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Kerry on Syria. Plans are afoot.


Monday, December 28, 2015

Julian Assange then a seasoned CIA expert commenting on Turkey downing Russian jet

An interesting discussion regarding the downing of the Russian jet by Turkey, with Julian Assange then a seasoned CIA expert commenting
. JA is certainly right about "six months time" being a big question. The CIA man may be right about Turkey going to recklessly tip NATO into the equation. What do you reckon?  https://youtu.be/vOu520INXqA

Gun ho police

'Tragedy, not crime' - Grand jury declines to indict officer in fatal shooting of 12yo Tamir Rice.

How did the info he was young and suspicion it was a toy gun not get through to the attending police?


Turkey conflict in training IS recruits

Captured ISIS fighter says 'trained in Turkey, ISIL thinks it’s safer here than Syria' https://www.rt.com/news/327222-isis-fighters-turkey-training/

Murders in Turkey

Turkey is getting less safe, especially for independent journalists. This is the latest death in a strong of murders of people who fight for our expose the truth.

Syrian journalist & filmmaker who exposed ISIS Aleppo atrocities assassinated in Turkey https://www.rt.com/news/327226-syrian-journalist-assassination-turkey/

Turkey is now proven to be in bed with IS right to the top, with the president making mega dollars from illegal oil trade from IS. I used to think is like to visit Turkey, it was a real wish and top of my list apart from England. I now wonder if Turkey is putting itself in harms way by its support of and profiteering from the USA / IS sham. Whilst the EU may be complicit, Russia may not stand idly and watch USA / IS / Turkey lying and profiteering from Syria. Watch this space, because I don't believe it's ending; quite the contrary : I think it's just really beginning and may be bigger than any of us imagined.

Friday, December 25, 2015

12,000 oil tankers & trucks on Turkey-Iraq border

Russian intel spots 12,000 oil tankers & trucks on Turkey-Iraq border - General Staff https://www.rt.com/news/327063-russian-intelligence-oil-tankers-turkey/

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Russia / Turkey conflict scenarios

Good for thought after reading the following article NEWS: Russia, Armenia unite air defenses, create regional system in the Caucasus https://www.rt.com/news/326869-russia-armenia-airdefense-caucasus/

It seems Russia has made and is making closer ties with former Soviet Republics. This consolidation is certainly necessary given the solid push NATO has made into the region.
Is also important because the region is polarising yet more. Turkey, Ukraine and EU are making it more difficult trade wise, and Russia is now trading more fully with the BRICS countries.

What would it take for NATO to confront Russia militarily? Certainly it is already happening in the hot spots such as Syria and Ukraine (recent admissions and Russian Spetznav forces have been involved, and is blatantly obvious NATO/USA have been in there too). What about Russian soil? I don't think it's likely; at least not yet. Perhaps more likely is a staunch over the Arctic land / resources grab that's be going on.

Because Russia is in the process of placing 150,000 troops in Syria, and Russian influence is also extending south from Russia somewhat, they area making quite an impression in the region.

The next question is where all this fits prophetically. The Gog & Magog war talks about the King of the North moving forces southward, and approaching Israel. Russia has long had eyes for Israel, so this is looking quite credible. What we don't really know is timing or dependencies.

If we do see Russia invade southwards and attack Turkey, there will be a major confrontation. I think it highly likely EU/NATO would enter a conflict in support of Turkey; whilst Iran and China would side decisively with Russia.

If Russia vs Turkey does materialise, there are two streams of thought on prophetic context I'm aware of, with implications :

a) Russia will conquer Turkey and probably march on towards Israel. Opinion is divided based on prophetic symbolism and interpretation whether NATO/USA/EU would seriously intervene. 

b) Believers that the Anti-Christ will come from Turkey largely see IS/ISIS & Turkey being victorious (based partly on the Seat of Satan being there). They don't tend to consider Ezekiel 38-39 and Gog & Magog much, probably because all their energy is fixated on finding the identity and origin of the Anti-Christ.

Regardless of our prophetic viewpoint, it seems the amassing of heavily equipped military forces in the region is a sure sign that conflict is present and a wider war could easily erupt. What ever does transpire, we will come to realise context if we look to the scriptures, and this will in turn give us more confidence in our Lord's agenda as it's is progressively revealed. Here also we'll find reassurance and peace, in our God.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

USA/NATO & Russia crowding in to Syria as tensions increase

I have mentioned a number of times that USA/NATO are pushing eastward from Europe against Russia. They are also if course changing regimes in the Middle East. There are developments we needed to keep an eye on as regards Syria and Turkey

Syria has long been on the globalist's list of countries for regime change, and USA/NATO a their agent in this respect. Kerri this on mind.

