Monday, September 26, 2016

Trump / Clinton Debate : shining some light on a few things.

I've watched some of the debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton this morning. I've also viewed some of the InfoWars commentary at
I have the following observations that may help understanding of the situation :
1. When you hear Clinton or other globalist cronies say "The Rule Of Law", they're not talking about natural law, common law or constitutional law ; they're talking about ADMIRALTY LAW which is COMMERCIAL LAW - the law of the globalists (originally of the seas) by which they conduct international trade and subjugate nations to their will. The TPP will enable commercial entities to force sovereign nations to capitulate to their will and it places the rights of the commercial entities above that of sovereign nations and natural man. Alongside the main Trans-whatever-partnerships, we have sovereign nations privatizing massive amounts of their administration and ministries, which then no longer makes them accountable to the people the way they were as part of the government ; instead the relationship between the 'government' (as perceived by the people of their nation) and the people is according to ADMINISTRATIVE LAW. This administrative law is not concerned with the natural man or his rights, and ignores much of what used to make government accountable to the people. I'd the people want to bring 'the government' to heel on some matters, they have to come to an understanding of ADMINISTRATIVE LAW.
2. When you hear Hillary speak of the little people, like she referenced her father and the tradesmen she alleged Trump had not paid, she's talking as a socialist. This very much ties into big government, big brother and global fascism,  which uses the face of socialism and communism to flatten the middle class, creating the ruling class and serfs. This is essentially taking rights away from people. Be aware the Roman Pontiff (Pope) will doubtless very more involved in America as the middle class is eradicated. He, and his forebears, have wanted to rule America ever since its founded flex persecution by the Roman Catholic Church centuries ago. The plans of the Roman Catholic Church are beating fruition now : if things go according to their plans, the globalists will cause the USA to collapse further, with the masses looking to the Roman Pope for hope.  It is a very tangled and complex web they weave, and their plans often take generations to come to fruition.