Monday, December 18, 2017

Facebook - hacking a problem

Facebook has a few problems. It's not really secure. Have a look at this to sea how you can address that.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Soros to interfere in Hungary? Not if Orban can help it!

George Soros. Again. A nasty character, who's aim is to break apart nation states and homogenise them for subservience to globalist interests. He funnels money into campaigns using NGOs as a front to push his agenda. The only thing is like to see George Soros wearing is handcuffs.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

The revived Knights Templar

The Knights Templar are officially reborn as of 2013. These are the Jesuits reclaiming their public image and appealing to the masses via a magical, mystical and dominionist persona. The 500 year anniversary of the protestant reformation is past and the Roman Pope is out to pull the pieces of organized Christianity and other religions under his control.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Podesta Group classes amidst serious allegations

It sounds like the Podesta Group, who were heavily involved in Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign, are closing amidst some really serious allegations.

How many times have we seen guilty parties accusing innocent people of what they themselves have perpetrated. The Podesta Group seems to be like that. Alex Jones in this video claims the Podesta brothers are the ones who did deals with foreign interests, who sold Russia massive amounts of uranium, who are involved in child pornography and more.

I must say I don't always follow Alex Jones' logic or conclusions, and I'm beginning to doubt his authenticity (Masonic backing? Listen to his beliefs about America); but when he comes out with hard facts it's hard to ignore him.

It will be interesting to see how much of this touches Hillary Clinton. She seems to be guilty as hell, but the media have really protected her. Will it result in her being jailed, along with the Podesta brothers and some other scum? God only knows; we just have to wait and see.

Friday, November 10, 2017

AI and Virtual Worlds; the Multiverse, Transhumanism & Religion

I find the ramifications of AI scary. The science itself is fascinating. What it could lead to in the wrong hands is scary, and I think we've heard enough of rogue nations, corrupt individuals and crazy spot agencies to realise there are plenty of 'wrong hands' out there!

There is definitely, in my mind anyway, a correlation between areas of advanced physics like the multiverse and what are see happening in areas connected to our quest for spiritual realities. The multidimensional worlds these guys are trying to manufacture in software is directly related to what physics is telling us, which also correlates to possibilities intelligent bible scholars delve into. As CERN and other agencies try to open Stargates or Portals to other dimensions (yes, they have actually published this), we are also encouraging people to venture into other worlds via a biological/hardware interface (transhumanism).

Does this all seem a bit like like The Matrix? Possibly so. The biological entities in that physical reality had been made unaware of their physical reality, and immersed in another, virtual, reality. How far was the author ahead of his time! In the ranks of futurists, maybe not at all. In the world of 'Everyman', exceedingly so.

This then begs the question: "If the science of the Matrix, which is over a decade old, is starting to appear very possible; what is the view of futurists now, and how much of that is based on theoretical physics, in particular quantum mechanics?" And given CERN has a statue of the Indian god Khali displayed and have talked quite spiritually at stages, how big a party do ideas of religion, alien gods, Gaia, emerging into the New Age reincarnation. That's a big subject, and I'm no expert ; but it is one I'm interested in, and one which affects me because science is now starting to validate spiritual things, not debunk them.

The important thing is the framework into which we assimilate new knowledge, and what that means for our stance regarding adoption of new technologies. Will we blindly be led into territory experimental physicists, futurists and the ultra wealthy want us to go, or will we consider their propositions in the light of our beliefs and what the bible seems to say about these things.

Have a read of the article that started me writing this post...

If you'd like more like this past, please say so in comments.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Fascinating insight into 'Russian Ties' and the New Silk Road reality

The following YouTube video is a really good and frank analysis of what's going on in the world. It's quite fabulous.

Why it's Fabulous

It's fabulous because it recognizes the global power base has been in London for centuries, and the current scenario is really a continuum from the British East India Company (not exactly named).

It doesn't go so far as to say the Rothschilds are in fact behind all this skullduggery:
# who control the CITY OF LONDON (no I'm not capitalizing for no reason : the square mile that is the old Roman city of London is the financial Centre of the world, run by Rothschilds & Co.);
# who also control the CIA through the Queen of England;
# who also run the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA'S FEDERAL RESERVE (which lends to the US Government).

It's fabulous as far as it goes though.
# It applauds the efforts by Russia and China to set up the New Silk Road, and the enormous number of countries they are involving.
# They are very correct that Obama wanted no part of the New Silk Road project, and that US companies weren't encouraged by their government to be involved.

