Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Russia / Turkey conflict scenarios

Good for thought after reading the following article NEWS: Russia, Armenia unite air defenses, create regional system in the Caucasus

It seems Russia has made and is making closer ties with former Soviet Republics. This consolidation is certainly necessary given the solid push NATO has made into the region.
Is also important because the region is polarising yet more. Turkey, Ukraine and EU are making it more difficult trade wise, and Russia is now trading more fully with the BRICS countries.

What would it take for NATO to confront Russia militarily? Certainly it is already happening in the hot spots such as Syria and Ukraine (recent admissions and Russian Spetznav forces have been involved, and is blatantly obvious NATO/USA have been in there too). What about Russian soil? I don't think it's likely; at least not yet. Perhaps more likely is a staunch over the Arctic land / resources grab that's be going on.

Because Russia is in the process of placing 150,000 troops in Syria, and Russian influence is also extending south from Russia somewhat, they area making quite an impression in the region.

The next question is where all this fits prophetically. The Gog & Magog war talks about the King of the North moving forces southward, and approaching Israel. Russia has long had eyes for Israel, so this is looking quite credible. What we don't really know is timing or dependencies.

If we do see Russia invade southwards and attack Turkey, there will be a major confrontation. I think it highly likely EU/NATO would enter a conflict in support of Turkey; whilst Iran and China would side decisively with Russia.

If Russia vs Turkey does materialise, there are two streams of thought on prophetic context I'm aware of, with implications :

a) Russia will conquer Turkey and probably march on towards Israel. Opinion is divided based on prophetic symbolism and interpretation whether NATO/USA/EU would seriously intervene. 

b) Believers that the Anti-Christ will come from Turkey largely see IS/ISIS & Turkey being victorious (based partly on the Seat of Satan being there). They don't tend to consider Ezekiel 38-39 and Gog & Magog much, probably because all their energy is fixated on finding the identity and origin of the Anti-Christ.

Regardless of our prophetic viewpoint, it seems the amassing of heavily equipped military forces in the region is a sure sign that conflict is present and a wider war could easily erupt. What ever does transpire, we will come to realise context if we look to the scriptures, and this will in turn give us more confidence in our Lord's agenda as it's is progressively revealed. Here also we'll find reassurance and peace, in our God.