Sunday, May 29, 2016

Robbert Kiyosaki 2016 predictions complete with Illuminati HAND SIGNALS

How do we endorse someone online? What if it's a video we want to share and we'd like people to pay attention. Short of paid advertising, we generally rely on word of mouth, and this generally happens through interest groups, work or social structures.

So if I'm introducing a video and I think I'd like a specific segment of society to pay attention, I could use a buzzword or gesture with which they identify to get that attention. For Australian (maybe vanilla US influenced international) youth, I might wear a baseball cap on backwards, say "What's up?" and stand a certain way, maybe even folding my arms in a defiant stance.

If I'm a member of a more secretive club, I might even have less known gestures or hand signals.

In this case, the lady introducing Robert Kiyosaki is doing the usual hand waving and gesturing we expect of presenters for emphasis, but her hands occasionally lapse info a very deliberate sign using the thumbs and forefingers. It's like a diamond, and that's what I've got a snapshot of here.

You can look through the entire presentation at Watch for the hand signals.

Stay watching the news and current affairs programs more carefully, looking for deliberate, repeated gestures. Don't write odd gestures off ; they are quite likely deliberate communication to others who are initiates of the secret society!

I'm closing, I've seen an escalation of these kind of signals over the past five to ten years. The Illuminists are getting emboldened as their plan to bring about a New World Order comes to fruition. They are very powerful, very determined, and very likely to create yet more havoc in the financial and political systems some time in the next decade, but more likely the next couple of years given current events.

Watch for a world wide monetary system, world government and a  unified world religion. When you see these things happening, reach for a bible quick smart.