Sunday, June 26, 2016

Tidings from the East trouble him

It's not often I hear a good, contextual talk about the time of the end. So much information is promoted to scare people, and even to manipulate them, that sounds teachings and exposition doesn't often get a look in. If you listen to this video all the way through, it may change your view of the Time Of The End, make real to you characters depicted in prophesy and give got more certainty and peace fire you and your family with do much happening around us.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

The popularity of Roman Pope Francis

What do we expect of a Roman Pope? What do we expect of Pope Francis, the latest in a long line, and very popular? Do we expect Pope Francis to bolster the Roman Catholic Church, reviving what has seemed to be a dying religion for many years? Do we hope he will champion the battle against atheism, rallying all men to reconsider the place of religion in their life? Do we hope he will broker more understanding between religions, in the hope there will be peace on earth?

Pope Francis seems to be doing this, and more. He has enjoined himself to Islamic Mufftas, Buddhist Monks, the Jewish Sanhedrin and more, building relationship based on the value of religion in building morals and bringing order to our world.

Yet, at the same time, Pope Francis is broadening his moral vision as well. He's talked about leaving behind the limitations of the bible, which was written to a certain people at a certain time, and had is limitations. Indeed, he says, to put to much emphasis on doctrines from the bible or to be fundamentalist is a bad thing. He has indicated we need to rise above that, and embrace a religion that transcends old religions. He wants us all to embrace a 'new humanity' that comes from ones heart, because the human race is ready to evolve in a new, very spiritual and important way.

Given the progress Pope Francis has made in bringing religious leaders together, and raising the profile of religion in bringing peace and order, could it be his real enemy is in fact atheism and humanism? Perhaps. But it is equally the 'fundamentalists' who hold to their Scriptures that Francis is concerned about. He really does want us all to find a new way firearms together. A way that deifies and lifts man to a new place. His 'new humanity'.

It does seem that Pope Francis genuinely looms large on the world stage, so why not get on board? If he succeeds in bringing religion to the masses ; if he succeeds in bringing about his 'new humanity' ; if he succeeds in bringing his closet governance of much of the world out into the open to push forward the final aspects of a very grabs agenda, he will be formidable. And he will sound so reasonable as the noose tightens around the neck of his opponents: those fundamentalists! He will eventually make it clear that those who will not enter into an evolutionary step forward in religion, bringing great peace to mankind, are in fact hindering the great spiritual awakening and transcendence planned by Gods Of Old for mankind.

But will Christians world wide identify him as the Ante-Christ? Most likely not, because they have been brainwashed into looking for the fictional, Hollywood style Anti-Christ. To wake up to him, that will need to know the Scriptures. They will need to cling to Christ before everything else. And I mean the Christ who is to come as the scripture says, detailing his second coming in so many ways. Understand, please dear reader, the Ante-Christ (not Anti-Christ) comes as a deception in place of Christ, not as one who seems diametrically opposed to Christ. This is indeed one of the greatest deceptions of all time. He is there for all to see if we just understand what the Scriptures actually say, but most are so deceived they only look for a dark, Satanic figure.

Don't be caught looking for the Man of Sin to be a dark foreboding character. Look instead for a replacement Christ. When you see one arise that seems to resemble Christ, who gains much power and popularity, and unifies people and religions, then you have the one who resembles Christ without being him. You have the ante-type. You indeed have an Ante-Christ. Many have already passed, but one who is the pinnacle of this type is to come. I believe he's already here. Pope Francis is certainly an Ante-Christ. Whether he is The Ante-Christ talked of in scripture as the ultimate Ante-Christ, we'll see. But certainly, Christians world wide need some scales of deception to fall from their eyes if they are to recognise the Man Of Sin to come for who he really is.  We all need to know the bible and what it says on this subject area if we are to see with unfettered vision things to come, to dismiss the false (ante-) Christ and to keep looking to heaven for the genuine Christ.

The King of the North

Understanding of forming an opinion at to do this is affects the way you see prophecy. Many commentators ignore historical beliefs totally and interpret based on today's view only. That's a mistake. Walter Veith teaches based on historical understanding,  which is something he's very good at.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Rothschild-Owned Magazine, The Economist makes huge predictions for 2016

BREXIT = BR [itish] EXIT. So what?

A great interview with Tony Gosling right outside the Bildeberger 2016 meeting about the possible British Exit from the European Union. Will it, could it happen? Will the unelected EU officials and Bildebergers allow it to happen? What's at stake? Who are the real stakeholders, and how far back does this thing go? Nineteen fifties USA & CIA trying to simplify Europe to make trade easier and cheaper? Even back to WWII Germany who piloted this kind of fascist model and actually coined the team European Union with this same vision? This is really interesting stuff. If you want to understand the world in which we live, this is 'one of those' reports that will open your eyes.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Roman Church & her daughters plus ring ins are so 'TOGETHER'!

