stood up against the government once or twice, but don't be fooled, I have a hunch they are cut from basically the same cloth.

The bottom line : don't trust the big names or even startups. Look for facilities that prove they encrypt directly instead of through the operating system, which can be like a nosey post office worker reading mail going either way before passing it on.

Lastly: This is not definitive, and may not even be up to date, so don't make decisions straight from it thinking you'll be secure. Please do your own homework 😀.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Greece could happen in Australia

If you've been watching my blog, you probably understand some of what's going on in the world. Less evident, unload you dog, is Australia's role.
What's clear though, is that we are on the same clear as other countries. The start may have been different, and the steps may vary  but the destination is the same. Cashless society, global currency (maybe staged) and trans- partnerships that usurp our sovereignty, make our governments pay fines to globalist and hands control of the Internet and other communications to the globalists.

In the face of this onslaught, I have some practical advice. Try to build up a couple of thousands dollars in really available cash. Banks overseas have and will fail. The first thing that happens is they stop the ATMs and close the doors to avoid a run on them. Having a bit of cash means it won't hurt you as badly if it happens here, and there are signs it may. Also buy a big bag of rice, lentils etc so you have food reserves. Greece could happen here. It depends on the way the globalists bring Australia to heel.

Australia is currently playing ball. Turnbull is being a good globalist boy and doing what they want, but he was put there for that reason. If he plays ball, we may have a smooth transition to cashless (already announced in mainstream media) and Teams Pacific Partnership implementation, but if there's a hiccup, Greece could happen.

Whatever happens, it's a via time for navel gazing. Thinking on relationships and also on Yehovah God. If your don't know him, you're missing certainty of life eternal without corrupt government and an evil entity shaping events in this world.

The promised Millennium, the thousands years of Jesus governing earth, will see earth restored to the way it should be and honest, capable government in place that loves justice for the poor and disenfranchised. If that sounds good, you should pick up the bible. First read Matthew, which shows most clearly Jesus against the corrupt Roman & religious system. Then read Romans which explains how situation and tells you what to do. Then, and don't try to understand it all, read Revelation. It's cool of symbology and word sounding stuff, but it does mean something once you understand the language and symbols. Some parts are however crystal clear, and they are what is good to read if the bible is new to you. Look at Yehovah judging the rulers and the evil of this world, and see how he establishes the thousands years reign which proves the earth is capable of sustaining us if it's in the hands of good custodians so follow Yehovah's ways.

Once you have found God for yourself (his name is Yehovah), find him as 'Yehovah Yireh', which from the Old Testament means "God Is our provider"! He's been waiting for you. Once you find him, he'll talk to you and you will just know what to do. Just put yourself in his capable hands and follow him.

Postscript : the German government has advised stockpiling foods in case of adverse circumstances (23/24 Aug 2016). They have reportedly also announced the restart of the draft, which is compulsory military service. I'll try to provide more on this in another post.

Monday, August 15, 2016

URGENT! : TPP = Trans-Pacific Poison!

If we need a new hospital because our population is growing in Queensland and there's a groundswell of demand already, wouldn't it be in the public interest to build one? Darn right! So would you be angry if a multinational owner of a private hospital nearby was able to sue the state government for planning to build one? Not because of provable losses, but anticipated losses? As anticipated by them, not us?

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is pure poison. There's NEVER been legislation so hideous that will enslave Australians. It will give global companies rights and privileges that make the citizens of Australia less secure, less valued and less wealthy by far. It will also drastically effect of versions and use of the Internet : it will become purely a tool of commerce to advantage of the largest companies. Mark my words. If we don't get onto friends to help them understand this, it will be game over for the good life in just a few short years.

The globalists, particularly in the USA, are behind three international treaties that extend from the USA as a huge catchment; each circling a different section of the world like a net. The Trans-Atlantic Partnership deals with Europe. It's more of the same poison.

Share this with your friends. Hell, just Google it! Look on YouTube. Go to But don't weep when you're enslaved if you're not willing to stand up now. Assange is provably right.

Watch Assange get interviewed about the first four chapters of the TPP they got hold of, that we are not allowed to see! Watch at

Saturday, August 13, 2016

EFF.ORG: Data Retention Law Passes in Australia, but the Fight Isn’t Over

Mandatory data retention legislation is never a good idea, which is why EFF has vigorously opposed it in the United States, where Congress tried and failed to pass it in 2009. That year, two ill-conceived bills would have required all Internet providers and operators of Wi-Fi access points to keep records on Internet users for at least two years to assist police investigations. Nevertheless, governments around the world, individually, and in concert, continue to argue that the stockpiling of the private, personal data of entire populations become a global norm. It's a constant battle, but one with some clear victories, most notably in the European Union, and most recently in Paraguay. The latest setback in the global fight against data retention has been in Australia, which, despite widespread opposition from journalists,activists and the general public, passed a comprehensive data retention bill this month.

Read on at

Anna Johnston say NO to filling out the census! (which country am I in?)

Anna Johnston, a former deputy privacy commissioner of New South Wales in Australia, has decided not to fill in the senseless, oops, that census. She's got good reasons why. Read her story at

If I didn't feel like I was being sized up along with the rest of the population, I'd probably skip this; but I actually worked on the design of data matching and synchronisation for the biggest CRM user base rollout in the world some years ago; and I too know a thing or two that makes me nervous about this. Now having suffered a nasty car smash, multiple operations and loss of the family home, I'm not as prepared to fork out money I don't have to make a point. But remember this year's census people. I will be a watershed in intrusive data collection and usage by faceless people who don't have your interests at heart. They will correlate your religion to your dress sense and know when you pass wind if they match the 'primary keys' on all the data sets. Privacy will be taking a significant blow; and guess what? It's not just happening in Australia. If you're not sure the technology is available, just Google 'Big Data', 'Data Mining', and 'Identity Consolidation, Management and Synchronisation'. Whilst you're on technology, have a peek at the UN's page:
Wow. The United Nations. If you've been keeping watch, you'' know the United Nations is gathering more and more power over countries, and they have a few things published about this whole affair as a worldwide phenomena too. But wait, there's someone interested in privacy: the Electronic Frontier Foundation!!! (to the rescue):
If you want a good read, take a look at:,…/dem…/sources/census/wphc/default.htm,,…/demog…/products/vitstats/default.htm

Yes folks, the U.N. basically sets the tone for this whole global statistics gathering exercise, just like it did for the stimulus packages that sent most countries in the world into massively increased debt by pretending they could spend their way out of debt (yeah, it doesn't work for households either) :-)

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Putin Warns Of War!