Isn't it interesting that Businessman Trump, the wheeler & dealer, DID encourage US companies to get involved - AND that his opponents are still claiming the Russians were working covertly to sway the election results. These OPPONENTS (Democrats) are in fact the same party that became a sudden force once the Jews moved to the USA and put their numbers behind them en mass. I need to research more, but it's been said the roots of the Democrats are in the slave owners of the south.

So there's a trail to follow:

European Rothschilds
> US Rothschilds (Rockefeller and other ultra-wealthy Jews)
> the Democrats who pushed the accusations (not the average Joe).

But What It's Missing

#1 The Nature of The Beast
The nature of the Beast is that it has tentacles and control everywhere. They seem to emanate from:
# London - Financial
# Vatican City - Religious
# The United States District of Columbia - Military

There are of course a plethora of secret and not so secret societies and organisations that have been fabricated to mask the identities deeper in the shadows.
# Skull & Bones;
# Knights of Malta
# The newly revived Knights Templar
# and more. 

The tentacles reach around the world, and many governments that are put in power after the good old CIA overturned a legitimate government are composed of people that have been groomed for that purpose as part of The Beast.

Did you know that the Kim Family of North Korea were installed on formation of the divided North and South Korea? Guess where the first leader (and current one) are educated? Now be surprised. They are very much part of the globalist (Beast) fold. It looks like there's division and conflict, but most of that's an illusion. Not saying that North Korea wouldn't go to war. It would. War is profitable for those who provide the means for conflict. Money lenders (now banks), weapons manufacturers, food companies, clothing, transport. There's a lot involved, and those who hold the contracts make huge amounts of money!

In the USA, the Clinton, Cheney, Bush and many other very esteemed families make enormous sums of money from war! Ever noticed Hillary Clinton always seemed to smile when war was afoot? All the way to the bank!

So to miss the understanding of the nature and global reach of the Beast  is is to look at the surface. The Beast has been there for many centuries, controlled by men in the shadows through clandestine organizations which then control secret societies, the wealthiest of global companies, Not For Profit organizations, governments, the media and anything else that can affect the global stage. And behind the men in the shadows is the true nature of the Beast; Satan himself, the ultimate conspirator who is set against Yehovah God most high and his anointed one, Yeshua Mashiach (Jesus Christ).

Saturday, August 5, 2017

TORAH Jews do not support ZIONISM

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Unbeatable : ONE PERCENT ROI!

One percent return!

That's what a source said in this interview about the CIA 'investment' in 'moderate rebels' in Syria. Let's hope Trump makes his agreement with Putin stick made when the G20 happened recently.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Trump is the Antithesis: The Fall Guy

Lynette Zhang, market strategist, thinks Trump is the Fall Guy. He'll induce inflation, strip rights and conditions, and cause a meltdown that leads to a market rat and ushering in of the global currency, which may be a block-chain system like BitCoin.

I agree. I believe, and have done Trump became visible as a presidential candidate, that Trump has been installed in order to supervise the downfall of the USA. To me, it's a case of Thesis, Antithesis & Synthesis. 

# The Thesis is the status quo.
# The Antithesis is Trump wanting to dismantle the system
# The Synthesis is the resolution of these tensions, and will be exactly what the NWO wants. The Synthesis & Antithesis have be carefully planned in order to make the Synthesis look attractive ; but it southland have been attractive if the Thesis & Antithesis are not in place.

The likely Synthesis of the current tensions involving the USAs current regime will involve a currency reset, civil unrest, a tightening of security including probable militarisation of police and involvement of military forces storing their own countries to maintain civil order.

Israeli News from a Jewish Perspective

This site is written from a Jewish perspective, which doesn't recognize Yeshua Mashiach (Jesus the Messiah), but shows what sums leading minds see in development of biblical prophecy.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

‘It’s ratings’ - CNN's Supervising Producer on video claiming Russia narrative is ‘mostly bullsh*t’

‘It’s ratings’: CNN producer filmed saying Russia narrative is ‘mostly bullsh*t’

John Bonifield, CNN Supervising Producer, has apparently been filmed saying the network’s Russia coverage is more about ratings than offering solid facts. Investigative journalism group ‘Project Veritas’ has released a hidden-camera video conversation. RT has not yet been able to verify the clip’s authenticity.

