Monday, January 22, 2018

It runs deeper than the Deep State

This Anonymous video claims the Deep State is in disarray and panic, and it's basically finished.

Pardon my skepticism, but if the Rothschild clan basically own half the world's resources, I'm sure they have a Plan B. That's if this is not Plan A anyway.

Bible prophecy talks about the 'Woman that Rides the Beast'. It says the Beast will throw her off. The symbology of the woman strongly aligns with the Roman Catholic Church. We may be witnessing the Beast throwing off the Woman right now. Pope Francis is the first Jesuit Pope. He's changing times and stripping away the veneer of Christianity to adopt paganism, dismissing Father God in favor of Mother Gaia.

Why allude to this now? Because the Beast throws off the Woman. Papa Francesco works for the Beast, not the Woman. That's what Jesuits do.

Anonymous is wrong. But then, they may not comprehend the Christian Scriptures. Contrary to their supposition the Deep State is in pieces and the One World Religion defunct, the Bible indicates we will see the unveiling of the One World Religion. And it's likely the current pope will be the man to do it. What's more, it may involve the Gods of Old, the Pagan entities, gods and demi - gods of Babylon, Greece and Rome (to name a few). If these return, do not be deceived. They will actually be the Gods of Old, which are fallen angels and nepalim (offshoot of fallen angels and human women, which are the Giants of Old).

Keep your wits about you.
Know your Bible.
Think deeply about what you hear and see, for the end is increasingly near.

So if you're going to watch this YouTube video by Anonymous, do so as a sceptic. You can believe the facts, but don't jump with them to their conclusions, lest ye too jumpeth over the edge into the abyss of confusion!