Turkey is in the pocket of the globalists. It is a pawn of USA, a covert dealer and supported of ISIS/IS, including mass shipments of oil from Syria into Turkey; much to the benefit of the Turkish PM and his cronies.

Enter Russia, effectively cleaning up Syria where the USA could not seem to do a thing. Russia is landing 150,000 ground trips in Syria to back Assad and preserve the current government of Syria.

Back lash:
1. Ukraine is hitting Eastern Ukraine's pro-Russian activists hard to do jam up Russian ready Joyce's
2.  I / NATO is making trouble in Crimea, including causing power cuts. Again it, to disrupt and use up resources
3. USA is putting more trips on the ground in Syria when Obama said they definitely would not, promoting a conflict between USA/NATO and the Russian coalition.
4. Turkey is distill Russian shipping through the Bospherus Strait; perhaps the busiest, most congested and most dangerous body of water in the world. If Turkey succeeds in budgeting and delaying Russia, the Russian Navy may have no choice but to push through aggressively.

Up for grabs!
Up for grabs is Syria and then surrounding counties, including Iran. Yes, good ole Uncle Sam is making nice noises to and about Iran now, but don't let that fool you. They want regime change. They want Iran, it's oil and other resources, and its geo-political advantage as their very own.

Russia is not about to allow that to happen, not is Iran . Remember the world's largest oil reserves sit under the Golan Heights. This is legally Syrian territory, but was addressed by Ideal as the spoils of war some years ago. No one talks about this in mainstream media, but it is an absolutely massive prize. And don't be fooled about not needing oil because of green power. Most of our plastics and chemicals come from oil. There's decades of research and development in them, and change would needed to occur gradually. It just can't happen overnight.

On the stage
So, to my understanding, we already have on the world stage in the Middle East:

In the blue team...
Other EU forces?

In the red team...

Basically there are a stack of polarised forces crowding into the region as the game escalates. If this doesn't wind down soon, were probably looking at a more direct confrontation between the opposing teams with the gloves offer and lying diplomacy giving way to more direct and vindictive rhetoric.

I need to research further who's in there and keep track of what's escalating, but on e thing is clear: it's escalating as I've never seen before, the stakes are genuinely high and the gloves are coming off.

If you are a leading person, now is the time to use your knees.

Lastly, Russia is bitterly opposed to Turkey. There have been many conflicts over the years between Eastern Orthodox Russia and Moslem Turkey. The Russians want Constantinople back. The Russians would like to see Turkey dissolved. Given the sneaky, dishonest role Turkey has played with IS and USA, if things get a bit more tense, we may yet see Russia walk into Turkey.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

What's going on when USA and Russia agree?

Russia and the United States agree that you can't defeat Daesh without also deescalating the fight in Syria,” the Secretary of State (KERRY) said, adding that both Moscow and Washington are “focused on political process” and that“Syrians will be making decisions on the future of Syria.”

Interesting article...

‘We see Syria fundamentally very similarly’ – Kerry after talks with Putin, Lavrov https://www.rt.com/news/326014-putin-kerry-lavrov-talks/

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Soldiers celebrating at Christmas

When there's a strategic victory, you will often see soldiers celebrating. Such was the case two thousand years ago when a major incursion was made that lead to an amazing victory.

The incursion was the birth of Jesus Christ. His birth may have been quiet and lowly, but there was a horde, a huge company, of soldiers of the heavenly host present as witnessed by shepherds out in the fields watching their flocks. This was their king and leader commencing his mission to free millions of captives from an evil overlord.

The war was on. It took everything Media Christ had to break the captives free, but eventually a decisive victory belonged to Christ. He has the legal title to the people who are enslaved and the territory that was occupied by the enemy, and he will one day return with the army of heaven to lock up the evil overlord and fully establish his Kingdom here on earth.

How do I know it was heavenly soldiers that announced his coming to the shepherds? Look at the original language in Luke 2:12-14.

 12  And this will be a sign for you: You will find a baby wrapped in strips of cloth and lying in a feeding trough.”
 13  Suddenly, a multitude of the Heavenly Army appeared with the angel, praising God by saying,
 14  “Glory to God in the highest, and peace on earth to people who enjoy his favor!”

That word ARMY in the original language is στρατία α.

