Thursday, February 9, 2012

Foreshadows or the Real Thing?

I was watching a David Pawson video recently, and he said something that I have heard before, and made me think about the current circumstances. I started the End Time Roadmap: text from Matthew and Luke
with the intention of helping people to think through where we are really at, and to re-assess the often held pre-tribulation beliefs.

David said what we see is sometimes a foreshadowing of the real thing. I believe the earthquakes we saw last year are just that. A foreshadow. The text in Matthew reportedly says "earthquakes everywhere", which s a bit more intense than what we saw last year.

What else might we see that is in the end-time scenario? Famine? We certainly have some of that going down, but mainly in Africa. Could it hit Europe or USA; even Australia? We will see.

Vs 9 of Matthew 24 says "you will be hated by all nations for My name’s sake". I heard a statistic recently which indicated perhaps 75% to 80% of countries are anti-Christian. It seems this scripture is saying all countries will eventually be. Sorry to burst any neo-colonial optimism, but it is Christ who will fully establish His kingdom, not us, and we can expect some opposition in the close of the age.