Wednesday, November 9, 2016

USA at first base with Trump

It looks like a done deal. Trump is in. Let's hope he'll do what he says he will. Watch Obama now. The next 3 months or so are crucial. He may yet move to pardon some very shady people. He may try and push some things through that are detrimental.

Nigel Farage says this is parallel to what happened in the UK: the citizens have woken up. They don't want warmongers and criminals running government. They don't want the country sold out to globalists and international bankers via the TPP, TAA and other supra-national treaties, and they don't want to answer to supra-national, unelected bodies that don't have the country's interests at heart. Also, they don't necessarily want to buy from overseas what they can grow or build themselves.

If the USA can get the globalists out of their hair and regain some sovereignty and productivity; if they can avoid wars like Clinton was ready to drag them into with Russia (just Google it) they may have a good enough run that they can be a blessing instead of a curse to other countries in the world.

The USA just got to first base. Now they need to 'drain the swamp'. Trump should talk to Putin, who has paid off Russia's debts to global bankers and asked them to leave Russia. Russia has taken a hammering for it, but at least they are free as a nation now to rebuild themselves. Putin recognises the real enemy, and it's not the USA. Let's hope Trump sees as clearly.