Transliteration: stratia
Phonetic: strat-ee'-ah

Thayer Definition:
an army, band of soldiersin the NT, the hosts of heaventroops of angelsthe heavenly bodies, stars of heaven (so called on account of their number and their order)

Origin: from a derivative of stratos (an army from the base of G4766, as encamped)
TDNT entry: 18:41,1
Part(s) of speech: Noun Feminine

Strong's Definition: Feminine of a derivative of στρατός stratos (anarmy ; from the base ofG4766, as encamped);camp likeness, that is, anarmy, that is, (figuratively) the angels, the celestial luminaries: - host.

What's going on when USA and Russia agree?

Russia and the United States agree that you can't defeat Daesh without also deescalating the fight in Syria,” the Secretary of State (KERRY) said, adding that both Moscow and Washington are “focused on political process” and that“Syrians will be making decisions on the future of Syria.”

Interesting article...

‘We see Syria fundamentally very similarly’ – Kerry after talks with Putin, Lavrov https://www.rt.com/news/326014-putin-kerry-lavrov-talks/

Friday, December 11, 2015

The setup in Syria: Assad

Syria won’t negotiate with foreign terrorists, but only national & patriotic opposition – Assad https://www.rt.com/news/325690-syria-negotiate-terrorists-assad/

Synagogue of Satan = a big read! But well worth it.

56% through The Synagogue Of Satan - Updated, Expanded, And Uncensored by Hitchcock, Andrew Carrington on Kindle for Android! http://www.amazon.com/kindleforandroid/. This is a very good read that draws together all sorts of historical threads to bring to light that which lasts deliberately hidden.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Overwhelming Europe: Is this what IS promised?

Such an overwhelming influx, mostly of fit young men, is proving way too much for Europe. Whole towns are living in fear of violence and rape, sometimes with more refugees than their own population. Beyond the immediate tensions though, is the future of an exploding Muslim birth rate whilst native European populations are in decline. Whilst there are some genuine refugees in the mix from the depopulation of Syria, there are an awful lot of young men from other countries who have joined the flood and are proclaiming their intent to take over Europe. I remember IS (ISIS) stating a year or so ago that they would flood Europe and take over. Is this what they planned? If so, God help Europe because Islam is a harsh master; and the women in particular will suffer immensely.

The following video has gone viral the past week or so. Major video networks have largely shut it down, or restricted it due to a seemingly bogus copyright infringement (a good way to stall its viewing). I have sourced it from one site that is now hosting it locally, with its own commentary. You will find it on hundreds of sites now, each with their own views and commentary.

Please view. Please think how you would feel if it was you being invaded. Please realise how serious this situation really is. At best, there will be severe ongoing unrest or even civil war. At worst, we will see the establishment of a Muslim Caliphate as some in this video are claiming.


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Chicago Leaders held to account

Chicago protesters block streets, scuffle with cops, demand Mayor Emanuel resign.

The line that grabbed me was:

"We will now hold our leaders accountable for the transgressions they commit and that are committed under their watch," the group wrote on Facebook. "Task forces, press releases, symbolic replacements of one crony for another are no longer enough to mollify the masses."


USA playing coy about supporting IS

4 US-led coalition jets seen over Deir ez Zor in Syria day govt troops attacked - Russian MoD https://www.rt.com/news/325179-coalition-jets-syrian-army-attack/

Friday, December 4, 2015

Iraq's response to Turkey's dealing with IS : "what will happen beyond a war of words".

‘Incursion’: Baghdad demands Turkey withdraw ‘training’ troops from northern Iraq https://www.rt.com/news/324787-turkish-troops-deployed-iraq/

Turkey had been somewhat of a sleeping giant in the consciousness of the west until the past ten years or so. It seems to have gained popularity as a tourist destination and had risen to some prominence add it has for closer with the European Union and global geopolitics have put a spotlight on the region.

It's interesting to see Turkey showing its colours with its alignment with IS. We knew the largely secular state was leaning towards western ways, but always wondered about the religious undercurrents.

Turkey has been in a complex game of supporting IS, and now trading with IS for oil. They have ventured to Mosul without permission in a heavy military convoy to do so.

I don't expect the USA to say much about this given its covert support, and even sponsorship, for IS. Russia will no doubt encourage a firm response. The question is "what will happen beyond a war of words".

The players begins the scenes are becoming clearer stone progresses. A more serious war may be developing as rhetoric becomes more direct and confrontational. The is little choice but to do so when smiling thugs are trying to Rob your house whilst making polite conversation.

Watch this space. Things are likely to heat up.