What would happen if Russia was successful in shutting down any real news the US Government was trying to share globally? The US would not be heard, and Russia’s point of view would be taken as reality. In actuality, the tables are turned, and Putin has been desperately trying to be heard about avoiding a major war that he believes the USA and NATO are intent on pursuing to gain ultimate geo-political control of much of the world.

This clip was captured at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum, June 2016, and has a retro-view of a speech Putin made in the early 2000s for context and proof at the end. Putin is appealing to the major world media to report not just what the US feeds them, but what Russia is desperately trying to air also, with the aim of avoiding a massive conflict.

We get 99% of our news from media owned by the same people that fund and largely control US Presidential Candidates and much of what goes on in the Council Of Foreign Relations (CFR) and other massively influential bodies in the USA. Money = Power in the USA.

It's important to get multiple points of view to understand what's going on in the world. Years ago, people used to get international papers delivered to them in order to understand multiple points of view and try to understand what's really going on. As things are today, the Russia Today network and Al Jazeera are two major alternative media sources. There is also a massive alternative & citizen media movement with on the ground reporting; for example Steven Ben-Nun captured footage of NATO tanks in Poland a few days ago, and has recently captured huge NATO military convoy moving through Czechoslovakia, where he lives. Steven hosts Israeli News Live, available on YouTube. Along with some other channels like Alex Jones’ Infowars, it provides material that helps supplement the limited view and balance the bias of our incumbent western media.

Back to the clip : I think now and then there's something really wish sharing. This is one of those ‘somethings’. I encourage you to share it with family and friends so they have a more informed view of what may them into a massive war because KNOWLEDGE = POWER. It's when we know what's going on that we can stand and make a difference at a local level that may have a global impact.

Gold on the global merry go round!

Does anyone really know what's going on with gold recently? Maybe a few supra-national shadow players, but that has to be about it!

Switzerland has been a major safe haven for gold for many years. Many countries around the world get Switzerland to hold a good percentage of their gold for them, deeming it to be one of the most secure places in the world. It's also a major refiner of gold.

So what am I confused?

Venezuela has exported massively to Switzerland because the country is falling apart.

However many EU countries are either talking about or already repatriating their gold, thinking is not secure in New York, Ottawa or Switzerland.

The USA has historically pushed all their gold to Switzerland for safe keeping. Yet, in a sudden turn around, Switzerland has exported massively to the USA. Alarm bells rang in many camps!

It's like musical chairs!

Commentators will allude to monetary policy, political instability etc when talking about these things, but no one thought we'd see Switzerland divesting itself is gold! The only obvious reasons are fear of natural disaster or massive industrial accident (yes, CERN has really been pushing the boundaries dangerously). But wait, there's one more. Fear of war.

Some commentators say Europe is in danger of civil or religious war due to conflict with Muslim immigrants ; others say war with Russia is an imminent threat. If so, gold may not be safe in Switzerland.

Go figure! There's a verse from the Bible comes to mind when I think about hanging on to gold, from Matthew 19:

23  Then Jesus told his disciples, “I tell all of you with certainty, it will be hard for a rich person to get into the kingdom from heaven.

 24  Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to squeeze through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to get into the kingdom Of God.”

The 'Eye of the Needle' was apparently a small gate in the wall of the fortified Jerusalem City, that a camel could only get through of its load were removed and it went on its knees. That's the analogy for the rich today who sell to preserve their wealth. You can get into heaven if you are willing to unencumber yourself of riches and get on your knees before God.

So so knows what will happen with gold? God does. Maybe a few shadow players do. For me, I'm unencumbered by wealth and happily on my knees, confident in God's grace and my place in heaven.

Some reading from a quick Google search...

And them some! Some nations are getting to get an alternative global trading currency going. The BRICS countries have made an effort. China and some Asian partners have also. And lastly, China itself has too, and has now floated its gold backed currency. Implications? Who knows!

One thing I do know though is USA owes China massively, and China is not willing to take payment in USD any more, or in US Bonds. I imagine if USA has to fund its way into this new trading platform, gold may be a necessary commodity. Now that would upset the apple cart! Some countries would even go to war rather than have the benefits and profits of their globalist currency usurped! Let's hope not...

Friday, July 22, 2016

Police aren't the bad guys. Look further up.

Alex Jones has stated clearly that the elite are trying to get citizens aggressive towards police, whites and blacks towards each other and Hispanics and Moslems too. Every man against his neighbor! The elite want civil war in the USA, and in Europe. Lisa Haven is saying the same as Alex: "The police are not the bad guys!". Don't be pulled into the elite's end game. Here's Lisa's video...

Saturday, July 16, 2016

A new financial crisis is 'certain' without reform of banks

A real expert, former governor of the Bank of England, no less, is saying we are in for another financial crisis. Why? Because there's been no reform in banking, and the same practices have now placed us in deeper jeopardy.

Some are calling for a form of the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 (USA) to be effected everywhere as protection for property owners. Glass-Steagall basically separated commercial and investment banking. Here's something on that act : Moreover, if Bernie Sanders has made it a big point of argument with Hillary Clinton, it has to be important.

So if Glass-Steagall was implemented in 1933 for protection of property owners, why did the GFC crash of 2008 hit the USA so badly? Because the act was repealed in 1999. And as soon as it was repealed the banks started venturing into the territory it had banned. It has been argued widely whether the removal of this safe guard was responsible for the 2000/2001 crash and the 2008 GFC. Lots of people make lots of noises, and there are vested interests involved and people that would prefer not to go to jail! Looking back tends to being those kind of tensions into play.

