Sunday, July 22, 2012

Julia Gillard’s former lover and fraudster Bruce Wilson found by Mike Smith

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Former radio host Mike Smith has tracked down Bruce Wilson who was the sexual partner of Julia Gillard when she helped him rip of the AWU of over $1 million back in the 1990′s.

On Friday Mike Smith did an interview with Sydney radio host Alan Jones covering the fraud. What became clear to me while listening to the interview, given the amount of new detail, is that Mike Smith is still on the trail of the missing money and Julia Gillard and her involvement. I spoke to Mike Smith today and he confirmed that he is very much still on the case.

Bruce Wilson is the one person who very much holds the key as far as knowledge and evidence of Julia Gillard’s involvement in the fraud in concerned. Now he has been found it may only be a matter of time before he spills the beans on Julia Gillard. Mike Smith talks about it in his interview with Alan Jones.

My first post on the matter which I did last year was titled “Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s criminal history and her hypocrisy with WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.” (Click here to read the post)

Below is the interview by Alan Jones with Mike Smith. It starts off with Alan Jones giving a background overview then he gives Mike Smith plenty of air time to say what he knows. And he knows plenty. For those who do not know Alan Jones has the number 1 ranked radio show in Sydney.

The interview is a must listen for every Australian. With unanswered questions in Gillard’s background of involvement in fraud and theft she should never have been allowed to become Prime Minister.


This site has been covering Julia Gillard and her involvement in the fraud since last year. In fact we got the ball rolling. I outline this sites coverage in my last post on this subject titled “Julia Gillard’s corrupt past raised in parliament by ALP member Robert McClelland.” (Click here to read the post)

Bob Kernohan and Mike Smith went to Canberra a couple of weeks ago and held a press conference in the Senate court-yard of Parliament House. There were about 12 reporters there and numerous television crews. But no one reported on it the next day. I spoke to Bob Kernohan who tells me he was talking to Channel 10 reporter Hugh Riminton after the press conference. Mr Riminton said to Bob Kernohan words to the effect “everyone who has touched this has lost their jobs” obviously in reference to former radio announcer Mike Smith and journalist Glenn Milne.

Well known con-man, fraudster and scam artist Larry Pickering, who in the last few weeks has started reporting on Julia Gillard and the AWU fraud and theft, is claiming credit for a lot of the information that is coming to hand. In fact in a post he did about 12 hours after the Alan Jones / Mike Smith interview he claims credit for just about everything Mike Smith said.

In his new website Larry Pickering says “Revelations exposed in The Pickering Post last week have been verified by sacked radio host, Michael Smith, to 2GB’s Alan Jones this morning.”

If you listen to the Alan Jones interview and then read Larry Pickering’s post you realise that Pickering has lifted almost all the information from the Alan Jones / Mike Smith interview. Not surprisingly Mr Pickering has not put a link to the interview in his post. (Click here to read his post)

Larry Pickering is currently under investigation by the Queensland fraud squad for ripping off nearly 300 people of over $15 million. Pickering has a long history of running scams dating back many years. Last year the Channel 9 program, A Current Affair, did a story on his latest fraud and theft. It is not the first time A Current Affair have been on his case. (Click here to watch the story on YouTube) And The Telegraph ran a story titled “Larry Pickering accused of being involved in a sports betting operation, millions allegedly lost” (Click here to read the story)

My problem with Pickering reporting like he does where he is very liberal with the truth and takes credit for everything is that in 1,2,3 or 6 months down the track if and when Gillard’s past does hit the fan she will say that it is all coming from Pickering and he has no creditability given his own history.

What Pickering’s game is I do not know. Maybe if and when he is charged with fraud he will claim it is politically motivated because of his reporting on Gillard. I will have more on Pickering in the near future in a post that I will do on Internet Trolls.

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