Hidden gotcha in great win

Huge: Monsanto Going to Trial for Crimes Against Humanity: http://www.infowars.com/huge-monsanto-going-to-trial-for-crimes-against-humanity/

Will the law established through this case establish 'Mother Earth' or like as a spiritual or natural entity with rights if it's own? Giaia?

Monday, November 30, 2015

The guy has guts ; good weather or bad

Top French weatherman makes headlines by joining RT to cover climate summit https://www.rt.com/news/324072-french-weatherman-climate-reports/

Thursday, November 26, 2015

We've been watching TPP, but it's wider than that!

How many 'international partnerships' are being implemented, and who is the author of them? Trans-Pacific, Trans-Atlantic; what else is going on?


Syria again

Terrorists in Su-24 search operation area killed - Russian Defense Ministry https://www.rt.com/news/323578-su24-search-terrorists-killed/. This nation figures in prophecy. It's interesting to see what's happening there. Look up 'Syria' in your bible to see some context for this conflict.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Is this Muslim Invasion? "France says This Is War! "

There's been so much happening in Europe recently, and lots of comment. Some people feel strongly about this, whilst others prefer to ignore things to big for them to understand or too far away to directly impact them.

Christians feel very strongly on this subject, but their opinions are as diverse as everyone else! Why is that? What's the CORRECT perspective. How can we avoid POLITICAL CORRECTNESS and playing into the hands of the mass media, which is owned by a handful of mega-wealthy power brokers?

I believe to understand what's happening in Europe right now, we need to look back a year or two at least. So much media cites current circumstances and current opinion without looking back to significant signposts along the way.

One such signpost would be the invasion of the Middle-East by the the USA & NATO, once known as the "Coalition of the Willing"; but perhaps more deserving of a title something like "The Coalition of the Brutal".

Invasion: On the receiving end

One thing I always notice about USA's invasions. They destroy culture and history, and try to completely replace it. This was the way the Roman Empire did it. This is the way the revived Roman Empire does it. USA/NATO trample countries under-foot. If your country was invaded by vastly superior forces, which destroyed your infrastructure, your educational institutions and your ability to generate goods for trade; and then stood over you as bullies, you'd probably have a problem with them. Even as I write this, Obama is levelling infrastructure in Syria so the opposition can't use it; leaving the residents in severe poverty. Despite the significant family and historical ties to their land (think of how our Australian Aboriginals feel about their land), many are becoming willing to depart. We are thus seeing a depopulation of Syria and other countries where USA/NATO goes. Gee, this makes it really easy for USA/NATO to get at their natural resources doesn't it! Government completely dysfunctional, border and trade protection gone; resources in the big guys hands and only a few people left sounds conducive to invaders taking what they want.

Geo-Politics and Globalism

Backing away for the Syrian and European situation for a moment and looking at the players involved, USA/NATO are obviously visible. Less visible is the World Bank and other globalist banking interests that make ridiculously enormous amounts of money out of war, invasion and rebuilding. We must remember that's a factor.

United Nations

Where does the UN fit in with all this? They have been pressing countries to take in refugees, despite the obvious difficulty. They have not pressed Muslim countries regarding their responsibilities in this regard, and probably won't. The UN is please to see cultural and national distinctions broken down. Their course is homogenisation of the world. They have broad economic and governance regions planned, and don't really want individual countries to survive. They also want religious boundaries to disappear and would like to see a 'world religion' that finds things in common and disallows differences or conflict. Highlighting differences and conflict is a great way to bring them to everyone's attention and engage the world in dialog to usher in a one world religion. The groundwork for this has been going on for decades. Tony Blair (ex protestant, ex English PM) and Rick Warren are two of many working together in this space. Rick even has an acronym he explains one way for Christians and another way for Muslims in order to progress dialog.

Rebuilding the Middle East

General Wesley Clark of the USA went public before the second Iraq invasion(after 9/11), revealing the USA's plans to topple several countries. Their plans fit with Syria, Liba and Iraq; Afghanistan, Lebanon, Somalia & Iran are also mentioned. You can see the following as references.

Why Now?

It's always a good question. "Why is this happening now?". General Wesley Clark also states there was a 'policy coup' in the USA and nobody was told. The people who took over just overruled everyone and didn't announce or explain it. It just happened.

 Why did it happen when it did? There's lots of speculation, but not that many answers. What is important is trying to understand WHY. Who gains out of this?

Gains from Middle East Invasion

The Middle East was carved up long before USA invaded. Monsanto had rights to farm land to produce cheap crops for the USA before any soldier stood foot in Iraq. How did the USA gain from this? Control of land, access to natural resources, running the rebuild of infrastructure, rigging deals very much in their favour, controlling the puppet government, making nations pay for their rebuilding. The list goes on.

