Saturday, September 24, 2016

Fracking Earthquakes!

R. T. News this morning on the Kaiser Report revealed Oklahoma used to have an average of two earn quakes per year. When they started fracking, it climbed to 102, now is over 900! Why, we ask? Because Oklahoma doesn't have a good way of disposing of the very toxic waste water from fracking. So they silk more wells ; deep ones ; and they push the ways way down into the wells. This is what's causing the earthquakes.

There's no free lunch here. Who's responsible for the damage? You can bet not the companies involved in doing the fracking. The risk will be socialized. It will fall in local governments and the populace of the state.

This whole affair is so fracking bad. It's destroying people's properties and livelihoods whilst putting short term gains into the coffers of the large corporates. Yes, it's another injustice on a very big pile of them, but maybe it's one cause worth fighting for: in Oklahoma, USA, Australia and elsewhere.