Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Italy on the Brink of Depres­sione!

From the August Forecast, I learn that yet another technocrat is pushing the people down, enslaving them further to the globalist bankers. It is a crime Yehovah may hold them accountable for.

Depres­sione: Italy on the Brink

Gov­ern­ment aus­terity has pre­dictable after-effects, namely, a con­trac­tion of eco­nomic activity. Just ask Greece or Italy. It also has the effect of par­a­lyzing the social and polit­ical arena because trust is chal­lenged on every level.
It’s a Cache 22 sit­u­a­tion though. When gov­ern­ments accu­mu­late so much debt that the market starts to ques­tion their ability to pay it all back, then lenders start demanding pay­ment. That’s not totally unrea­son­able, con­sid­ering that a lender has every right to expect pay­ment from the borrower.
When a gov­ern­ment racks up debt faster than the economy grows, the even­tual cur­tail­ment of all reck­less spending is guaranteed.
By November 2011, Italy’s debt crisis had already grid­locked the polit­ical process. Someone was going to get seri­ously hurt no matter which way they turned. If they defaulted on debts, then investors would be burned. If they raised taxes, then cit­i­zens would be burned. If they tried to shrink the size of gov­ern­ment, the economy would con­tract and everyone would get burned.
It’s tempting to say “What a mess they had made of their national affairs” except that America has done exactly the same thing. The U.S. is on the same track, just a few miles behind.
When it became obvious that Italian politi­cians could not move for­ward with any solu­tion, the lenders stepped in and took over gov­ern­ment operation.
This is how and why Tri­lat­eral Com­mis­sioner Mario Monti came to be appointed (not elected) as Prime Min­ister of Italy. He was widely hailed as a tech­no­crat, in the sense of “rule by expert” vs. demo­c­ra­t­i­cally elected gov­ern­ment. According to BBC News at the time,
Mario Monti has been asked to form a new Italian gov­ern­ment to tackle an acute debt crisis which prompted the res­ig­na­tion of Silvio Berlus­coni. Mr Monti, an ex-EU com­mis­sioner, said he was starting urgent talks on his cab­inet, aiming to restore finances.

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