But What About The Backlash?

Surely those directing this awful play knew there would be retribution? Of course! Why didn't they stop it? Get this: It's not America that's running America. It's globalists; it's the world bankers; it's Wall Street. They don't care if the people of the USA suffer as a consequence. The same goes for Europe, where the President of the EU has pressed against the countries to do things against their sovereign interest. Add in an occasional leader like Obama, who signs away USA sovereignty in his sleep, ceding powers to NAFTA, the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the UN so that these bodies can coerce the USA into action according to their wishes and against USA's sovereign interest. What I'm saying is the people running the countries have been manoeuvred into place to play their part in this.

The Backlash Comes

The backlash is coming against countries. The bankers and power-brokers are largely insulated. Wait! They are actually making money! They're making money because of weapons; transport; facilities for refugees. They are also making hay whilst the sun shines in that laws are being passed to their advantage. So if Europe descends further into chaos, the globalists who run the arms manufacturing, the banks and many other global companies will make lots of $$$.

Where to from here?

Is there any care for the person on the street? Not really. There are platitudes, and help with strings attached. We have yet to see the shape of the future. We know a few things though.

Looking Back for Context

The Ashkenazi Jews have a book that's been hidden or discredited over the years. It's called "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion".  This book has been buried, discredited, maligned and ignored. Many say it was written after some events that it lays out as plans of the high ranking, ultra-rich Jewry. What we need to remember here is that just as there are moderate, peace loving Muslims, there are also moderate, peace loving Jews. The Jews do however have a global government that starts at the local synagogue and ends in a global council and leader. How did the Jews get to be so ultra-wealthy? I mean they own the global banks; the USA and English financial systems; the biggest oil companies; 99% of Hollywood; large pharmaceutical companies and the largest food companies. They basically are the biggest stakeholders in the biggest companies in the world. That includes Google too. What's the point in this? "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" lays out plans for Jewish conquest and ownership of the world. It was discredited after WW1, and again after WWII. Raise it and it will be discredited again. But what did it forecast that's so offensive?
  1. It laid out the plans for WWI, the countries involved, and what it would do to progress their plans.
  2. It laid out the plans for WWII, including the formation of Communist blocks, which the Rothschild family were not just supportive of, but helped establish and funded.
  3. It laid out the plans for WWIII.

Globalist Plans for WWIII  

"The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" planned the third world war to be the Muslims against the rest of the world (primarily the USA/NATO I believe as these are the aggressors in the Middle East). Can we see conflict involving Muslims against other countries? I believe so, but it's only just starting.

Conquest & Dominion!

It's a long established historical fact that many people, races and countries have fought for dominion over areas of this world. They want geo-political advantage; they want resources; they want to establish their empire as bigger than any one else's.
  • The Jews are awaiting their Messiah. The bulk of them don't acknowledge Jesus Christ as the Messiah, and they are still waiting after thousands of years for the "first coming", in which their Messiah will come in vengeance to judge tjhe nations and establish his kingdom.
  • The Muslims are awaiting their Madhi (anointed leader); and believe that severe conflict will hasten his coming. With such an understanding, they are deliberately stirring up conflict because when the Madhi comes, he will judge the unbelievers and establish his global kingdom. 
  • The Hindus and Bhuddists are also awaiting their spiritual leader!
  • The New Age followers; The Freemasons; Khabbalistic Jews and others are awaiting their messiah too. 
  • The Christians are awaiting their messiah,  the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.
The common thread: all believe the Messiah will come to establish his kingdom  at a time of immense conflict.

Christians Taking Dominion!

Many Christian groups are participating in a dominionist program:
  • Kingdom Now theology and agenda
  • Four Square
  • Seven Mountains
  • Christian Nationalism
Other ways this is showing its head include:
  • Christian Patriot Movement
  • Christian Zionism (let's support the Jews; they are God's people and then pour Messiah will come back)
  • Evangelical Environmentalism (have you thought about that one and how it fits?)
  • New Apostolic Reformation
  • Tenth Crusade - Counterpunch. This was the vehicle that justified the USA going to war under a 'humanitarian agenda'. It's tied to the Pope's 'Just War' policy.
  • Christian Reconstructionism 
  • Rick Warren's agenda to bring a globalist  'Christian' agenda to developing nations like Uganda. He has openly stated he expected Uganda to be the first 'Purpose Driven Nation'.
Quote: "In many ways, Dominionism is more a political phenomenon than a theological one. It cuts across Christian denominations, from stern, austere sects to the signs-and-wonders culture of modern megachurches. Think of it like political Islamism, which shapes the activism of a number of antagonistic fundamentalist movements, from Sunni Wahabis in the Arab world to Shiite fundamentalists in Iran" (source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dominion_Theology#A_spectrum_of_dominionism)

I personally think there's a very  disturbing similarity between some of our 'Christianised' dominionism and that of other religions. The thing is: only one can take dominion.