Looking forward, it's interesting to see some very prominent people arguing for implementing of Glass-Steagall type legislation very soon to minimize chances of another crash ; and certainly to try and straighten up the juggernaut that seems bound for one right now.

Mervyn King, former Governor of the Bank of England, is one that has started before it's necessary; and he's now soften a book starting it's really important. See

Looking at Australia, it's interesting that we often throw out the baby with the bathwater when someone looks or sounds a bit different. All it takes is the mainstream media (obedient to their masters) to cast doubt on someone, and we relegate them to the Crazy Basket. Such is the fate of Lyndon LaRouche, who had repeatedly argued the vital importance of 'physical economy'; ignoring inflationary or speculative prices, and implementation of Glass-Steagall. He's been called a nutter and a dinosaur many times. But he's been right an awful lot. Such also is the fate of the CEC (Citizens' Electoral Council) in Australia, who adhere to much of LaRouche's teachings. Craig Isherwood, leader and front man of the CEC, may not be the smooth tongued Barack Obama of Australia, but he has presented LaRouche's arguments and some of the CEC's own ideas reasonably effectively. He is of course, much maligned my the press and the incumbent political establishment.

I hadn't looked at a CEC video for some time. I happened to do so today. It's the 3rd March 2016 report. You can find it on YouTube: They were talking about Glass-Steagall and the housing bubble, which is partly due to the Chinese Government's massive investment in Australian property.

If you've heard of CEC and been told they are incompetent, lunatics or anything else defamatory, maybe it's time to look again. They may not be right about everything, but they have been playing from the same songbook for a long time now, and some very senior banking figures are starting to say the same things. Even their long-stated vision for a high velocity train sounds more plausible given Tesla & Elon Musk's progress overseas.

No matter what you think of the CEC's ideas in totality, if you want your kids to own a home ; of even if you want to be more certain you can own your home; and that the average Aussie won't be robbed of theirs, the CEC is perhaps a voice that should be aired now in Australian politics. Particularly when none else is floating a few of the very important matters that are part of their platform.

Is be pleased to receive comments on this post, and I'll give my readers the benefit of the doubt that they are capable of expressing themselves appropriately, without rudeness or malice, and with a degree of respect and intelligence.

Coexist : symbology

This graphic was overlaid in a video from Germany released only a few days ago. See It's interesting to see all the religious symbols harmonized into what may become a catch call. The TOGETHER 2016

Together 2016 Warning

It's done and dusted now, but information is more readily available.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Turkey Military Coup

Alex Jones' team reporting with Intel from Turkey :

Wednesday, July 6, 2016


I've been keeping a good eye on global financial happenings. One thing I know - cashless society is coming soon. How do I know that? If was slipped in almost incidentally on a Channel Nine news broadcast a few nights ago! It was done so calmly and at the end of global political and financial news.

I've never heard an 'imminent' announcement like that before. It's almost like you would have had to be watching for it to catch it. And people are so consumed with the possible collapse of Europe and the needs the USA and China are in, that a statement like that seems perfectly reasonable in that context.

And that's the way it will come. It will be PERFECTLY REASONABLE.

What would tip the world as a whole into a position where a cashless society would be acceptable? For the general populace, if it allayed fears, it would be enough; and so many countries are effectively socialist / fascist now ; with social security systems and give businesses partnering with government. Just a bit of a tilt to cause a panic and it would be reasonable to take action to make things more secure, less able to be put out of kilter. After all, we really have had enough of the booms and busts, the panics and instability. Even if we haven't had it in our own country, we've had it on our TV screen, accompanied by dramatic interviews and footage. No one really feels immune. Everyone just wants a bit more certainty...  please!

So will it come as a reaction to a local or regional problem? Possibly. But it's more likely everyone, everywhere will feel it. Look at what happened to the markets with BREXIT. Things went really wobbly.

If Europe crashes financially or the EU falls apart, that would do it.

If the USA, which can't pay its interest bills, has the screws put on by the international bankers, that would work too. Probably. But how?

The answer lies in an institution everyone thinks belongs to the US Government. International bankers (Rothschild's,  Rockefeller's etc.) actually own the USA Federal Reserve. They choose to print and supply their 'fiat currency' (ie.  not real money) to the USA Government. You got it  -  the only material costs are the paper they use and the ink! Why is more money needed? Because the USA Government can't pay its interest bills, the government has to borrow more money to pay them! Does this remind you of your Visa card? So the Federal Reserve prints more money for each interest payment. They lend it to the USA Government so the government can use it to pay the interest back to the 'banksters'; are you beginning to understand why they have that nickname? Just by just refusing to print more money, so more money can't be lent to the US Government to pay the interest bills back to the Federal Reserve, the globalists could crash the USA financial system and this the default international trading currency.

Why haven't they already? I don't know - ask them yourself!

OK,  so you want me to take a stab at it. I reckon it's because the good old 'petro dollar' was studying for them. It is the default international trading currency, used by the SWIFT system due international settlements because... wait the it...  Because the USA made a deal with the Saudis in the 1970s (remember the Middle East Oil Crisis) that the Saudis would only accept US Dollars as payment for oil provided the USA established a fully functional military base in Saudi Arabia to protect them.

Now the BRICS Countries (originally BRIC: Brazil, Russia, India & China; now BRICS because South Africa has entered) have established a trade block and are firing ahead with an alternative to the USA for international trade. China and some other Asian countries are doing the same. If any of these succeeds in healing the dominance of the USD for international trade, all security and usefulness for the USA will be gone...  right down the toilet.

Back to the bit about 'coming soon'. So a number of crises currently being around the globe could be the trigger ; and any one of them will likely have a global effect.

Is there any telling when the cashless society will start? Currencies going out of control would be a good precursor. Banks collapsing, or significant runs on the banks would also be a fairly sure sign. Runs on banks have happened before, even in Australia according to an accountant friend of mine; about the time if the GFC if I got it right. My friend was watching and got his money out if a mid sized bank - pronto. Of course it would be bad for public stability if we heard about certain things too clearly in the media; I certainly didn't hear about it.

So a major case of the worries about the financial system globally; a bank collapse ; a run on a bank; really significant fluctuations in currencies or a currency crash would all be solid indicators.

