Friday, April 22, 2016

Vatican, Israel & Two Witnesses

In this video Steven Ben-Nun looks at the situation on Israel as to the existing two states, including history with the Rothschilds and the lesser known involvement of the Vatican. He also discussed the immense land ownership in Israel by the Vatican, and reconciliation of Israel to YHWH , possessible aided by the Two Witnesses. This is worth watching because:
1. Steven handles Ezekiel 35 intelligently
2. He references historical extra-biblical (Protestant Canon) sources that concur with Ezekiel and added more detail
3. He brings to light things which are hidden in regards to Israel's situation  Edom, The Vatican and more.
It's s good solid feed. If are unfamiliar with some of the background and themes, please post questions directly to Steven or to me and we'll attempt to answer intelligently.
Enjoy watching: