Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Merkel NWO puppet pushes no fly zone, ignoring Syrian government

Merkel calls for ‘no-fly zone’ in Syria. Why? To save refugees? What bullshit!

IS is slaughtering people in Syria. Turkey and USA / NATO are supporting and supplying them.

The reason Merkel wants a no fly zone is that Russia has established an air defence shield in aid and at the request of the Syrian government; meaning the NWO can't fly in there, and giving the Syrian government a chance of bringing peace to its country as a sovereign nation.

It's not going well for the NWO. They planned to have Syria fully under their control by now, and don't mind how many people they kill, what they destroy, or what chaos they cause. Owning the western mainstream media means they can life to the sheeple , but thanks to alternative media, including RT, we can see more clearly what's really happening.

What should our response be? I am glad Russia established a shield over Syria. Not because I think Russia are the goods guys (although USA /NATO can make them look like the good guys), but because it brings some stability, peace and leads towards a conclusion of this terrible war.

The bible says to pray for peace, and that the Gospel might go forth. If Russia and Syria stay in the drivers seat, this could be over soon.

1. Maybe we need to ask God to sabotage the snake oil salesmen who masquerade as politicians supposedly trying to get leave talks going when in fact they just want advantage for the NWO in the UN and in the eyes of the world.

2. And also pray that the political wrangling to create a total no fly zone will fall flat. If USA succeeds, it will not bring peace ; it will just help IS by limiting intelligence against IS and by giving IS cover to extract the oil and move it into Turkey where it is sold to support not only IS, but also President Erdogan, who is an Islamic fundamentalist, has declared himself to be God and has nothing but trouble in store for Syria (even threatening the Kurds who have been succeeding against IS).

3. Pray that the efforts of independent media to show the true story in Syria will permeate the minds of the masses and that the court of public opinion will turn against evildoers. Pray that peace will come by exposure of covert deeds that forces USA and cohorts into a corner and makes them drop their guns.

4. Lastly , pray for the people of Syria. If I understand correctly, thousands of coptic Christians have been slaughtered, with a deliberate agenda of killing off Christianity in the country / region. Many people from other faiths have also been killed. The bible does predict that Damascus will be destroyed and made ruins in one day. Damascus is looking pretty devastated right now, but at some stage worse is to come. If it is prophesied, it will come to pass, but please pray for the safety of the Syrian people and that they will beat the Gospel clearly and understand it. They have been through so much. They really need to know Yehovah Rapha, the God who Heals (see https://bible.org/seriespage/60-compound-names-jehovah-jireh-rapha-nissi).