Monday, January 23, 2012


People ask why the RBA makes decisions about the economy. Some are concerned about departure from the gold standard, others think we needed to do it. The real question is who's hands we are in. The Commonwealth Bank of Australia was created to lend money to our people based on the inherent Common Wealth in Australia, including latent mineral reserves. This banks was sabotaged as the plans for international integration of our monetary system were progressed. The RBA, which is now the primary player, is foreign owned, just like the USA Federal Reserve. In who's hands? Watch the video.

b.t.w. There is a remedy for this: dump the international financial system and restore Australian sovereignty, like USA did with the Bretton Woods system (which was later sabotaged also). See BE CAREFUL not to confuse this with, which has deliberately been set up to mask the true history of Bretton Woods.