We then understand each other correctly that the 'Christian' dominionist agenda is not going to bring peace, but rather conflict as we struggle for control of earthly infrastructure, nations, institutions etc.

Jesus said...

"My kingdom is not of this world". Jesus told his followers not to fight. Furthermore, despite having some funding, he sent his disciples out humbly in pairs, with no great fanfare of letters of commendation. So as Christians, we are to have our eyes toward heaven and our master's agenda. We are to lay down our lives in service to others, not suicide bombs.

Jesus said to honour what ever government God allows to be placed over us. He didn't say we were to avoid politics; but he did say his kingdom is not of this world. To me, that's not a difficult ask. It just means we stand up as ordinary citizens to take on a political role, and we don't tie it directly to a church or religious institution. We must be able to act as 'salt and light' in whatever circumstances we find ourselves. DE-linking ourselves from a dominionist agenda leaves us free to represent Jesus more fully and accurately.

Back to the Future

So before closing this diatribe; we need to go back to the phenomena of Muslim refugees flooding primarily into Europe. What if they wage war on society? What if they demand Sharia Law in their strongholds? What if down here in Australia we end up with more refugees and there's escalated tensions here? Do we fight them in the name of Christ? Do we get into physical conflict? How do we respond to their demands (yes. they will come, their planned agenda means they make demands once they reach a given population density)?

Since I drafted this article a day after the attack in France, France has declared war on IS. Germany has been dragged in further, the USA with Obama as spokesman has hardened resolve, and even the Russians with Vladimir Putin at the helm have entered the fray more voraciously (saying IS is to blame for the downing of it's passenger jet recently). The world, it seems, is aligning itself against IS. This sounds pretty much like the scenario I brought to your attention from the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

Note that is France's anger, they claim it's the most shedding of blood on French soil since WWII. Not so. That was in 1961 when the French police clamped down on protests and reportedly milkless up to two hindered people. See Wikipedia o the Parris Massacre of 1961 (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paris_massacre_of_1961).

The Answers

After all this, I don't have the answers! Great, you say. What I can say is "Please stay away from a dominionist agenda, it plays right into the devils hands".  I really believe we need  to act as individuals, not institutions. I also believe we need to serve, not strive for control. If we try to assert ourselves and fight, how are we different to them; or to the Papal Crusades of times past? 

I don't haver answers, but I do have knees. Knees that will be well used in prayer if more difficult things come to pass. We don't know what plans the hands that guide powerful men and nations have  for the future, but it's obvious more conflict is coming. Let us respond as Jesus would have us; in prayer and servanthood; with quiet words that turn away wrath; and with intense loyalty to our Lord and King.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Assange recognises the real game in Syria.

Smart Assange recognises the game : ‘Strategic depopulation’ of Syria likely cause of EU refugee crisis – https://www.rt.com/news/319797-syria-depopulation-refugees-assange/. Destabilising the government, pushing their own agents into the country. The usual bribery and extortion. "if you're helpful, there will be a job for you". The largest oil reserves the world has ever seen are at stake here. If they can topple Syria and break it up or install a puppet regime, then Israel & USA can get all the oil and gas they want out of what is legally Syrian territory; the Golan Heights.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

AU follows USA with loss of freedom?

Newspaper report from 2nd October 2014. Just one year ago. How our world has changed.
George Brandis has silently swept away your freedoms

(photo) Lockdown: An Australian Federal Police officer at the ministerial entrance to Parliament House. Photo: Andrew Meares
By Alison Bevege

The government has done the Islamist fascists' job for them by passing the dreadful NSA Bill in a climate of fear, writes Alison Bevege.

Australia has changed radically since last week though it might not look like it on the surface.

Late Thursday night the Senate passed the National Security Amendment Bill (No.1) 2014 giving unlimited power to spies and secret police.

A sense of urgency was deliberately created by the media wing of the security forces to get the powers they want.

The laws have been maimed. Unimaginable things can happen now, things that Australians have only read about in books. Not books like Thomas Paine's The Rights of Man. Those principles have been thrown away.