If the system goes a bit silly during a crisis, banks will likely reduce the amount of cash you can withdraw ; mandate electronic transfers only or even shut their doors temporarily.

What can you do to prepare? Firstly, try to keep a few weeks of cash supply at hand. Secondly, have sufficient stocks of foods like rice, lentils and powdered milk in your home. Lastly, if 'fiat money' (yes, including the Aussie Dollar) doesn't transition clearly, it may last most of its worth. What then? Certainly foods as stated. But previous metals also. Silver and gold. To me, silver is preferable even though it's bulkier because it's used in manufacturing and hasn't

Can you prepare?

B. T. W. Since wiring this article some days ago, I've heard Google are bringing their wallet to Australia, with broad support from banks. That is a very large step towards found cashless. Almost everyone has a smart phone ; even my 83 year old mum. All the government would need to do is sponsor the technology uptake like it did worn the digital TV set top boxes,and pretty soon, everyone would be capable of cashless.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Molech the Owl

Just a quick note of interest. I watch David Icke on the odd occasion ; not because I agree with his interpretation, but because he dishes up interesting facts I can use to extend my understanding.

Just five minutes ago in a video 'Saturn Isn't What You Think It Is Either', he started that in Bohemian Grove, Molech is symbolized as am owl.

For those who rely on the Old Testament of the Christian Bible as a foundational source, as I do, it's very interesting when someone from an alternative viewpoint digs up information about a subject you have in your foundation knowledge base.

So if you, like me, view the Christian scriptures as of great importance, you will recognize the name of Molech. Dig into your Bible and concordance to find out about Molech; a really nasty character, and see how David Icke's statement fits.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Tidings from the East trouble him

It's not often I hear a good, contextual talk about the time of the end. So much information is promoted to scare people, and even to manipulate them, that sounds teachings and exposition doesn't often get a look in. If you listen to this video all the way through, it may change your view of the Time Of The End, make real to you characters depicted in prophesy and give got more certainty and peace fire you and your family with do much happening around us.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

The popularity of Roman Pope Francis

What do we expect of a Roman Pope? What do we expect of Pope Francis, the latest in a long line, and very popular? Do we expect Pope Francis to bolster the Roman Catholic Church, reviving what has seemed to be a dying religion for many years? Do we hope he will champion the battle against atheism, rallying all men to reconsider the place of religion in their life? Do we hope he will broker more understanding between religions, in the hope there will be peace on earth?

Pope Francis seems to be doing this, and more. He has enjoined himself to Islamic Mufftas, Buddhist Monks, the Jewish Sanhedrin and more, building relationship based on the value of religion in building morals and bringing order to our world.

Yet, at the same time, Pope Francis is broadening his moral vision as well. He's talked about leaving behind the limitations of the bible, which was written to a certain people at a certain time, and had is limitations. Indeed, he says, to put to much emphasis on doctrines from the bible or to be fundamentalist is a bad thing. He has indicated we need to rise above that, and embrace a religion that transcends old religions. He wants us all to embrace a 'new humanity' that comes from ones heart, because the human race is ready to evolve in a new, very spiritual and important way.

Given the progress Pope Francis has made in bringing religious leaders together, and raising the profile of religion in bringing peace and order, could it be his real enemy is in fact atheism and humanism? Perhaps. But it is equally the 'fundamentalists' who hold to their Scriptures that Francis is concerned about. He really does want us all to find a new way firearms together. A way that deifies and lifts man to a new place. His 'new humanity'.

It does seem that Pope Francis genuinely looms large on the world stage, so why not get on board? If he succeeds in bringing religion to the masses ; if he succeeds in bringing about his 'new humanity' ; if he succeeds in bringing his closet governance of much of the world out into the open to push forward the final aspects of a very grabs agenda, he will be formidable. And he will sound so reasonable as the noose tightens around the neck of his opponents: those fundamentalists! He will eventually make it clear that those who will not enter into an evolutionary step forward in religion, bringing great peace to mankind, are in fact hindering the great spiritual awakening and transcendence planned by Gods Of Old for mankind.

But will Christians world wide identify him as the Ante-Christ? Most likely not, because they have been brainwashed into looking for the fictional, Hollywood style Anti-Christ. To wake up to him, that will need to know the Scriptures. They will need to cling to Christ before everything else. And I mean the Christ who is to come as the scripture says, detailing his second coming in so many ways. Understand, please dear reader, the Ante-Christ (not Anti-Christ) comes as a deception in place of Christ, not as one who seems diametrically opposed to Christ. This is indeed one of the greatest deceptions of all time. He is there for all to see if we just understand what the Scriptures actually say, but most are so deceived they only look for a dark, Satanic figure.

Don't be caught looking for the Man of Sin to be a dark foreboding character. Look instead for a replacement Christ. When you see one arise that seems to resemble Christ, who gains much power and popularity, and unifies people and religions, then you have the one who resembles Christ without being him. You have the ante-type. You indeed have an Ante-Christ. Many have already passed, but one who is the pinnacle of this type is to come. I believe he's already here. Pope Francis is certainly an Ante-Christ. Whether he is The Ante-Christ talked of in scripture as the ultimate Ante-Christ, we'll see. But certainly, Christians world wide need some scales of deception to fall from their eyes if they are to recognise the Man Of Sin to come for who he really is.  We all need to know the bible and what it says on this subject area if we are to see with unfettered vision things to come, to dismiss the false (ante-) Christ and to keep looking to heaven for the genuine Christ.

The King of the North

Understanding of forming an opinion at to do this is affects the way you see prophecy. Many commentators ignore historical beliefs totally and interpret based on today's view only. That's a mistake. Walter Veith teaches based on historical understanding,  which is something he's very good at.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Rothschild-Owned Magazine, The Economist makes huge predictions for 2016

BREXIT = BR [itish] EXIT. So what?

