Saturday, January 21, 2017

Subtly misguiding words

There are some words we really rely on to guide us in life. It's probably different for different people. It maybe for you that the word of your father is what you look to and remember. For others it maybe a mother or grand parents. Yet others who don't have a supportive family may look to a hero they don't know personally, who is important to them; or even a good mate they trust.

If you're a Christian, the Bible is probably a huge foundation on which you rely. It literally has 'words of life'. I'm of that ilk, as you can gather by the nature of this blog.

When Christians get together, there's often music and singing. It's a bit more modern than it used to be, and many people identify with the music more than the old hymns because whilst the old hymns had some great words, many found them a bit of a drudge.

I've come to a place where I value some of the hymns more than I used to. Why? Because I love old music? Maybe I'm hooked on pipe organs? No. It's the words. I'm finding that some of the modern songs have words that just don't cut it. They are either about me instead of God, or they may be mostly right, but have something not quite right.

This post has been sitting in the back of my mind for some time, but there was a trigger this morning. It was a Hillsong song. It said how Jesus once prepared for burial was wept over and his grave clothes were damp with tears. It also said in the tomb that Jesus was all alone.

Lyrics really have a way of sticking in our minds. I can easily remember songs of my youth. I can also easily recall lyrics of many songs we sang in church when I was first converted in the early 80s. Should I take songs as face value? Should I let them 'soak in'. I've come to a stage where I don't, where I won't.

I don't want to think of Jesus as lonely in the tomb when the Bible specifically says he was absent from his body, taking the keys to death and hell, and in the presence of the Father; whereafter he was returned to his body for it to be resurrected.

I want to worship God for who he really is and what he's really done, and I'll filter out rubbish or inaccuracies in modem church music in order to preserve my love and appreciation of him.

I honestly think it's time we stopped feeding off Hillsong and other popular music providers without filtering carefully. We tend to go with what is popular or what feels good, without checking the lyrics stack up. Let's start to check out what we sing more carefully.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Rumors, elections, distractions; and all the while forces quietly build up

We get distracted by what's seemingly urgent and miss what's really important. What if much of what we've seen recently from American media is more of a distraction than genuine? What if the NATO build up in Eastern Europe and the USA buildup in the Pacific is the main game? Could it be that we're so distracted, we don't know the hour? And if the hour is nearly come, what will happen? Ukraine is easy to push into Donbass. Turkey is sitting on a powder keg. If these two tip into war, it will be WW III. If has the potential to stop Trump dead in his tracks and push Obama or another stooge forward.
We mere mortals can only watch, and pray.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Faith & Geo-politics

An interesting video that shows little seem news and links US &  NATO activity to that of the Vatican. Very interesting to yet again see the hands of the Roman Pontiff in worldly affairs.

World Shadow Government Numbered & Named

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Indonesia suspends military cooperation with Australia

Indonesia suspends military cooperation with Australia after training material insult


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Pope Francis & Fortune-Time Global Forum 2016

There's quite a fuss going on as we rush toward 2020.  It seems the Roman Pontiff has got a new world to bring into order. Not only politicians, but also heads of the most significant global companies have pledged allegiance to his agenda.
One item on the Pope' s plan is for digital identities world wide by 2020. Now why would a religious leader want that? Unless there was a deeper agenda, of course. He looks so good seated or front of the leaders of the whole world and receiving their accolades, he could be the Ante-Christ (likeness, substitute for Christ, which is the correct spelling and meaning from the Bible).

To Participants of the Fortune-Time Global Forum (3 December 2016)

Sunday, January 1, 2017

UN Invasion of USA waiting on False Flag from NWO

Troops and military hardware are already in the USA in tens if thousands. What will the trigger be? Will it happen before Trump takes office in near days, or is Temp table am insider set up as an antithesis in a complex game of Hegelian Dialectic. I've said before I don't trust Temp, but I understand given the choice of him or Clinton, he's the clear winner. I just hope this Americas sake he's real and manages to hold is the NWO/UN forces that are minutes to midnight in their agenda to overthrow the USA.