Books like Stasiland, by Anna Funder, where the "puzzlers" of East Germany piece together secret police files shredded when the Berlin Wall fell in 1989.

Strand by strand they find the secret horrors done to missing people. They will never finish. Germany now has a glass cupola over its Reichstag. The symbol was deliberate: the government is transparent and the people walk above them. Sunlight disinfects the debating chamber of the Bundestag below.

Australia has just voted in the opposite direction. Now officials can break the law with immunity from prosecution - and without having to answer to a court. They can act in total secrecy.

They will decide what they do and to whom and when. They do not have to ask permission. They will choose when to interfere in your life and when they won't. They can dip into your most private communications and they don't need a warrant to do so.

Sometimes they will do it because it is necessary to fight crime. Sometimes because they enjoy it. Nobody will be watching them. If they mess up your life and you tell anybody, you will get 10 years' jail – even if it doesn't harm security.

When a Special Intelligence Operation (SIO) is declared then any participant can break the law on you with no consequences, according to Schedule 3 section 35k.

There are broad limits. They cannot kill or torture you, or cause significant physical injury. Minor injury or mental torment is fine. They can't commit a sexual offence or cause significant loss of property either.


Anyone involved in an SIO will have these powers – but who are they?

ASIO, with 1778 staff. The Australian Federal Police, with more than 6900 staff. NSW Police with about 16,370 officers and a spy database called COPS which has more than 30 million entries on the people of NSW.

But not just them. Anyone involved in an SIO enjoys legal immunity, including affiliates and subcontractors – whoever they are. Then there are all the other state and territory police forces and the rest of the spy community including the Defence Intelligence Organisation, Australian Secret Intelligence Service, Defence Signals Directorate, Defence Intelligence Organisation, Office of National Assessments, Defence Imagery and Geospatial Organisation. And overseas agencies from Five-Eyes alliance countries (which ones?).

Each year members of ASIO are seconded to the public service bureaucracy and vice versa. So anybody from a dark pool of thousands could be involved in an SIO. There is nothing to stop them abusing their new powers, the protections have been wiped away.  You just have to trust they are all "first-class citizens" who wouldn't dream of misusing the law.

The Inspector General of Intelligence and Security (IGIS) is the only independent oversight body that reviews Australia's six intelligence agencies. IGIS has a budget of $4.27 million. ASIO alone has a budget of $642.25 million. It has a staff of 12 and responds to complaints. It is not a watchdog.


Many Senators clearly hadn't read the 128 pages of major legal changes in the NSA Bill.

Hansard reveals PUP Senator Glenn Lazarus supported the Bill at the second reading, the day before the vote, without referring to any of its sections.

"I love Australia," the former football star chirped. "I love our freedom. I along with all Australians feel that our great country must be protected."

He was not alone. Liberal Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells used her second-reading speech to blather about  how great multiculturalism is. She gave the statistics for how many Muslims live in Australia. Then she said it was not about religion anyway.

Labor was missing in action having already agreed to support the Bill.

Senator George Brandis – who authorised an ASIO raid on lawyer Bernard Collaery - praised the bipartisan support as he introduced the Bill for the third reading on Thursday.

"What Senator Brandis proudly summed up as bipartisanship, I would characterise as an absence of critique and opposition at a time when this country desperately needs it," said Greens Senator Scott Ludlam."I want to thank my crossbench colleagues from across the political spectrum for providing the only opposition that Australia has tonight."

The only Senators to oppose the Bill were the Greens, LDP Senator David Leyonhjelm, DLP Senator John Madigan and Independent Senator Nick Xenophon.

It passed 44 to 12 in a climate of fear.


Armed police patrolled the halls of Parliament in the days leading up to the vote so the Senators and MPs could physically see their lives were protected from imminent danger.

A sense of urgency was deliberately created by the media wing of the security forces to get the powers they want.

Media Watch exposed how NSW Police director of public affairs Strath Gordon's office provided professional video footage and photographs of massive Sydney terror raids to the media in the week before the vote.

Mr Gordon's office ensured the raids were given maximum publicity, announcing them on Twitter.

The front page of the Daily Telegraph trumpeted that Parliament was under threat.

"Armed Australian Federal Police officers will take back command and control of Parliament House in Canberra after fresh revelations suspected terrorists were planning a potential attack," wrote Simon Benson.

Politicians who didn't read the Bill had no chance to escape the terror paving its passage to the Senate.

The much-maligned PUP Senator Jacqui Lambie at least noticed the coincidence.

