Saturday, May 5, 2018


I've just been 'YouTubing'. As you do 😋. Ran into some stuff about HillSong and the stupid, almost demonic video they've made with the women covered in white sheets and another in a red sheet taking power over them to cast their crowns down. It's really so occultic, and almost states that are relinquishing their God given crown for worldly pleasures.

Many Christians would get a shock at this. But it was the comments that got me! Some went onto the subject of HillSong finances and then to tithing. And out came statements such as "God will bless you only when you tithe"; and "My church teaches tithing". This got up my nose a bit, so I'm addressing it....

I can't believe that most Christians parrot what they're taught without actually reading the Bible! We must come to understand that God will hold us accountable for willful ignorance.

To understand these areas, we must read the pentateuch  - the first 5 books of the OT. Look at EVERY instance of TITHE and start to understand there were MANY kinds of tithe. And a tithe wasn't always money! Look at who the tithe went to. It was for the priesthood, for social security, for the poor.

The tithe was part of the OT Law. It's the only thing NOT reinforced in the NT. In the NT, Paul asked for a collection for the saints in Jerusalem so were going through hard times because they were outside the system that had the CEREMONIAL LAW and TITHES.

Paul furthermore talked over the issue of support for his ministry, saying he could ask to be compensated but it was better to not be so he was accountable only to God.

The CORPORATE CHURCH SYSTEM relies on money. If the money stops, it stops! There's buildings to pay for - free early church didn't have them, they met in homes. The first evidence of a 'purpose built church' was a well off believer extending his home to accommodate a bigger 'home church' in about AD120.

Our corporate churches have re-embodied the OT ways. Yezhua Mashiach (Jesus the Messiah) however says the old is gone. God tore the curtain from top to bottom, doing away with the separation between us and God.

God judged the system, tearing down the temple. He now lives in our HEARTS, not in a building made by men. "THE HOUSE OF GOD" some by preachers talk about is wrong. The NT says "who's house are we". Scary? That Good lives in you, not in the church? That God wants to speak to you through the study of His Word, and that you need to check EVERYTHING you hear from a pulpit? That you're responsible for understanding the word, not your church? That you are the one, the one that God has skin on and will use ; not the corporate church entity? That The Body is the sum of the parts - read Ephesians. That the sin of the Nicolatians is the Revelation Letters was the sin of 'hierarchical church', of people taking command over you and lording it over you!

Dear Christian. Study to show off approved. A workman that needed not be ashamed.