Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Pressure on Turkey via embarrassing media

By Putin: "Terrorism without money is an animal without teeth".

Russia really put the screws on Turkey in early December to expose the oil smuggling. The footage at Syria.mil.ru is suffering availability problems but it's on YouTube too. The briefing is at
. I hope it becomes available again.

Given my opening quote, here's a few telling paragraphs from RT:

"Russia cannot comprehend that such a large-scale business as oil smuggling could not have been noticed by the Turkish authorities. Russia concludes that the Turkish leadership is directly involved in the smuggling."

"The US-led coalition has failed to intensify strikes on oil tankers and other IS oil infrastructure. Russia will send intelligence on potential targets to coalition members, assuming that a lack of intelligence may be the reason for their hesitance. Russia, for its part, will continue attacking the oil business of the terrorists and expects the US-led coalition to do the same."

Note the second quote from RT days the "oil business". Isn't business and gain what drives so much in our countries?

So if this is from back in December, why have we not seen this evidence broadcast more widely? If can only be that the people who own the western media are at the least aligned with the people that run the western block countries; if you like, the "New World Order". It is not in their interest to broadcast this evidence because the USA is intimately involved in supporting Islamic State (via the CIA), as well as Turkey. Various EU countries are also privy to the arrangement and supportive of this charade.

Any war is now fought on multiple fronts. Air, land and sea via armed forces add of old are employed ; but space and satellites are now involved ; attacks on communications and infrastructure are more critical than ever ; and the War On Information via the media is at an all time high. Despite Russia releasing credible information regarding Islamic State, if it's not in the interest of the western powers, they will do everything they can to block its dissemination by the media.

For those who want to really find out what's going on in the world, it means reading more widely. I highly commend to you Michel Chassodovsky and his team at
https://www.google.com.au/url?q=http://www.globalresearch.ca. Starting with this highly acclaimed site will give you insights and links to other sources. Secondly, I recommend RT, which has offices in several countries and reported of several nationalities. Their news feed is generally interesting and often unique, and TV current affairs/talk shows like 'Cross Talk' and 'Worlds Apart with Oksana Boyko' provide an alternate view to what we've been used to, which when added to our existing sources brings balance.

Enjoy the reading 😀.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Unsafe Schools Program Exposed

Straight from the Safe Schools organiser; safe schools is NOT about stopping bullying, it's about promoting the LGBT agenda! Small wonder people have been reacting to its content. It's not what it has been said to be and is promoting an agenda most people object to.


Syrian Girl tells truth about Syria

The first I heard of this young lady, she was on an Australian current affairs program with a live audience. As an audience member, she spoke brilliantly and forthrightly. Now hear Syrian Girl on Syrian refugees . https://youtu.be/pHFnvFbThDE

Putin's cut & run not without reason!

This fellow is interesting on Putin. He tries to read widely and consider all angles ; and this pickup of his explains Russia's actions when they have succeeded so well in Syria. Putin’s has been very humble about Russia's success there ; he's been happy to smile and say things have gone well against IS, when in fact he's cut Turkey, USA and others feeding IS off at the knees. Read on to see why the withdrawal...


Erdogan a turkey about Rule Of Law

‘Democracy, freedom and the rule of law’ have no value, Erdogan says https://www.rt.com/news/336092-erdogan-against-democracy-freedom/

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

China's Gold Strategy

Gold has long been a stable commodity underlying the international monetary system. Even if we don't see it, those with lots of gold in their reserves have a solid backstop when fiat (paper) currencies rise and fall on their perceived worth (paper is really worth nothing; it isn't real money).

This article sees Gold expert Willem Middelkoop explains how much gold China really controls and what it intends to do with it.

- The View from our Whitehouse -: Former Bank of England Governor Calls on IMF to St...

- The View from our Whitehouse -: Former Bank of England Governor Calls on IMF to St...: Readers here know that there are two big questions we follow here that relate to potential major monetary system change: 1) Will we get a...

- The View from our Whitehouse -: Major Monetary System Change Looks Unlikely Any Ti...

- The View from our Whitehouse -: Major Monetary System Change Looks Unlikely Any Ti...: Based on all the information sources I follow including the experts who help me out here I have come to the conclusion that we are not like...

