Monday, April 17, 2017

Open letter - Hope in time of war.

An open letter to the people of China, South Korea, North Korea and other countries threatened by war in April 2017.

As an Australian citizen, I wish you well, and hope you're countries remain at peace with all that is happening with the USA in the Asian region, with North Korea and in the South China Sea.

As a believer and Ambassador for the Lord Jesus Christ, I wish you hope and peace personally, and that you may know the ultimate author of hope and peace in this world; Jesus Christ. For that reason, I wish to bring to your attention some of what the Christian scriptures say about this turbulent time in history, where it seems increasingly likely our world is on the brink of a large scale, global war.

I am aware there are millions of genuine believers in your region, but speaking personally, if you are not a believer in Jesus Christ, may I suggest you get a Christian Bible (a historically authentic collection of books /writings) and read the book of Matthew. It is an accurate historical account of Jesus' first coming to earth, and shows how he dealt with a harsh and uncaring government of a puppet-King under the Roman Empire, and religious leaders called 'Pharisees' who didn't care for people but crushed them under unjust burdens and laws. Jesus fulfilled his mission back then by confronting unjust government and dying as a sacrifice for many people; legally in our place if we 'enter in to contract' with him. The books of Matthew, Mark, Luke & John are all accounts of Jesus' life, death, resurrection and ascention to the Throne of God where he has waited until being ready to return. This same Jesus will return to this world soon, not as a sacrifice, but to legally take possession. All the kingdoms of this world will becomes his possession; but only after a false 'Christ' intervenes to stop war, unites all religions (I believe with the Catholic Pope), and sets up global government. Be aware this will probably happen in the next ten years, maybe very soon given events among the nations. That is why I have written this open letter now.

Do not be deceived, for the 'Ante-Christ' (the false Christ) will be very convincing. He will not be the 'ANTI-Christ', the openly evil ruler depicted by many Hollywood films. He will actually be a false or replacement Christ. That's why he will try to arrange events to seem like he is the authentic Christ, returning to bring peace when war is happening.

I am also writing another open letter regarding the possible return of the ancient goods and super-heroes acknowledged by most cultures because this hot topic most likely ties in with the Ante-Christ's planned deception of this world.

The real Christ came the first time 2,000 years ago to die in our place for our wrongs. When he returns though, it will not be as a man, in weakness, but as the God-Man, in much strength, and he will come to judge the nations and bring in 1,000 years of the 'just government' this world needs to survive. 

We are living in what is possibly the most scary but amazing time in human history. Without Jesus people have little hope. With him you can have hope and peace despite the circumstances.