Saturday, December 17, 2016

Anonymous warns imminent 'overthrow of democracy' in USA

It's so difficult to listen to this Anonymous video because of the machine voice! But probably worth persevering with in this case.
There is stacks of evidence the CIA positioned itself really cleverly as social media started, and that CIA owned front companies invested heavily in order to gain influence. This video claims the CIA recently bought the Washington Post via a front man in order to progress their agenda.
They really want Trump out of the way. His agenda is so counter the CIAs globalist agenda. Tump said he'll be dismantling some of the intelligence community, and they don't like it. I'd got bother to dig carefully, you may be surprised at so actually started the CIA. Just like the immensely influential Council of Foreign Relations, its not really a government body, and want started to serve the interests of the American People. They instead serve the 'National Interest' (ie. commercial interests of the largest corporations), and with the rapid rate of change now thrust upon us, is increasingly apparent its really a global, not national agenda.

You may find this video interesting; just ride out 'the padding' 😯