Thursday, December 10, 2015

Overwhelming Europe: Is this what IS promised?

Such an overwhelming influx, mostly of fit young men, is proving way too much for Europe. Whole towns are living in fear of violence and rape, sometimes with more refugees than their own population. Beyond the immediate tensions though, is the future of an exploding Muslim birth rate whilst native European populations are in decline. Whilst there are some genuine refugees in the mix from the depopulation of Syria, there are an awful lot of young men from other countries who have joined the flood and are proclaiming their intent to take over Europe. I remember IS (ISIS) stating a year or so ago that they would flood Europe and take over. Is this what they planned? If so, God help Europe because Islam is a harsh master; and the women in particular will suffer immensely.

The following video has gone viral the past week or so. Major video networks have largely shut it down, or restricted it due to a seemingly bogus copyright infringement (a good way to stall its viewing). I have sourced it from one site that is now hosting it locally, with its own commentary. You will find it on hundreds of sites now, each with their own views and commentary.

Please view. Please think how you would feel if it was you being invaded. Please realise how serious this situation really is. At best, there will be severe ongoing unrest or even civil war. At worst, we will see the establishment of a Muslim Caliphate as some in this video are claiming.