BitCoin gets a rival; one that's spawned by the controllers

Central banks beat Bitcoin at own game with rival supercurrency

Bitcoin is a failing experiment but its spin-off effects may change the world CREDIT: AP
Computer scientists have devised a digital crypto-currency in league with the Bank of England that could pose a devastating threat to large tranches of the financial industry, and profoundly change the management of monetary policy.
The proto-currency known as RSCoin has vastly greater scope than Bitcoin, used for peer-to-peer transactions by libertarians across the world, and beyond the control of any political authority.
The purpose would be turned upside down. RSCoin would be a tool of state control, allowing the central bank to keep a tight grip on the money supply and respond to crises. It would erode the exorbitant privilege of commercial banks of creating money out of thin air under a fractional reserve financial system.  
“Whoever reacts too slowly to these developments is going to take it on the chin. They will lose their businesses,” said Dr George Danezis, who is working on the design at University College London.
"My advice is that companies should play very close attention to what is happening, because this will not go away," he said.  Layers of middlemen in payments systems face a creeping threat across the nexus of commerce, stockbroking, currency trading or derivatives. Many risk extinction over time.
“Deep in the markets there are dark pools buying and selling shares, and entities that facilitate that foreign exchange. There are Visa, Master, and PayPal. These are the sorts of guys that we are going to disrupt,” he said.

 Read more here

The Dirty War On Syria : a definitive text

How do we know when we've been deceived?
How long did it take for us to realise there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq?
Did we know before the Arab Spring started that the CIA had targeted these very countries for regime change?
Have you seen the foliage of Syrians talking about people handing out sandwiches and encouraging insurrection as Syria seemed to descend into 'civil war'?

The more we know, the more we realise we don't know.

Here's comment regarding a new book on Syria' s struggle these past years.

There’s nothing civil about war in Syria, raped by US imperialism, partnered with rogue allies. Anderson’s book is essential reading to understand what’s going on. -Stephen Lendman, Distinguished Author and Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG), Host of the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.

Professor Anderson demonstrates unequivocally through carefully documented research that America’s “Moderate Opposition” are bona fide Al Qaeda affiliated terrorists created and protected by the US and its allies, recruited  and trained by Saudi Arabia, Turkey, in liaison with Washington and Brussels.

Through careful analysis, professor Anderson reveals the “unspoken truth”: the “war on terrorism” is fake, the United States is a “State sponsor of terrorism” involved in a criminal undertaking. Michel Chossudovsky, Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization, Professor of Economics (Emeritus), University of Ottawa.

The book : The Dirty War on Syria: Washington, Regime Change and Resistance (PDF)

Get it at https://store.globalresearch.ca/store/the-dirty-war-on-syria-washington-regime-change-and-resistance-pdf/

Monday, March 14, 2016

USA 23,000 bombs last year, and now facing off with Russia.

Russia withdraws from Syria? However troops deployed to drills elsewhere, including the Arctic and the come point between UK & Greenland. US military says they are ready to take on Russia. See https://youtu.be/H5H1tmhVvMQ

Proof of ISIS' backing

The Syrian Army pounces on an IS site, and what do they find? Stuff from Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Germany & USA. https://youtu.be/H5H1tmhVvMQ

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

World War III - Planned, Nurtured & Stirred into being. Coming your way soon!

There are numerous sources that forecast, reveal intent for our prophesy World War III. In the following video, David Icke, am English political, social & NWO commentator, talks of plans to start WWIII in the Middle East, but to also involve China. Certainly one of the sources I give much credit to is the much maligned "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion", which was written before WWI, and revealed plans by the high ranking secret society Jews (who drive the NWO) for all world wars. It detailed the first war in Europe with Germany ; the second war which involved USA and other widespread nations, leading to Communist states and the establishment of Israel; and the third war which is against the Moslems, which will again progress the plans of the NWO.

This third war is planned to usher in social change sufficient for the full establishment of the NWO. It will further erode human and citizens rights ; increase the role and acceptability of surveillance ; escalate the role of the UN and the proposed UN Army which is 'the only solution to wars'.

So please take the time to watch David's interesting video. Think on what he says. If you are a Christian, please pray for him as he has much insight, even into spiritual things, and needs to know his maker, even like St Paul came to know him, suddenly and dynamically.