Tuesday, December 22, 2015

USA/NATO & Russia crowding in to Syria as tensions increase

I have mentioned a number of times that USA/NATO are pushing eastward from Europe against Russia. They are also if course changing regimes in the Middle East. There are developments we needed to keep an eye on as regards Syria and Turkey

Syria has long been on the globalist's list of countries for regime change, and USA/NATO a their agent in this respect. Kerri this on mind.

Turkey is in the pocket of the globalists. It is a pawn of USA, a covert dealer and supported of ISIS/IS, including mass shipments of oil from Syria into Turkey; much to the benefit of the Turkish PM and his cronies.

Enter Russia, effectively cleaning up Syria where the USA could not seem to do a thing. Russia is landing 150,000 ground trips in Syria to back Assad and preserve the current government of Syria.

Back lash:
1. Ukraine is hitting Eastern Ukraine's pro-Russian activists hard to do jam up Russian ready Joyce's
2.  I / NATO is making trouble in Crimea, including causing power cuts. Again it, to disrupt and use up resources
3. USA is putting more trips on the ground in Syria when Obama said they definitely would not, promoting a conflict between USA/NATO and the Russian coalition.
4. Turkey is distill Russian shipping through the Bospherus Strait; perhaps the busiest, most congested and most dangerous body of water in the world. If Turkey succeeds in budgeting and delaying Russia, the Russian Navy may have no choice but to push through aggressively.

Up for grabs!
Up for grabs is Syria and then surrounding counties, including Iran. Yes, good ole Uncle Sam is making nice noises to and about Iran now, but don't let that fool you. They want regime change. They want Iran, it's oil and other resources, and its geo-political advantage as their very own.

Russia is not about to allow that to happen, not is Iran . Remember the world's largest oil reserves sit under the Golan Heights. This is legally Syrian territory, but was addressed by Ideal as the spoils of war some years ago. No one talks about this in mainstream media, but it is an absolutely massive prize. And don't be fooled about not needing oil because of green power. Most of our plastics and chemicals come from oil. There's decades of research and development in them, and change would needed to occur gradually. It just can't happen overnight.

On the stage
So, to my understanding, we already have on the world stage in the Middle East:

In the blue team...
Other EU forces?

In the red team...

Basically there are a stack of polarised forces crowding into the region as the game escalates. If this doesn't wind down soon, were probably looking at a more direct confrontation between the opposing teams with the gloves offer and lying diplomacy giving way to more direct and vindictive rhetoric.

I need to research further who's in there and keep track of what's escalating, but on e thing is clear: it's escalating as I've never seen before, the stakes are genuinely high and the gloves are coming off.

If you are a leading person, now is the time to use your knees.

Lastly, Russia is bitterly opposed to Turkey. There have been many conflicts over the years between Eastern Orthodox Russia and Moslem Turkey. The Russians want Constantinople back. The Russians would like to see Turkey dissolved. Given the sneaky, dishonest role Turkey has played with IS and USA, if things get a bit more tense, we may yet see Russia walk into Turkey.