Friday, September 8, 2017

Fascinating insight into 'Russian Ties' and the New Silk Road reality

The following YouTube video is a really good and frank analysis of what's going on in the world. It's quite fabulous.

Why it's Fabulous

It's fabulous because it recognizes the global power base has been in London for centuries, and the current scenario is really a continuum from the British East India Company (not exactly named).

It doesn't go so far as to say the Rothschilds are in fact behind all this skullduggery:
# who control the CITY OF LONDON (no I'm not capitalizing for no reason : the square mile that is the old Roman city of London is the financial Centre of the world, run by Rothschilds & Co.);
# who also control the CIA through the Queen of England;
# who also run the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA'S FEDERAL RESERVE (which lends to the US Government).

It's fabulous as far as it goes though.
# It applauds the efforts by Russia and China to set up the New Silk Road, and the enormous number of countries they are involving.
# They are very correct that Obama wanted no part of the New Silk Road project, and that US companies weren't encouraged by their government to be involved.

Isn't it interesting that Businessman Trump, the wheeler & dealer, DID encourage US companies to get involved - AND that his opponents are still claiming the Russians were working covertly to sway the election results. These OPPONENTS (Democrats) are in fact the same party that became a sudden force once the Jews moved to the USA and put their numbers behind them en mass. I need to research more, but it's been said the roots of the Democrats are in the slave owners of the south.

So there's a trail to follow:

European Rothschilds
> US Rothschilds (Rockefeller and other ultra-wealthy Jews)
> the Democrats who pushed the accusations (not the average Joe).

But What It's Missing

#1 The Nature of The Beast
The nature of the Beast is that it has tentacles and control everywhere. They seem to emanate from:
# London - Financial
# Vatican City - Religious
# The United States District of Columbia - Military

There are of course a plethora of secret and not so secret societies and organisations that have been fabricated to mask the identities deeper in the shadows.
# Skull & Bones;
# Knights of Malta
# The newly revived Knights Templar
# and more. 

The tentacles reach around the world, and many governments that are put in power after the good old CIA overturned a legitimate government are composed of people that have been groomed for that purpose as part of The Beast.

Did you know that the Kim Family of North Korea were installed on formation of the divided North and South Korea? Guess where the first leader (and current one) are educated? Now be surprised. They are very much part of the globalist (Beast) fold. It looks like there's division and conflict, but most of that's an illusion. Not saying that North Korea wouldn't go to war. It would. War is profitable for those who provide the means for conflict. Money lenders (now banks), weapons manufacturers, food companies, clothing, transport. There's a lot involved, and those who hold the contracts make huge amounts of money!

In the USA, the Clinton, Cheney, Bush and many other very esteemed families make enormous sums of money from war! Ever noticed Hillary Clinton always seemed to smile when war was afoot? All the way to the bank!

So to miss the understanding of the nature and global reach of the Beast  is is to look at the surface. The Beast has been there for many centuries, controlled by men in the shadows through clandestine organizations which then control secret societies, the wealthiest of global companies, Not For Profit organizations, governments, the media and anything else that can affect the global stage. And behind the men in the shadows is the true nature of the Beast; Satan himself, the ultimate conspirator who is set against Yehovah God most high and his anointed one, Yeshua Mashiach (Jesus Christ).