See also :

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Bill Thompkins re ET projects

I heard Bill talked about when Antarctica was discussed, and followed my nose. As an open minded person with strong Christian beliefs and leaving on the authority of biblical and other historical texts, I really believe the Watchers are quite real ; aliens are most probably a manifestation of fallen angels either manifesting trans-dimensionally or inhabiting genetically engineered bodies such as those the Nephalim have (yes, I have caused to believe the Nephalim are still on earth).

There is so much to digest with respect to aliens, UFOs and so on ; but one thing is certain. It can all be explained in context of the bible. Keeping that in mind, read on...

Monday, May 29, 2017

Are the elite guilty of serious crimes, but get away with it?

I was watching a few videos a while ago, and one of them alleged the royals of years past practiced cannibalism. I thought this a bit of a wild and serious allegation, so I checked it out, followed my nose...

Have a watch of this video, and see how far you get before you want to check some facts:

I got to the spot where it alleged the queen and Pope Benedict had been found guilty of crimes against humanity. I stopped. I checked the reference number supposedly of the court case.

I took the reference number '022513—001' and searched. There was a page full of links. The page of most obvious value was :  Ok, so the court is very anti-religious and seemingly anti-Monarchy, but facts are facts, aren't they?


Friday, May 5, 2017

Project Odin’s Eye - Intel backdoor Spyware in new chips

It's so good we can trust the major chip manufacturers to not spy on us! Or can we?.....

Project Odin’s Eye – Intel Whistleblower Describes Adding Backdoors to The Intel Management Engine, Compromising Every Intel Machine from CM Browser)

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A bit of USA/RU/CN global political balance!

Steven from Israeli News Live evaluates international tensions, accusations by the US now towards Russia, and China pulling citizens out of North Korea. The USA is more clearly in the grip of the Deep State & Industrial Military Complex than ever, and the guys at the steering wheel seem to be veering with menace towards Russia. Watch as Steven cites disparate news sources from around the world to bring a balanced perspective to events of the day.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

MOAB bomb kills Giants?

This looks interesting. An article claiming the MOAB bomb released in April 2017 in Afghanistan, supposedly to deal with Islamic State was actually used to kill Giants. What do you think? Exotheology » Exopolitics

Russia and China Preparing Alternative Banking Architecture

I've alluded to much of what this article reveals, but it's superb a dead is you want to understand what's going on in the world. You might just maybe the intuitive leap that is the USA rocks China & Russia are our to replace their SWIFT international payments system with a more equitable alternative (as a matter of survival for them), that the USA might just use its standard response : a military one. Isn't it odd then that the USA are pushing both China & Russia militarily via North Korea! God alone knows what the outcome will be.

International Forecaster Weekly

Russia and China Preparing Alternative Banking Architecture one of these stories is a silver bullet, but they're all related and point in the same direction: China and Russia are preparing for the split with US-dominated financial architecture.


China RussiaBanking Economy

James Corbett | April 16, 2017

It may have arrived with little fanfare, but Russia's SWIFT alternative has, more or less, arrived. Speaking in no uncertain terms at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin late last month, Elvira Nabiullina, the Governor of Russia's central bank, stated: "We have finished working on our own payment system, and if something happens, all operations in SWIFT format will work inside the country. We have created an alternative."

Now this news will be old news to intrepid Corbett Reporteers. My long-term audience will no doubt recall the September 21, 2014 episode of New World Next Week where James Evan Pilato and I covered the Russia/China talks to create both a SWIFT alternative and an independent ratings agency. You'll also of course recall my March 11, 2015 editorial in these very pages where I discussed then-recent reports that China was ready to go live with its own SWIFT alternative, the Cross-Border Inter-Bank Payments System. For those not following along at home, that system did indeed go live in October of that year, but in a "watered down" form that only accounts for cross-border yuan trade deals, not capital-related transactions.

But for those who are really lost in the woods, let's go back to my "China’s SWIFT Alternative and the (Engineered) Death of the Dollar" editorial to re-establish just what SWIFT is and why alternatives to it are so potentially important. As I wrote at the time:

"For those who don’t know, SWIFT stands for the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication and is shorthand for the SWIFTNet Network that is used by over 10,500 financial institutions in 215 countries and territories to transmit financial transaction data around the world. SWIFT does not do any of the clearing or processing for these transactions itself, but instead sends the payment orders that are then settled by correspondent banks of the member institutions. Still, given the system’s near universality in the financial system, it means that virtually every international transaction between banking institutions goes through the SWIFT network."

