Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Women Of Grace - New Age Church / Occult / Vatican?

The Vatican is full of pagan symbols, as is the Roman Catholic Church in general. Thank the Lord he preserved so much of the bible and then gave us more confirmation and insight via the Dead Sea Scrolls and other finds, providing what we have today. Otherwise we really would be left without adequate light.

I've just read an article tying in the occult symbology of St Peters Basilica with not only paganism, but also some political symbols in the USA today. I looked further, and just wanted to share some things.

So, whether you know of the pagan, occult connections in the Vatican, or if you've just read some via this article, here's a wesite that at first glance appeared to me to be  Protestant, but it's actually Catholic. Look deeper again and it's a thin veneer of a 'Christian' front applied over some rather dark roots. The cited article explains: "According to the website of St. Peter’s Basilica, the obelisk standing in St. Peter’s Square came from Heliopolis, Egypt where it was believed to have been built by the Pharaoh Mencares in 1835 B.C. in honor of the sun. It is hewn from a single block of pink granite and stands 25.31 m high on a base that is 8.25 m wide. It was brought to Rome by Caligula in 37 B.C. and intended to be erected in the Vatican Circus". The article finishes with "The obelisk in St. Peter’s Square may have come from a pagan culture but it has been thoroughly “baptized” and now stands where it does as an expression of the conquering power of the Church".

Beware of smiling apologists for the Vatican or New Age religion. They will try to make this look so reasonable, so inoffensive; but we must look carefully, for their image and words are carefully crafted! The Vatican is showing its dominionist nature more clearly under Pole Francis, and he's ready to integrate not only other denominations, but other faiths too!  The Lucifer Ian's, who have been in the shadows, are getting bolder in their pronouncements, and their recent announcements that "time's up" via a number of symbolic means indicates their leader, the "Ante-Christ" (ante- meaning substitute for, or likeness of) is quite likely waiting in the wings. It's my humble opinion this Jesuit Pope may be the one who, because he seems to work for the Beast, may throw the Woman (see Revelation for context) off it's back. This Looks may be the one who leaves behind the shell of the Roman Catholic Church and elevates himself as leader of the New Age, One World Religion!

The thing about deception is that it's preys on lack of knowledge and understanding. Don't be deceived. Be prepared. Time is genuinely short. When I started writing this BLOG, I wasn't convinced the End Time was upon us. I am however seeing more and more signs that the time is closing in.

Speaking of the timing of things, Yeshua Mashiach (Jesus the Christ) didn't say "No one knows when the Son of Man will return". Those who think that lack context! He said he will "return at the hour no one knows". The Hour No One Knows" is understood very well by Jewish scholars who understand the Ceremonial Law, but Western Christians don't generally dig deep enough into Hebrew / Jewish history and culture and its illumination on The Law (Pentateuch) to understand properly. The Time No One Knows refers to the new moon, which starts the new month. The calendar at the time the Law was given to Israel by Jehovah was a lunar agrarian calendar. This calendar was no longer used when the Jews went into Babylonian captivity because they simply couldn't see the new moon at Jerusalem! They knew the time was coming. They understood the signs (phases of the moon). The just didn't know the exact day. But they did know the time within a day or so, and we should have similar understanding of the times because of the signs we see fulfilled from biblical prophecy.

It's time to read your bible guys. Not the NIV, Good News, Living Bible or other corrupted or abbreviated firm, but a good solid version like the New King James, the English Standard Version (ESV) or the International Standard Version (ISV). It's also time to use a King James version so you can look up words in the Vine's Bible Dictionary and the Strongs Exhaustive Concordance. Maybe then progress to an 'interlinear' which shows the root text next to the English, enabling you to do more research and analysis. My advice is get yourself a bible from the Sword project. The Windows one used to be named e-Sword. The Android version is 'My Sword'. You'll be able to download different bible versions, dictionaries, concordances and commentaries.