Saturday, October 29, 2011

Steve's post on 4BC blog in response to podcast

After reading, I posted the following in the comments. Please listen to the podcast and then give your opiniion...

Steve B

The Great Depression was caused when a law was quietly repealed to make the slide possible. The same has happened again, that is why the recession/depression is happening now. It's to do with what banks can and can't do. The arrangement is sucking money from the populace to the big guys VIA the banks.

As far as Melb. is concerned, the police should not be able to stop lawful assembly. The Melb. council is a corporation, and has imposed unjust laws. Our constitution says we do not have to obey unjust laws! Few people seem to realise this.

Thank God that Post Office Square is a reserved place for lawful assembly. The announcers suggestion that we change that is just siding with an unjust council corporation, which is not a lawful entity according to our constitution; which only acknowledges the states and territories, and the Federation of States.

we need to get our facts straight here, and understand the foundation of our country's political system and laws before we start thrusting our ill informed opinions on legal assemblies like Occupy.