This is why the SWIFT system is so important to the global economy and why it was a significant hamper to the Iranian economy when 30 Iranian financial institutions (including the central bank) were de-listed from the SWIFT network in 2012. And this is exactly why China and Russia have been so keen on setting up an alternative infrastructure of their own, just in case the "completely independent" SWIFT organization acts as a proxy weapon for the US State Department and its pals at some point in the future.

Now this latest announcement about the Russian SWIFT alternative is not new news, per se. The system was already up and operating on a trial basis among "several dozen banks" in 2015. Governor Nabiullina's latest pronouncement is more of a reassurance that the Russian economy will be able to continue in the event of anything, including a de-listing from SWIFT. As the latest reports reveal, 330 banks are now on the system. What's more, fully 90% of Russia's ATMs are now able to accept the Mir payment system, the Russian alternative to Visa and Mastercard.

Now maybe these stories taken by themselves are no big news. But let's look at them in the context of recent events:

Russia just created its first ever representative office of the Bank of Russia Beijing. This move brings Russia one step closer to issuing its own sovereign yuan-denominated bonds.

Meanwhile the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China is now officially acting as a renminbi clearing bank in Russia, which expands local settlement business in direct yuan-ruble trade and follows Russia's 2015 inclusion of the renminbi on its official reserve currency list.

Are you starting to see the bigger picture? Again, no one of these stories is a silver bullet, but they're all related and they all point in the same direction: China and Russia are preparing for the inevitable(?) split with the US-dominated, dollar-denominated, SWIFT-networked global(ist) financial architecture.

Now there are some caveats to this before we start converting all our cash to yuan and moving to Vladivostok. As it turns out, every single one of these moves are either baby steps, the beginning moves that might one day lead to baby steps, or steps backward disguised as baby steps.

Like that Chinese SWIFT alternative, the CIPS system. It was originally being touted as a rival to SWIFT. Then, as we've seen, it was "watered down" and became something like an adjunct to SWIFT. Then in March 2016 CIPS actually signed a memorandum of understanding with SWIFT to use SWIFT's own platform for transmitting its messages. CIPS is now, if not an all-out subsidiary of SWIFT, at least just another one of the 150 or so payment networks that make use of the SWIFT network. So China has actually made no progress whatsoever toward safeguarding itself from a SWIFT de-listing.

And Russia's newly (re)announced SWIFT alternative? It has some considerable limitations of its own. As RT reports, the system "doesn’t work from 9pm to 5am Moscow time and costs up to five cents per wire transfer, which is regarded expensive."

And Russia's Mir payment system? The homegrown Mastercard/Visa alternative that is now readable at 90% of the country's ATMs? Well wouldn't you know it, a suspiciously well-engineered virus has just infected the country's ATM network, causing the machines to release all their large denomination banknotes when a certain code is entered. As Russia Beyond the Headlines intriguingly notes: "The virus does not have a file body, so it is not recognized by antivirus programs. It can therefore exist in the operating memory of an ATM for an unlimited time. It is the first time such a virus has been detected in Russia."

So it's not like the path from here to the Sino-Russia (New) New World Order will be all sunshine and rainbows. But who was expecting that? There are very real, very entrenched interests that have everything invested in the current unipolar Bretton Woods system (or at least what's left of that system), and there's going to be some very real resistance to whatever is emerging from China and Russia...

...However, as always (and regular readers know what's coming), we have to be aware, too, that there are other power players whose interests lie in the very conflict between competing world systems that we see emerging. Just as the world of Orwell's 1984 was divided into "Eurasia" and "East Asia" and "Oceania," so too are we increasingly being prepared for a NATO bloc / BRICS bloc world. And just as the citizens of Orwell's fictional world had no way to know if the attacks they were hearing about every day were really coming from their enemy of the week or from their own government, so too is our world fast becoming a nightmare of false flag events and stage-managed conflicts to make sure the ruling oligarchy is never challenged.

As Henry Kissinger once observed: "What we in America call 'terrorists' are really groups of people that reject the international system." Increasingly, that "international system" includes both the NATO/World Bank/IMF/SWIFT nexus of military and financial power as well as its BRICS mirror image counterparts. The "terrorists," then, according to collectivists like Kissinger, are the people who refuse to be grouped into either of these categories.

This is why we have to understand these moves toward the decoupling of the East and West as attempts to herd the masses into regional blocs as part of a broader scheme of globalization. Whether the end goal of global government is ever openly arrived at or only functions behind the scenes by tacit accord between the supposed rivals (like CIPS and SWIFT or like the BRICS Bank and the World Bank), the end result is the same: you belong to one identity-subsuming collective.