It's a done deal. The daughters have come home to the Mother Church, Rome...

VATICAN CITY – Following more than five hundred years of separation, American and European Protestant leaders met with Pope Francis last week to finalize the reunification of the two churches under the Holy See. The historic agreement is the result of a year’s worth of unpublicized talks between Protestant leaders and the Vatican.

It's a scary thing when protestants don't understand the doctrine and what their forefathers died for at the hands of the Roman Pontiff and his minions, and they now fall into line behind this Charismatic Roman Pontiff.

This was not much publicised, but we'll sure hear more as the big festival of unity "Together 16" approaches. We live in historic times. Read your bible. Hold to sound doctrine and don't be deceived by 'pop religion'. Many threads are coming together, and we may well yet see the culmination of the church age with the tangible, Biblical second coming of Yeshua Mashiach (Jesus Christ).

The darling of Pentecostal worship embraces the Roman Pope

Darlene Zscheck from Hillsong last year shared the stage with the Roman Pope and declared the unit to be exciting.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

EARTHQUAKES and volcanic activity in USA


by Andrew Strom

Those who watched the video that we put out last week saw that
when the lady was baptized, immediately the demons panicked
and started to manifest. This actually happened to a second
church lady that we baptized that day as well. Two in a row - very
much the same. Seemingly this is becoming more and more of
a common pattern all around the world. What is going on?

As you know, we preach to people that they must be baptized
in FAITH. In other words, we tell them to truly BELIEVE everything
that the Bible says about baptism. Don't just make it a "symbol".
Actually believe God for it to be REAL - everything that the New
Testament says. This is a very different approach to the modern
church - which tends to make baptism largely a symbolic
ceremony, rather than the "real thing". But where is the power in
that? Surely we should tell people to get baptized in FAITH -
believing God for every deep thing that He wants to do in our lives
through this experience.

Romans 6:3-4 declares: "Don't you know that as many of us as
were baptized into Jesus Christ were baptized into his death?
Therefore we are buried with him by baptism into death..."

Read that again slowly. "BURIED with Him by baptism into
DEATH." No wonder the demons hate it! For how can they cling
to a 'dead' man? When people truly believe this and get baptized
knowing that the "old man" will be cut off and buried - when they
truly believe God for this to occur - that is when you start seeing
very powerful things happen during baptism.

Colossians 2:11-12 declares: "In whom also you are circumcised
with the circumcision made without hands, in putting off the body
of the sins of the flesh by the circumcision of Christ: Buried with
him in baptism, in which you are also risen with him through the
faith of the operation of God..."

Again, think about these words: "Putting off the body of the sins
of the flesh by the CIRCUMCISION of Christ: BURIED with Him
in baptism." So what happens when you tell someone to actually
BELIEVE for this when they are baptized? A real "circumcision"
of the heart. A real "putting off" of the body of the sins of the flesh.
A cutting off, a burial, the death of the "old man". I tell you, the
power of such an experience is very real. Just as it should be.

Acts 22:16 (the baptism of Paul) declares: "And now why do you
wait? Arise, and be baptized, and wash away your sins, calling
on the name of the Lord."

Do we dare actually believe for this also? That someone might
truly experience a "washing away of sins" in baptism. Of course!
Everything the Bible says about it, we need to believe God that
it will really happen. Not a symbol. Not a ceremony. The real
thing. People getting baptized in FAITH.

And of course this is a big reason why we see the apostles
always baptizing people RIGHT AWAY in the Bible. No delays.
Look all the way through the Book of Acts. It was always done
immediately. (Of course, repentance and the infilling of the
Holy Spirit were always expected immediately too. It all came
as one package. See Acts 2:38).

Naturally, we insist that people be truly repentant before
baptism. But we also say to them, "What sinful things or dark
strongholds would you like to leave behind in these waters
today? What dark things would you specifically like "buried"
in the water during baptism?" Usually there are several specific
things. Of course this is very powerful for destroying those
strongholds and setting people free. I believe this is exactly
the way baptism should be seen. It really is an opportunity
to leave the old life behind. To have it cut it off truly. Exactly as
the Bible says. No wonder the demons panic!

Think how powerful the act of true repentance is - just by itself.
And then think about the filling of the Holy Spirit. What a powerful
experience that is also. And from what we can see in the New
Testament, there is no reason why water-baptism should not
be just as powerful as these other two. Add them all up and
what do you have? The most incredible conversion experience
that it is possible to imagine. In the Bible all these things
basically happened on the first day. No wonder their converts
took off like a rocketship! And the same should be true of us today.

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God bless you all.
Andrew Strom.