Monday, September 12, 2016

Greece could happen in Australia

If you've been watching my blog, you probably understand some of what's going on in the world. Less evident, unload you dog, is Australia's role.
What's clear though, is that we are on the same clear as other countries. The start may have been different, and the steps may vary  but the destination is the same. Cashless society, global currency (maybe staged) and trans- partnerships that usurp our sovereignty, make our governments pay fines to globalist and hands control of the Internet and other communications to the globalists.

In the face of this onslaught, I have some practical advice. Try to build up a couple of thousands dollars in really available cash. Banks overseas have and will fail. The first thing that happens is they stop the ATMs and close the doors to avoid a run on them. Having a bit of cash means it won't hurt you as badly if it happens here, and there are signs it may. Also buy a big bag of rice, lentils etc so you have food reserves. Greece could happen here. It depends on the way the globalists bring Australia to heel.

Australia is currently playing ball. Turnbull is being a good globalist boy and doing what they want, but he was put there for that reason. If he plays ball, we may have a smooth transition to cashless (already announced in mainstream media) and Teams Pacific Partnership implementation, but if there's a hiccup, Greece could happen.

Whatever happens, it's a via time for navel gazing. Thinking on relationships and also on Yehovah God. If your don't know him, you're missing certainty of life eternal without corrupt government and an evil entity shaping events in this world.

The promised Millennium, the thousands years of Jesus governing earth, will see earth restored to the way it should be and honest, capable government in place that loves justice for the poor and disenfranchised. If that sounds good, you should pick up the bible. First read Matthew, which shows most clearly Jesus against the corrupt Roman & religious system. Then read Romans which explains how situation and tells you what to do. Then, and don't try to understand it all, read Revelation. It's cool of symbology and word sounding stuff, but it does mean something once you understand the language and symbols. Some parts are however crystal clear, and they are what is good to read if the bible is new to you. Look at Yehovah judging the rulers and the evil of this world, and see how he establishes the thousands years reign which proves the earth is capable of sustaining us if it's in the hands of good custodians so follow Yehovah's ways.

Once you have found God for yourself (his name is Yehovah), find him as 'Yehovah Yireh', which from the Old Testament means "God Is our provider"! He's been waiting for you. Once you find him, he'll talk to you and you will just know what to do. Just put yourself in his capable hands and follow him.

Postscript : the German government has advised stockpiling foods in case of adverse circumstances (23/24 Aug 2016). They have reportedly also announced the restart of the draft, which is compulsory military service. I'll try to provide more on this in another post.