If only there was a way out of this bind.

If only there were ways of transacting with others that bypassed central banks altogether.

If only there were forms of organization that did not rely on political messiahs to wisely shepherd us into the right flock for the great sheering.

If only we could imagine a world where people could prosper through freedom rather than suffer under oppression.

But nope, I guess that's impossible. We'll all just have to rally around the NATO flag or the BRICS flag and defend that decision as if it's one we made rather than one we were engineered into. Unless we act like the majority and simply accept whatever system is placed in front of us and normalized by the media.

Resistance is futile. You will serve the BRICS. I mean the Borg. Whatever.

Happy banking!

International Forecaster Weekly

International Forecaster WeeklyBob Chapman Contact Us Login Free Sample Issue Subscribe

 2017 The International Forecaster

Quoted in full from

The last country we “liberated” from an “evil” dictator is now openly trading slaves

People are selling other human beings out in the open


04.18.2017 @8:36 AM EDT

It is widely known that the U.S.-led NATO intervention to topple Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi in 2011 resulted in a power vacuum that has allowed terror groups like ISIS to gain a foothold in the country.

Despite the destructive consequences of the 2011 invasion, the West is currently taking a similar trajectory with regard to Syria. Just as the Obama administration excoriated Gaddafi in 2011, highlighting his human rights abuses and insisting he must be removed from power to protect the Libyan people, the Trump administration is now pointing to the repressive policies of Bashar al-Assad in Syria and warning his regime will soon come to an end — all in the name of protecting Syrian civilians.

Read on at

Monday, April 17, 2017

Three false flags?

A couple of guys really attacked a fellow that commented on YouTube video. The original comment was:

If it's believed Werner Von Braun said there would be three false flag attacks. In brief, the author said :
1. By terrorists
2. By meteors
3. By aliens (our own technology)

You can see the video in question and his comment at

There have definitely been 'false flag' attacks before. Just do a search on 'proven false flags'.

For my part, to try and open the detractors' minds, whilst not agreeing fully with the video or comment that caused the ruckus, I alluded to a very controversial book that the NWO have spent many years getting to bury or discredit:

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Sion stated before WW1 that there were three world wars planned. The first to destroy royalty, the second to establish the Communist block in opposition to Europe & USA, the third would use the Muslims against 'Christian' / western nations to decimate and impoverish populations. There are others who have prophesied very similar. The thing about 'the Protocols' is it was written as a closely guarded plan that got leaked, so it's not prophetic, but rather evidence of a conspiracy to subdue nations, decapitating leadership, eliminating the middle classes and enslaving their people. It is, unfortunately, on track; and there's is much evidence the richest and most influential people in the world have for a long time been of the same ilk that wrote 'the Protocols'. InfoWars probably has material on this. Award winning Prof Michael Chassudovsky & has incredible research on where power, wealth and schemes lay too.

If you haven't looked at this material, it may take some finding, but it's out there. If keeps getting removed by large Internet companies with questionable agendas, but you'll find it somewhere if you look.

Open letter - Hope in time of war.

An open letter to the people of China, South Korea, North Korea and other countries threatened by war in April 2017.

As an Australian citizen, I wish you well, and hope you're countries remain at peace with all that is happening with the USA in the Asian region, with North Korea and in the South China Sea.

As a believer and Ambassador for the Lord Jesus Christ, I wish you hope and peace personally, and that you may know the ultimate author of hope and peace in this world; Jesus Christ. For that reason, I wish to bring to your attention some of what the Christian scriptures say about this turbulent time in history, where it seems increasingly likely our world is on the brink of a large scale, global war.

I am aware there are millions of genuine believers in your region, but speaking personally, if you are not a believer in Jesus Christ, may I suggest you get a Christian Bible (a historically authentic collection of books /writings) and read the book of Matthew. It is an accurate historical account of Jesus' first coming to earth, and shows how he dealt with a harsh and uncaring government of a puppet-King under the Roman Empire, and religious leaders called 'Pharisees' who didn't care for people but crushed them under unjust burdens and laws. Jesus fulfilled his mission back then by confronting unjust government and dying as a sacrifice for many people; legally in our place if we 'enter in to contract' with him. The books of Matthew, Mark, Luke & John are all accounts of Jesus' life, death, resurrection and ascention to the Throne of God where he has waited until being ready to return. This same Jesus will return to this world soon, not as a sacrifice, but to legally take possession. All the kingdoms of this world will becomes his possession; but only after a false 'Christ' intervenes to stop war, unites all religions (I believe with the Catholic Pope), and sets up global government. Be aware this will probably happen in the next ten years, maybe very soon given events among the nations. That is why I have written this open letter now.

