Friday, December 4, 2015

Iraq's response to Turkey's dealing with IS : "what will happen beyond a war of words".

‘Incursion’: Baghdad demands Turkey withdraw ‘training’ troops from northern Iraq

Turkey had been somewhat of a sleeping giant in the consciousness of the west until the past ten years or so. It seems to have gained popularity as a tourist destination and had risen to some prominence add it has for closer with the European Union and global geopolitics have put a spotlight on the region.

It's interesting to see Turkey showing its colours with its alignment with IS. We knew the largely secular state was leaning towards western ways, but always wondered about the religious undercurrents.

Turkey has been in a complex game of supporting IS, and now trading with IS for oil. They have ventured to Mosul without permission in a heavy military convoy to do so.

I don't expect the USA to say much about this given its covert support, and even sponsorship, for IS. Russia will no doubt encourage a firm response. The question is "what will happen beyond a war of words".

The players begins the scenes are becoming clearer stone progresses. A more serious war may be developing as rhetoric becomes more direct and confrontational. The is little choice but to do so when smiling thugs are trying to Rob your house whilst making polite conversation.

Watch this space. Things are likely to heat up.