A great interview with Tony Gosling right outside the Bildeberger 2016 meeting about the possible British Exit from the European Union. Will it, could it happen? Will the unelected EU officials and Bildebergers allow it to happen? What's at stake? Who are the real stakeholders, and how far back does this thing go? Nineteen fifties USA & CIA trying to simplify Europe to make trade easier and cheaper? Even back to WWII Germany who piloted this kind of fascist model and actually coined the team European Union with this same vision? This is really interesting stuff. If you want to understand the world in which we live, this is 'one of those' reports that will open your eyes.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Roman Church & her daughters plus ring ins are so 'TOGETHER'!

It's a done deal. The daughters have come home to the Mother Church, Rome...

VATICAN CITY – Following more than five hundred years of separation, American and European Protestant leaders met with Pope Francis last week to finalize the reunification of the two churches under the Holy See. The historic agreement is the result of a year’s worth of unpublicized talks between Protestant leaders and the Vatican.

It's a scary thing when protestants don't understand the doctrine and what their forefathers died for at the hands of the Roman Pontiff and his minions, and they now fall into line behind this Charismatic Roman Pontiff.

This was not much publicised, but we'll sure hear more as the big festival of unity "Together 16" approaches. We live in historic times. Read your bible. Hold to sound doctrine and don't be deceived by 'pop religion'. Many threads are coming together, and we may well yet see the culmination of the church age with the tangible, Biblical second coming of Yeshua Mashiach (Jesus Christ).

The darling of Pentecostal worship embraces the Roman Pope

Darlene Zscheck from Hillsong last year shared the stage with the Roman Pope and declared the unit to be exciting.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

EARTHQUAKES and volcanic activity in USA


by Andrew Strom

Those who watched the video that we put out last week saw that
when the lady was baptized, immediately the demons panicked
and started to manifest. This actually happened to a second
church lady that we baptized that day as well. Two in a row - very
much the same. Seemingly this is becoming more and more of
a common pattern all around the world. What is going on?

As you know, we preach to people that they must be baptized
in FAITH. In other words, we tell them to truly BELIEVE everything
that the Bible says about baptism. Don't just make it a "symbol".
Actually believe God for it to be REAL - everything that the New
Testament says. This is a very different approach to the modern
church - which tends to make baptism largely a symbolic
ceremony, rather than the "real thing". But where is the power in
that? Surely we should tell people to get baptized in FAITH -
believing God for every deep thing that He wants to do in our lives
through this experience.

Romans 6:3-4 declares: "Don't you know that as many of us as
were baptized into Jesus Christ were baptized into his death?
Therefore we are buried with him by baptism into death..."

Read that again slowly. "BURIED with Him by baptism into
DEATH." No wonder the demons hate it! For how can they cling
to a 'dead' man? When people truly believe this and get baptized
knowing that the "old man" will be cut off and buried - when they
truly believe God for this to occur - that is when you start seeing
very powerful things happen during baptism.

Colossians 2:11-12 declares: "In whom also you are circumcised
with the circumcision made without hands, in putting off the body
of the sins of the flesh by the circumcision of Christ: Buried with
him in baptism, in which you are also risen with him through the
faith of the operation of God..."

Again, think about these words: "Putting off the body of the sins
of the flesh by the CIRCUMCISION of Christ: BURIED with Him
in baptism." So what happens when you tell someone to actually
BELIEVE for this when they are baptized? A real "circumcision"
of the heart. A real "putting off" of the body of the sins of the flesh.
A cutting off, a burial, the death of the "old man". I tell you, the
power of such an experience is very real. Just as it should be.

Acts 22:16 (the baptism of Paul) declares: "And now why do you
wait? Arise, and be baptized, and wash away your sins, calling
on the name of the Lord."

Do we dare actually believe for this also? That someone might
truly experience a "washing away of sins" in baptism. Of course!
Everything the Bible says about it, we need to believe God that
it will really happen. Not a symbol. Not a ceremony. The real
thing. People getting baptized in FAITH.

And of course this is a big reason why we see the apostles
always baptizing people RIGHT AWAY in the Bible. No delays.
Look all the way through the Book of Acts. It was always done
immediately. (Of course, repentance and the infilling of the
Holy Spirit were always expected immediately too. It all came
as one package. See Acts 2:38).

Naturally, we insist that people be truly repentant before
baptism. But we also say to them, "What sinful things or dark
strongholds would you like to leave behind in these waters
today? What dark things would you specifically like "buried"
in the water during baptism?" Usually there are several specific
things. Of course this is very powerful for destroying those
strongholds and setting people free. I believe this is exactly
the way baptism should be seen. It really is an opportunity
to leave the old life behind. To have it cut it off truly. Exactly as
the Bible says. No wonder the demons panic!

Think how powerful the act of true repentance is - just by itself.
And then think about the filling of the Holy Spirit. What a powerful
experience that is also. And from what we can see in the New
Testament, there is no reason why water-baptism should not
be just as powerful as these other two. Add them all up and
what do you have? The most incredible conversion experience
that it is possible to imagine. In the Bible all these things
basically happened on the first day. No wonder their converts
took off like a rocketship! And the same should be true of us today.

-PLEASE COMMENT on this topic at the following website-

God bless you all.
Andrew Strom.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Rome's North American Union

The North American Union (NAU) was planned as early as 1946. It was part of a deliberate plan to create ten regions on the world, under the United Nations.

Donald Trump is standing against plans for the NAU, planning to wind back what previous presidents have accomplished for the NAU. He even said he wants to build a wall between USA and Mexico.

I found myself pondering this afternoon what would happen to the balance of religion should the borders fully open. After doing a little checking with decent sources, I have the following figures:

Population aprox 36,258,000
Catholic 40.6% (includes Roman Catholic 38.8%, Orthodox 1.6%, other Catholic .2%),
Protestant 20.3% (includes United Church 6.1%, Anglican 5%, Baptist 1.9%, Lutheran 1.5%, Pentecostal 1.5%, Presbyterian 1.4%, other Protestant 2.9%),
other Christian 6.3%,
Muslim 3.2% etc...