Do not be deceived, for the 'Ante-Christ' (the false Christ) will be very convincing. He will not be the 'ANTI-Christ', the openly evil ruler depicted by many Hollywood films. He will actually be a false or replacement Christ. That's why he will try to arrange events to seem like he is the authentic Christ, returning to bring peace when war is happening.

I am also writing another open letter regarding the possible return of the ancient goods and super-heroes acknowledged by most cultures because this hot topic most likely ties in with the Ante-Christ's planned deception of this world.

The real Christ came the first time 2,000 years ago to die in our place for our wrongs. When he returns though, it will not be as a man, in weakness, but as the God-Man, in much strength, and he will come to judge the nations and bring in 1,000 years of the 'just government' this world needs to survive. 

We are living in what is possibly the most scary but amazing time in human history. Without Jesus people have little hope. With him you can have hope and peace despite the circumstances. 

Thursday, April 13, 2017

11 new signs of USA economic collapse

Taken as excerpts from a VERY GOOD pre-election Trump speech. He had tremendous clarity then. Where is that man now?

Trump's flip-flop & the Petro-Dollar

Luke gives one of the best overviews of what's going on the world and why. He has his finger on the pulse and has pulled the seemingly diverse fragments together to explain what's really going on and why.
Hold on for the ride - he talks fast! You may need to pause or replay a bit if there's a lot of information that's new to you; but that's why it's worth viewing!
Please all questions or tell me what you think.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Gog, Magog & Erdogan's Musical Chairs

Assad has always been a strong supporter of freedom of religion. He has continually protected Christians, the history of whom goes right back to the time of the early church, as evidenced by the letters (epistles) in the New Testament of the Christian Bible.

Steven Benoon gives some good context to the situation in Syria, and relates it to Old Testament prophecy.

Syria - who's who in the zoo

A bit of balance if you please. Jones works multiple sources as he works through what's really going on.

Bolivia on Syria @ UN. Thesis & Antithesis?

Bolivia's words are sensible and true ; BUT they elevate the UN as a world body which is in authority over sovereign nations.

Could it be that the THESIS of the USAs unilateral retaliation and the overwhelming support given by many political leaders world wide and the ANTITHESIS demonstrated by Bolivia, Russia and other nations (who debate the authenticity is the USAs intelligence) could result in
A SYNTHESIS that elevates the UN further as the arbiter of political disputes and promotes the UN's role ad nor may arbiter, but world policeman, in whom military power is vested?
It is a dangerous thought. Given the UN is an independent, unelected body the Globalists have foisted on our world as a wolf in sheep's clothing, any ceding of political sovereignty is dangerous ; whilst ceding of military power, as the also unelected EU is pushing for, could be an outright disaster.

For how are we to take back our sovereignty once we have given it up, along with any strength we have militarily? There is surely a point at which the Globalists and they're coming Anti-Christ will simply say "game over"; and but for the grace of God, "game over" it would be.

Friday, April 7, 2017

‘FALSE FLAG’ — Ron Paul Says Syrian Chemical Attack ‘Makes No Sense’

‘FALSE FLAG’ — Ron Paul Says Syrian Chemical Attack ‘Makes No Sense’ - Ron Paul Liberty Report (Share from CM Browser)

So the Syrians used Chlorine in has attacks? Really?

‘FALSE FLAG’ — Ron Paul Says Syrian Chemical Attack ‘Makes No Sense’ - Ron Paul Liberty Report (Share from CM Browser)

The Project for a New American Century

The Project for the New American Century satin team for American imperialism. It goes solid background on do much that has happened the last coffee to twenty years. (Share from CM Browser)

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

What really happened to Julian Assange? Is Wiki leaks now a CIA asset?

Do you support WikiLeaks? YOU MUST SEE THIS VIDEO.
The CIA seems to have taken over!

Monday, March 27, 2017

How long until Russia responds?

Russian President Putin warned the Russian people about a year ago that the CIA had Russia in their sights for political destabilization. He stated they expected the same tactics as elsewhere. The same tactics the CIA had used in the Arab Spring countries : mass protests, a 'democracy movement' AND LOTS of coverage by western media to make the best of it and apply pressure to the Russian government to comply with the CIAs agenda.

