Friday, December 16, 2011

"It's Executive Action, and doesn't require legislation"

Did you view the video I just posted. If you did, aproximately 70% of the way through, you will hear a USA diplomat say "It's Executive Action, and doesn't require legislation". This is in regard to actions that affect the sovereignty of USA and Canada. Why is this so? It's because USA has been operating under a condition of Executiveauthority for some years now, meaning the president does not have to consult congress or anyone else! Does this ring some bells for you? Can you think of other situations wher the Pres has acted on hios own volition? Small things like starting an international war in the past year or so? It's because he is genuinely all powerful whilst the national emergency condition that grants him special powers persists; and he's not about to let it go :) Keep your eyes peeled for the Dictator (oops, Pres) making more decisive and impactful decisions, which are of course in the interest of the American people (sure thing).