Monday, May 16, 2016

Netflix 'BETWEEN' and Agenda 21

If you're not up to speed with proposed population control because "the planet can't sustain do many people", read up on Agenda 21 and what's happened since, including the Paris tags later last year. Basically we're being sold that the planet is like a female womb, sustaining life, and that human mind has broadly mistreated the planet which is like a Wiccan deity.

There's been a lot in the press the last twenty years or so about the planet being one give ecosystem, and the planet being the higher of life. The concepts seem to pretty much match animism, which is feeling inanimate objects to be 'animated'; in other words in this case, to have life. So our world is meant to be a God that gives life. Definitely Pagan / Wiccan.

Enter one of Netflix's latest offerings 'BETWEEN'. It's a story about a town, Pretty Lake, which has much of its population struck down, resulting in the government putting a strict containment zone in place. It turns out anyone over 21 years old dies over a matter of days.

The heroes and themes are complex. It's pretty well done. But lurking under the surface is conditioning of viewers that the world is in an unsustainable situation; that the scientists deemed to have done wrong may on fact be reasonable given we can't sustain life as is; and that radical change on a global basis is required.

In summary, this is a very clever bit of social conditioning from a powerful NWO information & education arm that uses entertainment to condition the public so they wiki accept the necessity of the hideous NWO agenda for depopulating our planet.