It's not really clear who was behind the opposition rally in Moscow that caused such a ruckus recently. Although I recognize President Putin rules with a heavy hand, and doesn't permit alternate church denominations for example, I have my doubts that the current unrest is a genuinely Russian phenomena.

When things like this happen, the influences behind them may be unclear, but as time progresses, tell tales can give us insight. I'm sure if we keep our eyes open, and don't buy into it or get consumed by the agenda, the underlying forces will become more apparent.

The underlying risk though, is that with THE USA pushing against Russia militarily via NATO, economically via sanctions, the Saudis with oil prices and now the CIA possibly fabricating covert destabilization, Putin may in fact decide its come to the stage Russia must take action.

The action we can expect, if it materializes, is probably military ; both as a clamp down inside Russia's borders to deal with the destabilization, and possibly internationally on the western to southern borders, in retaliation to NATO's surrounding Russia militarily.

Let's keep our heads level and eyes clear as we seek to comprehend what's really going on under the surface. It may not be long before hidden events break loose very much above the surface for all to see.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Obama flees massive drug bust!

An enormous drug bust aboard a luxury yacht has Obama and others implicated in massive international drug smuggling operations. Obama is alleged to have fled.

There's been division inside the CIA and FBI for years as parts of the CIA have assisted our even arranged international drug smuggling, and some in the FBI have facilitated money laundering inside the USA.

This ANONYMOUS broadcast is well worth a listen, especially the middle to end where some more detail comes out.

The Clinton family have long been known as profiting from war, being drug runners and having a background in prostitution. They are implicated in this mess too.

This revelation is an early outcome of Trump placing someone trustworthy high in the intelligence community as part of his 'DRAIN THE SWAMP' campaign. Others who were scared to come forth are now gaining confidence to speak.

What will happen from here?

Either Trump will be assassinated or massively discredited by the mainstream media, with the new FAKE NEWS legislation leveraged to silence the truth;

or we'll see this snowball, with more revelations about very high level international drug running conspiracies and widespread complicity and payoffs inside the USA.    

I've been quietly researching international politics, which often incomes the USA, for years now, and this revelation adds up with everything else I have learned over the years. I'll be keeping an eye out for comment from Professor Michael Chassudovsky of Global Research on this matter. He is one of the most insightful, forthright, intelligent and penetrating researchers on globalism, global crime and world technocracy that I know.

Enjoy the viewing, and please comment or ask questions, which I'll do my best to answer.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Begging Lucifer to come out of the abyss

It's just freaky what they are up to in Europe. It used to be Christian. Now it's occultic. Is this the change into the Age of Aquarius?

Monday, February 20, 2017

An Australian who dares comment on USA....

I've just spoken up to an interview with this man talking about our (Australia's) Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, visiting the USA to see the Vice President now Michael Flynn has been forced to resign.

The freshening thing about Tom is that he talks easily about some things that are really and have really gone on in America. For example, Michael Flynn print to the president about having discussed lifting of sanctions with the Russian Ambassador.

He also talked about the general being put in charge of the NSA, and how he wrote a book revealing much about the mess of the Vietnam conflict.

So I'm hoping to find some interesting facts from his ABC 'Between The Lines' interviews at; and his own web show is at

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Ex Illuminati Woman Speaks Out

I just heard a radio interview with this woman. She claims to be born into an Illuminati family and was fairly high level before getting out. What she says largely tallies with things I've heard before. I think she's genuine. The interview does ramble a bit, but if you haven't heard this kind of testimony before, you may find it engrossing. If you have heard this kind of thing before and it's something you are researching  there may be a few pearls in there.

Beyond the Physical Realm Blog

Friday, February 17, 2017

Country tells citizens : "Buy Gold!"

Currency Pioneers Mold Nation of Gold Bugs in Kyrgyzstan at Ex-USSR's Edge - Bloomberg (Share from CM Browser)

TRUMPonomics or MUSKonomics?

This InfoWars show throws some light on what Trump is actually doing, not what the mainstream media are trying to portray him as. Trump is so over beyond misrepresented by the media, he's resorted to Presidential Announcements that the media must broadcast in their entirety in order to get his message across.

I listened to the most recent broadcast in its entirety, and it's quite revealing. Well worth a listen. Ten times as illuminating as all the reporting around it.

Is Trump perfect? No. Will be outside over some rough times? Probably. Is he the best option on the table? Definitely. Don't take my word for it. Listen to his presidential broadcasts. They are the ONLY way you'll know what he's really saying and is really going on.