United States
Population aprox 323,927,500.
Protestant 51.3%, Roman Catholic 23.9%, Mormon 1.7%, other Christian 1.6%, Jewish 1.7%, Buddhist 0.7%, Muslim 0.6%

Population aprox 128,500,000
Roman Catholic 82.7%, Pentecostal 1.6%, Jehovah's Witnesses 1.4%, other Evangelical Churches 5%

Canada having twice as many Catholics (40%) as Protestants (20%) means it is likely to be a strongly Catholic influence in a merged entity.

Mexico is of course mega-Catholic. Over 80%!

USA: Bastion of Protestantism

The USA was a devoutly protestant nation. The pilgrims escaped persecution by the Roman Pope and his minions. Early fathers valued religious freedom and gave others individual freedom to worship as they saw fit.

Roman Church: Master of Souls

The Roman Church though, rules with a heavy hand. In some parts of Europe, it still takes tithes directly from your employer for you to remain part of the congregation and not be ex-communicated. And be part of a congregation you will; if you want to enter heaven. For to be ex-communicated is to miss the eucharist; which is to miss the trans-substantiated Body Of Christ and therefore put your eternal soul in jeopardy.

To the Roman Catholic, forgiveness is not by faith as Martin Luther taught, but from the hand of the Roman Catholic hierarchy, who have the power to shut heaven's gate to the sinner who doesn't receive forgiveness through them. This in fact happened to the English aristocracy when they strayed under (evil) King John in medieval times. The Roman Pope bade his friars to close the doors to the churches in order to bring the aristocracy intimate line. This caused panic, for that immediately created for their eternal souls and towed the line. To see how far Papal power extended (as it does still), read up on the Treaty Of Verona (1213 A.D.) which bound King John to the will of Pope Innocent III.

The Trend in the USA

Given the Caucasian, Protestant citizens of the USA have a low birth rate (about 1.7, I think, which doesn't sustain population, let alone grow it), we'd have to hope some other Protestants were either growing the church by births or getting enough converts to make up the numbers.

The African Americans have traditionally been Protestant, and have a family size that facilitates moderate growth in generations. Whether they retain the faith is another thing, of course.

The quickest growing, influential race demographic in the USA is actually the Hispanics. They have a higher birth rate than the African Americans and retain religious affiliation much more.

The small demographic worth mentioning is that if the Muslims. Whilst under 1%of the population, they have an average of EIGHT children per family, giving explosive growth. The religion is also enforced. Once a Muslim,  always a Muslim as far as they are concerned. Those who decide to leave are disenfranchised, persecuted, physically abused and at worse killed.

The Jews lay low religiously, but are actually more organized, far wealthier and incredibly more influential than any other religious / cultural group in the USA. The 1.7% of Beers in the USA run Hollywood, the media, the Federal Reserve and all the large banks, the folks and diamond companies, the stock exchange... You want me to keep going? They really do OWN America, including the politicians!

The Mother & Her Daughters

When there's a coup d'etat in a country, does the new military leader seek to recruit every soldier in the country or convert the leaders? No. The new generalisimo looks for existing leaders he can convert into his fold. There's often some personal, cultural or even moral leverage the new man can use to 'stretch out his tent pegs' and 'fill the house'.

Whilst the church of the first century, and maybe upto mid second century, was largely organic, the advent of Romanism, melding power and politics with religion to forge a single governing and religious organisation, substantially changed a largely organic structure where natural leaders were followed "as they followed Christ" (quoting the Apostle Paul) to an authoritative, top-down power structure we see today in Roman Catholicism. More than purely a chance in governance, because the religious leadership was merged with politics and power, the Roman Catholic Church became the most wealthy organisation on the planet. Whilst the wealth of the Rothschild's, the White Dragons (collective Asian Mafia recently come under single leadership to challenge Western power), various royalty, and business billionaires is not to be sneezed at,  the Vatican Bank has for decades been intertwined with some of these (most probably the Rothschilds).

The Vatican has the longest serving secret service, is adept in intrigue, holds influence over many politicians and power brokers in a multitude of countries. It's a wonder the churches that sprang from it haven't been won back. Or have they?

Surprise, Surprise!

The Roman Popes have worked long and hard the past century or so to win back to the Mother Church the errant denominations that strayed from her skirts. The effort has in fact met with great success. Many protestant, pentecostal and orthodox denominations world wide now acknowledge the Roman Pope as their true and ultimate head on earth.

Given also the Jesuits have worked hard and long to establish a papal influence in what was originally a strongly protestant land, it is very likely the Pope has Jesuits and Opus Dei people in very strategic positions throughout the USA, ready to take advantage of a strategic gain. There is a long and detailed history of Jesuit dealings in USA. Some USA Presidents spoke very clearly about them, that they are very dangerous and the Vatican was knee deep in political intrigue. Given that the Jews don't worship the God of their Fathers, but are actually what Yeshua Mashiach (Jesus Christ) called the Synagogue of Satan, involved in the Mystery Babylon religion (as are the high and hidden orders of the Vatican, but not consciously the average Roman Catholic), it should not be surprising that the mainstream media has made a fair circus of the recent Papal visit to the USA, in which the current Roman Pope addressed Congress and met personally with Obama. This is a break through in the VISIBLE relationship between the Vatican & USA. Much more is going on less visibly.

Turning The Tide
It is often crisis that brings change. Indeed, the architects of the New World Order expect to bring "order out us chaos". The Hegelian Dialectic is alive and well in the midst of the Illuminists. One side pushes one way; the other side the other way; and in the chaos the agenda progresses as the problem seems to be solved - as planned all along. What would it take to tip the USA into chaos and hasten the fully functional NAU? Maybe financial problems. Possibly terrorist attacks. It could even be due to civil unrest and the need to restore order. The Pope after all is a very influential man, and if called upon to assist the transition would be very ready to do so, as the USA is soon be a Catholic enclave and part of the NAU with Catholic Mexico and quite Catholic Canada.

Is Trump a Good Guy?
Only time will tell if Trump is a good guy. I suspect not. I think his rhetoric is most likely pay off the Hegelian Dialectic of the moment. After all, despite the powers that be commenting he's "not one of the initiates" (Skull & Bones,  Freemasonry etc.), he lives on the 66th floor and his apartment is decorated with incredibly realistic scenes of pagan gods like Zues, Apollo etc.; the very same ancient  personalities as the Illuminati are soaked in and are even very seriously trying to reach out to (believing they are in Saturn) and/or trying to bring back by very advanced gene/DNA experimental science. If sounds weird,  I know, but that's what's going on. So if Trump is cut from the same cloth, the way he talks may just be trickery.

