Monday, April 17, 2017

Three false flags?

A couple of guys really attacked a fellow that commented on YouTube video. The original comment was:

If it's believed Werner Von Braun said there would be three false flag attacks. In brief, the author said :
1. By terrorists
2. By meteors
3. By aliens (our own technology)

You can see the video in question and his comment at

There have definitely been 'false flag' attacks before. Just do a search on 'proven false flags'.

For my part, to try and open the detractors' minds, whilst not agreeing fully with the video or comment that caused the ruckus, I alluded to a very controversial book that the NWO have spent many years getting to bury or discredit:

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Sion stated before WW1 that there were three world wars planned. The first to destroy royalty, the second to establish the Communist block in opposition to Europe & USA, the third would use the Muslims against 'Christian' / western nations to decimate and impoverish populations. There are others who have prophesied very similar. The thing about 'the Protocols' is it was written as a closely guarded plan that got leaked, so it's not prophetic, but rather evidence of a conspiracy to subdue nations, decapitating leadership, eliminating the middle classes and enslaving their people. It is, unfortunately, on track; and there's is much evidence the richest and most influential people in the world have for a long time been of the same ilk that wrote 'the Protocols'. InfoWars probably has material on this. Award winning Prof Michael Chassudovsky & has incredible research on where power, wealth and schemes lay too.

If you haven't looked at this material, it may take some finding, but it's out there. If keeps getting removed by large Internet companies with questionable agendas, but you'll find it somewhere if you look.