Have a listen to this one, and be aware that Elon Musk is just another of the inner circle with Gates and the Google boys, and he has no interest in the welfare of anyone but the elite: and they are all saying that very soon they won't need us beverage they are facing the point of AI providing what we do, more easily and with lower cost. So why bother keeping the masses? Open your eyes to what the futurists have been proclaiming for decades because it's about to arrive.

Shadow Government is real - Clinton

The State Department’s ‘shadow government’ | New York Post

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Subtly misguiding words

There are some words we really rely on to guide us in life. It's probably different for different people. It maybe for you that the word of your father is what you look to and remember. For others it maybe a mother or grand parents. Yet others who don't have a supportive family may look to a hero they don't know personally, who is important to them; or even a good mate they trust.

If you're a Christian, the Bible is probably a huge foundation on which you rely. It literally has 'words of life'. I'm of that ilk, as you can gather by the nature of this blog.

When Christians get together, there's often music and singing. It's a bit more modern than it used to be, and many people identify with the music more than the old hymns because whilst the old hymns had some great words, many found them a bit of a drudge.

I've come to a place where I value some of the hymns more than I used to. Why? Because I love old music? Maybe I'm hooked on pipe organs? No. It's the words. I'm finding that some of the modern songs have words that just don't cut it. They are either about me instead of God, or they may be mostly right, but have something not quite right.

This post has been sitting in the back of my mind for some time, but there was a trigger this morning. It was a Hillsong song. It said how Jesus once prepared for burial was wept over and his grave clothes were damp with tears. It also said in the tomb that Jesus was all alone.

Lyrics really have a way of sticking in our minds. I can easily remember songs of my youth. I can also easily recall lyrics of many songs we sang in church when I was first converted in the early 80s. Should I take songs as face value? Should I let them 'soak in'. I've come to a stage where I don't, where I won't.

I don't want to think of Jesus as lonely in the tomb when the Bible specifically says he was absent from his body, taking the keys to death and hell, and in the presence of the Father; whereafter he was returned to his body for it to be resurrected.

I want to worship God for who he really is and what he's really done, and I'll filter out rubbish or inaccuracies in modem church music in order to preserve my love and appreciation of him.

I honestly think it's time we stopped feeding off Hillsong and other popular music providers without filtering carefully. We tend to go with what is popular or what feels good, without checking the lyrics stack up. Let's start to check out what we sing more carefully.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Rumors, elections, distractions; and all the while forces quietly build up

We get distracted by what's seemingly urgent and miss what's really important. What if much of what we've seen recently from American media is more of a distraction than genuine? What if the NATO build up in Eastern Europe and the USA buildup in the Pacific is the main game? Could it be that we're so distracted, we don't know the hour? And if the hour is nearly come, what will happen? Ukraine is easy to push into Donbass. Turkey is sitting on a powder keg. If these two tip into war, it will be WW III. If has the potential to stop Trump dead in his tracks and push Obama or another stooge forward.
We mere mortals can only watch, and pray.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Faith & Geo-politics

An interesting video that shows little seem news and links US &  NATO activity to that of the Vatican. Very interesting to yet again see the hands of the Roman Pontiff in worldly affairs.

World Shadow Government Numbered & Named

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Indonesia suspends military cooperation with Australia

Indonesia suspends military cooperation with Australia after training material insult


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Pope Francis & Fortune-Time Global Forum 2016

There's quite a fuss going on as we rush toward 2020.  It seems the Roman Pontiff has got a new world to bring into order. Not only politicians, but also heads of the most significant global companies have pledged allegiance to his agenda.
One item on the Pope' s plan is for digital identities world wide by 2020. Now why would a religious leader want that? Unless there was a deeper agenda, of course. He looks so good seated or front of the leaders of the whole world and receiving their accolades, he could be the Ante-Christ (likeness, substitute for Christ, which is the correct spelling and meaning from the Bible).

To Participants of the Fortune-Time Global Forum (3 December 2016)

Sunday, January 1, 2017

UN Invasion of USA waiting on False Flag from NWO

Troops and military hardware are already in the USA in tens if thousands. What will the trigger be? Will it happen before Trump takes office in near days, or is Temp table am insider set up as an antithesis in a complex game of Hegelian Dialectic. I've said before I don't trust Temp, but I understand given the choice of him or Clinton, he's the clear winner. I just hope this Americas sake he's real and manages to hold is the NWO/UN forces that are minutes to midnight in their agenda to overthrow the USA.