Tuesday, March 8, 2016

World War III - Planned, Nurtured & Stirred into being. Coming your way soon!

There are numerous sources that forecast, reveal intent for our prophesy World War III. In the following video, David Icke, am English political, social & NWO commentator, talks of plans to start WWIII in the Middle East, but to also involve China. Certainly one of the sources I give much credit to is the much maligned "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion", which was written before WWI, and revealed plans by the high ranking secret society Jews (who drive the NWO) for all world wars. It detailed the first war in Europe with Germany ; the second war which involved USA and other widespread nations, leading to Communist states and the establishment of Israel; and the third war which is against the Moslems, which will again progress the plans of the NWO.

This third war is planned to usher in social change sufficient for the full establishment of the NWO. It will further erode human and citizens rights ; increase the role and acceptability of surveillance ; escalate the role of the UN and the proposed UN Army which is 'the only solution to wars'.

So please take the time to watch David's interesting video. Think on what he says. If you are a Christian, please pray for him as he has much insight, even into spiritual things, and needs to know his maker, even like St Paul came to know him, suddenly and dynamically.