"We would not be in this position, where there are armed guards on high alert patrolling our national Parliament and where we are debating legislation that undermines personal rights and freedoms, if we had cracked down and taken a harder line with the enemy we face today - the sharia law extremists of 10 years ago," she said.

She correctly grasped a nettle avoided by the rest of the world since 2001 - and for which she has been attacked.

The war on "terror" is a euphemism for the war on "Islamist fascism".

The fear of inciting hatred against moderate, secular Muslims – who are themselves the first victims of Islamist fascists – has caused the entire Western polity to avoid the truth for more than a decade with the weasel word "terror".

Politicians have preferred to destroy civil liberties ahead of offending minorities no matter how reasonable or necessary to limit the spread of a theocratic, totalitarian, violent political ideology.

Islamist fascists Hizb-ut-Tahrir, banned across the Middle East, are free to roam Lakemba. Despite openly declaring itself as a political party with an ideology of Islam that is trying to establish a Caliphate under Sharia, Australia has not banned them.

The blind extreme of multiculturalism now means that if you criticise Islamist fascism then you are guilty of offending a minority, tantamount to racism.

This seedbed of intellectual dishonesty has fruited the new laws that have maimed the country without doing anything to fix the root problem.

Islamist fascism was not targeted so everybody's freedom must go. And that suits ASIO just fine.

Unfortunately Ms Lambie – who at least showed some familiarity with the Bill - failed to understand this and voted for the legislation alongside her colleagues.

In 1984, author George Orwell laid bare the lie of authoritarian utopia. It was a warning, not an instruction manual for Senator Brandis.

He wrote that if the citizen gives up freedom and privacy to the state in return for safety, the bargain is fatal.

You end up with neither security nor freedom.

You end up bullied and starved and told you are being well fed and too scared not to love your masters.

The citizen needs protection from the state built into the laws and that is what they smashed on Thursday.

This generation has forgotten. The price is to visit those miserable, dreary lessons learnt by the East Germans.

Alison Bevege is a freelance journalist.

Interesting to note the laws are pushed through before people could read them. The same pattern as USA when it comes to gaining control.

We need to have our eyes open and be ready to speak, otherwise or children will look upon us darkly for our cowardice when they suffer massive but preventable loss of freedom.

If you can read, READ THIS!

Read this. Context is so important! It explains why Jesus talked about The Synagogue Of Satan in Revelation, why it is incredibly important and affects your life immensely, and it gives unparalleled historical coverage and references.

THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN UPDATED, EXPANDED, AND UNCENSORED Copyright © Andrew Carrington Hitchcock – January 1st 2012. ISBN - 978-1-4710-3484-8.


Releasing rEVIvaL?

A couple of years ago, I emailed a friend I trust in NZ with a question about a newish pentecostal phenomena. It's just come back to my recollection and I want to share it.

"You may remember talking to me a bit back in 2006/2008 when I was running "100 Good Men". I was just reading some emails and got one from Xxxxx xxxxxx, whom I know, but don't agree with the dominionism, wealth doctrine he pushes.

What I noticed in the email was the term "releasing revival". I have noticed this a lot the past few years. It's written as though one man can come into a location and dispense revival.

Have you noticed this terminology? In the context of dominionism? What's your opinion?"

I continued to browse his website, and came upon the filleting, which reveals something of the character of apostasy. From a prophecy back in 1965 regarding the "Vision of Coming Deception".  The last two paragraphs read:

“The minister of righteousness shall be on this wise: his life shall agree with the Word and his lips shall give forth that which is wholly true, and it will be no mixture. When the mixture appears, then youwill know he is not a minister of righteousness. The deceivers speak first the truth then error, to cover their own sins which they love.
Therefore, I exhort and command you to study the Scriptures relative to seducing spirits, for this is one of the great dangers of these last days.

“I desire you to firmly be established in My Word and not in the personalities of men that you will not be moved as so many shall be moved.
Take heed to yourselves and follow not the seducing spirits that are already manifesting themselves. Diligently inquire of Me when you hear something that you have not seen in My Word, and do not hold people’s
persons in admiration–for it is by this very method Satan will destroy many of My people.”

Interesting that somehow this email from a few years ago should come to my attention when I wrote to a group of people just hours ago regarding a new, used incredibly powerful subliminal technology
"The only defence against it is to question EVERY thought is light of our moral framework and knowledge to stop being deceived. BRINGING EVERY THOUGHT INTO CAPTIVITY AND OBEDIENCE TO CHRIST".