Saturday, August 6, 2011

Australia: Battle Lines are being further defined over the Carbon Tax

Whereas the past few years have seen carbon tax supporters making leering remarks to the anti-carbon tax advocates in a manner that tries to make the latter look like uneducated loonies, the lines are now clarifying.

Labor, as we know, is steadfastly pro-green (hung by a political noose Julia?), but many liberals have seemed to be in opposition to this. Barnaby Joyce is, I hope, a man of conviction regarding the lack of science behind the carbon-traders; only time will tell however if Barnaby holds true to his rhetoric. Some others are however starting to show their colours; Tony Abbott for one.

Malcolm Turnbull certainly showed his leaning at the Inaugural Virginia Chadwick Memorial Foundation Lecture in Sydney on July 21st 2011. He did his level best to discredit Lyndon LaRouche, and talks down his references and credentials. Can we believe Mr Turnbull in a speech made to a captive audience when Lyndon LaRouche, the only man who accurately forecast the GFC, has no right of reply? I think not!

Tony Abbott is a monarchist, as was I until I understood the fuller history of the British Empire and the lengths Prince Phillip (and Prince Charles) have gone to to promote their green fascist agenda to enslave the 'serfs' of the world.

Prince Philip and former Nazi SS officer Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands co‑founded the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in 1961 to reduce human population; the WWF has raised enormous sums of money from multinational corporations like BP‚ Shell‚ Rio Tinto‚ and Unilever to lock up great tracts of land, first in Africa, and then all over the world‚ so that the land could not be used by locals for the kind of economic development they required to raise their living standards.

Prince Philip fantasised aloud about population‑reduction in August 1988‚ telling Deutsche Presse‑Agentur‚ “In the event that I am reincarnated‚ I would like to return as a deadly virus‚ in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation.”

Tony Abbott told ABC radio on 16th December that his idea that there was a natural fit between the conservation movement and “conservative” politics was inspired by “no less a person than Prince Philip” being the “inaugural president or patron at one of the big international environmental organisations [sic].”

Tony Abbott's has recently embraced greenie policies more fully, including his plan to complete the Howard government‑initiated shut‑down of the Murray‑Darling Basin‚ and to draft 15‚000 Australians into a sub‑minimum wage “green” army. 

God help Australia. We really need to know what our politicians stand for, not just what they say in-situ, but what they really think and will act on!

Steve B