What if USA goes down?
In closing, a great many commentators are very concerned about the USA. I am one of them. If we read USA (even part of) as Mystery Babylon (or part of) then the USA is in for a VERY BUMPY RIDE. How soon? The exit of very many ultra-rich from USA to New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and other refuges has become staggering the last couple of years and is at fever pitch.

My advice is find Yehovah / YHWH and his son Yeshua/Yehoshua for real. Get on your knees and pray; soak yourself in the gospels and letters; and follow his leading to the letter. I believe he has a plan to care for his own if things fall apart. But you must know Him. It came just be intellect, and the Bible (KJV, ESV,  NASB are all good versions) is sufficient for God himself to talk to you about your life and new life as His child.

Population :
Religion : CIA Fact Book (online)

Monday, May 30, 2016

G7 decisions may cut Russia off from SWIFT banking

A Chinese proverb I heard quoted only shortly before finding this video said something like "Politics is the art of war without bloodshed. War is the art of politics with bloodshed."

It seems very pertinent when I consider the video

This is from May 2016, but still pertinent.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Canada : assisted suicide

Seed the report at Australia is going through a similar debate. It is probably raging in many countries. It's dangerous ; more to it than meets the eye.

Robbert Kiyosaki 2016 predictions complete with Illuminati HAND SIGNALS

How do we endorse someone online? What if it's a video we want to share and we'd like people to pay attention. Short of paid advertising, we generally rely on word of mouth, and this generally happens through interest groups, work or social structures.

So if I'm introducing a video and I think I'd like a specific segment of society to pay attention, I could use a buzzword or gesture with which they identify to get that attention. For Australian (maybe vanilla US influenced international) youth, I might wear a baseball cap on backwards, say "What's up?" and stand a certain way, maybe even folding my arms in a defiant stance.

If I'm a member of a more secretive club, I might even have less known gestures or hand signals.

In this case, the lady introducing Robert Kiyosaki is doing the usual hand waving and gesturing we expect of presenters for emphasis, but her hands occasionally lapse info a very deliberate sign using the thumbs and forefingers. It's like a diamond, and that's what I've got a snapshot of here.

You can look through the entire presentation at Watch for the hand signals.

Stay watching the news and current affairs programs more carefully, looking for deliberate, repeated gestures. Don't write odd gestures off ; they are quite likely deliberate communication to others who are initiates of the secret society!

I'm closing, I've seen an escalation of these kind of signals over the past five to ten years. The Illuminists are getting emboldened as their plan to bring about a New World Order comes to fruition. They are very powerful, very determined, and very likely to create yet more havoc in the financial and political systems some time in the next decade, but more likely the next couple of years given current events.

Watch for a world wide monetary system, world government and a  unified world religion. When you see these things happening, reach for a bible quick smart.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Bush family are of Plantagenet, descended from Royal House of Judah

A quote from "The Synagogue Of Satan - Updated, Expanded, And Uncensored" by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock.  Working through a timeline and highlighting milestones, the year 2000 comes into focus...

"2000: George W. Bush is elected President of the United States. Bush and his family claim to be descendants of the House of Plantagenet which is descended from the Royal House of Judah. He is in fact a Crypto-Jew. However, Bush portrays himself as a Christian for the purpose of making it appear that it is a white Christian who would go on to commit illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, rather than the Jews behind the scenes."

Isn't it amazing what you find out when you read good history books. This one is a beauty. Get it, read it, tell others to. Start reading this book for free:

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Australia's illegal takeover of Norfolk Island

Australia has shown itself to be a self-interested bully in taking over Norfolk Island. The Norfolk Islanders didn't have debt before the GFC. They may not be real flash, but they're not enslaved. And whilst Australia heeded the call of the World Bank to go into more debt with the stimulus package, Norfolk Island weren't fooled into unnecessary debt which got blown on imported consumer goods anyway!

Australia has precious little to give these hard working, community minded people who clearly don't want Australia walking in and taking over.

As an Australian, I am ashamed of the way our government has treated the sovereign nation of Norfolk Island. We have illegally invaded and taken over governance and implemented our fascist/socialist agenda. Next we'll be exploiting its resources or creating a military base there.

Shame Australia, shame! Give Norfolk Island back to its people.

For more information see A forum of the Norfolk Islands News is also available at; but I'm not sure how free this will be as the radio station has been muzzled.


Saturday, May 21, 2016

About China being in DEEP DOO DOO

In answer to a post elsewhere about China being in DEEP DOO DOO.

It's true. China is in a mess. And the leading lights of the global financial system are telling it straight. There is more to it though. As 'binmehere' has already commented, China has LOTS of gold. The y have been buying in gold, and mining HUGE quantities too. The USD (US Dollar) is 'fiat' money: ie. a 'promisory note' not worth anything in itself. This promisory note is linked to a currency that USED TO BE linked to the GOLD STANDARD: ie. you could change hard cash for gold at a set price. Since the US (Federal Reserve) took the USD off the gold standard, the dollar has really floated and values can go ANYWHERE! Because the USD has become the 'Petro Dollar' (a deal that the US would protect Saudi Arabia in return for them making all oil trade based on the US Dollar), it has become the default for world trade.

Things have been getting really shaky for quite a while. The 'stimulus packages' pushed by the World Bank / UN during the GFC have put countries into further debt. But hang on, if we are ALL BORROWING, WHO ARE WE BORROWING FROM? The answer is the global banks. I don't mean retail banks, I mean banks well behind the scenes and well protected whilst retail and national banks take the fall. The CENTRAL BANKS are a feature of globalisation and this trade arrangement. There are only TWO COUNTRIES left without a Central Bank at this stage. Can you guess? Iran and North Korea! China got one just when things took off for them.

So IF THE 'GLOBAL DOLLAR' / USD fails, who gets hurt? Anyone owed money will; and China is owed huge sums of money by the good ole USA! See from my blog See also

Then read and

Basically, if China suffers because of its HUGE debt, it may just write it all off and start again. They have already announced a new GOLD BACKED currency. I think this also has to do to some extent with BRICS ( If it all goes pear shaped, ande China can't pay its debt, it will FORCE CHANGE. The USA has enormous debt too. The repayments are the 3rd biggest item in its budget!

See a few more posts for context:;;;

So YES, China is in DEEP DOO DOO! So is the USA. So is the global system. It will probably collapse in the not too distant future. What's the replacement? There are several in the wings; but that's another story!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Netflix 'BETWEEN' and Agenda 21

If you're not up to speed with proposed population control because "the planet can't sustain do many people", read up on Agenda 21 and what's happened since, including the Paris tags later last year. Basically we're being sold that the planet is like a female womb, sustaining life, and that human mind has broadly mistreated the planet which is like a Wiccan deity.

There's been a lot in the press the last twenty years or so about the planet being one give ecosystem, and the planet being the higher of life. The concepts seem to pretty much match animism, which is feeling inanimate objects to be 'animated'; in other words in this case, to have life. So our world is meant to be a God that gives life. Definitely Pagan / Wiccan.

Enter one of Netflix's latest offerings 'BETWEEN'. It's a story about a town, Pretty Lake, which has much of its population struck down, resulting in the government putting a strict containment zone in place. It turns out anyone over 21 years old dies over a matter of days.

The heroes and themes are complex. It's pretty well done. But lurking under the surface is conditioning of viewers that the world is in an unsustainable situation; that the scientists deemed to have done wrong may on fact be reasonable given we can't sustain life as is; and that radical change on a global basis is required.

In summary, this is a very clever bit of social conditioning from a powerful NWO information & education arm that uses entertainment to condition the public so they wiki accept the necessity of the hideous NWO agenda for depopulating our planet.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

England expects war; changes to civil servant roles in preparation for civil unrest

England 2016. The future is here.

Parking Officers were some months ago re-titled 'Civil Enforcement Officers' and being groomed as police. Private Security Officers have recently also between made "Accredited Persons" so they can take on a police role.

Why? Because war is coming. The Brits are planning for it now. How do the Brits know? Because it's been planned.

War has been planned!

Do you sometimes wonder with all the posturing and pontificating amongst world leaders, if there's something going on that we're just not going to hear about until it hits us?
Norman Dodds (one if a team of government investigators) investigated the 'Carnegie Endowment for International Peace', one of a plethora of not for profit institutions given to by the ultra wealthy and influential in the USA. He uncovered minutes of meetings back to early 1900s saying they planned to change American society using war. They instructed then president Woodrow Wilson to engage in the war and stay engaged until the social structure of the USA was indelibly changed, which it did.

World 2016. War is imminent.

We are at the same point again. Powers that be have planned another major war. It was in fact planned before the first and second world wars with a specific objective in mind. This time it's the war to end all wars, and yes, we've heard that before; but this is genuinely planned to be so. The first war was about removal of sovereignty. The second was to establish communism as a threat to Western democracy. The third has a flash point in the Middle East, reportedly Israel, and I've heard (said to be in the Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion) pits Muslims against Western nations. This war is set to escalate onto a global conflict involving Europe, Russia, China, USA, England and the Commonwealth and if course Israel and the nation's of the Middle East. Pundits say we have witnessed the commencement of World War III already, and it will escalate from here on in.

The Goal is World Government

The goal of this war is to establish global government, removing national military forces and making all countries comply with a the Global Parliament I've recently written about. The mechanisms of global government are here. They've even had 'Provisional' sittings of the Global Parliament to get the workings good and ready (see

The only safe haven

The global elite are reportedly already in their safe places. For some, this means massive underground bunkers. I've Sweden a TV special about a bunker manufacturer and his luxurious and safe from the outside environment that's bunkers are, and it's amazing! Others are flying to a small group of countries said to be a safe haven. This definitely includes New Zealand and Australia. I think a few South Pacific nations are also on the list, as is South Africa. Why? Because we're on the southern hemisphere. Or half of the globe has much more water and less population. We are also largely insulated from any atmospheric fallout from incidents in three northern hemisphere as the hemispheres basically recycle their own air, with very little northern hemisphere air permeating to the southern hemisphere. That's good if nasty bombs are going off up north.

Do I feel safe?

Given I'm in Brisbane, Australia, I'm geographically removed from most of the world's trouble spots. If war erupts, it's possessible we'll see some direct conflict in northern Australia and just possibly down the Eastern Seaboard (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne). Darwin (Northern Territory) was bombed in WWII. Japanese subs came down as far as Brisbane on WWII too. So we're relatively safe, but not immune. However if the world teaching system collapses, we will see high unemployment and civil unrest here. They may role out police onto the streets. Government may already have our increasingly combat ready police trained up for more conflict, and times like the parking officer in England ready for civil unrest.

Again, Do I feel safe?

Not really. If this major war goes ahead, I believe it silk affect almost everyone, even in 'safe countries' adversely. My consolation is knowing the Hebrew scriptures prophesied much of what's going on when right now in the Middle East. Those same scriptures talk of Yehovah's love and care for his own. I'm not that much into church, but I sure am into the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the promised saviour 'Yeshua Mashiach' (which most Western Christians call Jesus Christ). I know my destiny. I'm able to pray and find shelter and rest for my soul in him. If you don't have that same assurance, it's time you picked up a Bible and asked him directly to meet with you. It will change your life. You will never be the same again.

Here's a video talking about what's happening in England and also the world wars:

By the way, these only relatively safe place I'm aware of in the northern hemisphere is Iceland. They have however tightened up heaps on immigration. They've tossed out corrupt global bankers and sent some residents back to countries of origin for being trouble makers. Iceland is socially very safe. It's aware of and careful in dealings with the NWO, it's geographically removed from Europe and it's a beautiful place. If you feel there nerf to moves you're family and Iceland gives you the cold shoulder, you could try New Zealand add their immigration seems easier to tackle than ours!