Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Neom - towards Babylon?

Now I thought Astana was significant as a NWO city, because it's so full of occult symbolism. I've been watching Astana and wondering what would happen with it. I've also been keeping an eye open for developments regarding Babylon, but that doesn't seem to be happening yet.

So while watching for news on Babylon and Astana, up pops Neom. It's very futuristic. Very interesting. It's almost part of as move toward one world cities that have their own laws, and are made to be independent by technology from what's around them.

The move toward a one world cities accompanies the move toward one world government and one world religion.

What to watch for in this video:

1. Occult symbology
2. Occult hand signals
3. Significant people
4. Significant places.

Note that the Saudi Prince used the word "coexist", which is the word used for the unification of religions (here's one report.. http://www.theignorantfishermen.com/2009/08/coexist-movement-and-delusion_24.html).  So we should watch for the Pope's involvement here too - in this video and in coming news.

With that said, have a watch of this report on Neom... https://youtu.be/CviTIt1zZ0I.